german constructivism

Erich Buchholz ‘Untitled’

Erich Buchholz occupied a central place in the international avant-garde in Berlin in the 1920s. His earliest prints are influenced by the work of the German Expressionists, particularly Franz Marc. In the period immediately after the First World War his art shifted from an expressionist style to non-objectivity. He is now regarded as one of the pioneers of geometric abstraction in Germany.


Walter Dexel, Composition 1923 IV. Verso and recto. Oil on burlap. Autumn Auction Villa Grisebach.

The backside shows the exhibition history of this painting, starting 1923 in the Gallery Sturm in Berlin. There is a break as he engages in graphic arts and advertising (“Neue Reklame”) and later his opus is classified as degenerate art. Dexel starts painting again in the 1970s and the Composition is exhibited again at several places. Source: Grisebach.