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I’m fascinated by the fact that Phineas and Ferb is a show that actually exists
I can understand how someone could have come up with the idea of an animated show about stepbrothers trying to find cool ways to spend their summer vacation
And from there I can see how the characters of Candace, Isabella, Beauford, Baljeet, Jeremy, and Stacy came about
But at what godforsaken point in the thought process did someone go, “Hey, what if there’s an ongoing subplot about their pet who’s a secret agent trying to stop a German guy from channeling his anger towards his abusive parents into conquering the tri-state area?”

i found the most awesome supportive show on german TV by pure accident. (I have been watching it for a while now, but no matter)- this show has (CANON) homosexual and bisexual characters, also characters with PTSD, depression, issues with reading/understanding other people’s emotion and responding to them… and none of them are played as jokes. None. No harmful comments, no sarcastic undertone happening. I am so happy about this.

It’s called „Betty’s Diagnose“ (engl.: Betty’s Diagnosis), a show about 3 female nurses working at a clinic, dealing with their own lives and problems… and the problems and illnesses of their patients.

For example:

They had a male cancer patient who was at the clinic for chemotherapy who didn’t actually wanted to get said treatment, even though his partner insisted he should. The episode didn’t focus on the fact that he was homosexual, but on how he and his partner weren’t communicating as they should in this situation. (He did agree on the treatment in the end and he and his partner talked stuff out)

And something that made me personally really happy was the episode that featured a trans boy, who would possibly face the horror of stopping to take T because of a possible treatment for a sickness he had. The nurses and doctors all respected his preferred pronouns and were very gentle with him. This episode also featured his unsupportive father (who kept misgendering him in front of the doctors, nurses and his wife), who in the end got a stern talking to from one of the main characters and apologized to his child and showed a start of support. (He didn’t have to stop taking T in the end, I was so happy! ;v;)


Note: You can watch all the episodes on this youtube channel (in German, sadly no English subtitles) and you should totally check it out! :D

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that the link doesn’t work anymore/the user has deleted all Betty episodes and showcases a different show now. If i can find a site/channel where you can watch it instead, i’ll let you all know!

PS: And don’t forget the reoccurring moment of the one really hot male nurse walking by (in slow-mo and with music in the background) and everyone, of any gender or sexual orientation, close by watches them with a dreamy expression on their faces until they are out of view. One of the nurses has given him the nickname “Dr. Love”. ;D


What a beautiful man!!!!!!                                                                                  Alan Rickman on the German tv Channel Sat 1 (2015)

German music

the lovely @claracivry asked me about german bands that arent Rammstein and I decided to make it public bc it might interest some more peeps. Every link leads to a video. If you dont like anything on this list you can tell me your fave genre and I’ll try to find something suitable bc there’s tons more stuff out there!

Rock: Böhse Onkelz, Die Ärzte, Farin Urlaub, Bela B, Die Toten Hosen, Madsen

Pop-Rock: Wir sind Helden, Silbermond, Jennifer Rostock, Rosenstolz

Pop: Mia, Frida Gold, Ich & Ich, Clueso, Xavier Naidoo, Mark Forster, Blumfeld

Electronic Pop: 2raumwohnung, Gestört aber geil, Tocotronic, Deichkind (i love them so much wowowow), Wolfsheim

HipHop: Cro, Max Herre + Joy Denalane, Culcha Candela, Peter Fox (good shit like oh my god), Fettes Brot, Die Fantastischen Vier, Jan Delay

Oldies: Joachim Witt, Peter Schilling, Karat, Paso Doble, Nena, Tic Tac Toe, Falco, Herbert Grönemeyer, Westernhagen, Spider Murphy Gang, Heinz Rudolf Kunze

Alternative(?): Dota und die Stadtpiraten, Seeed (good shit right there!!!)

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So I wanted to ask if you have any recommendations for German playlist (pop/rock) or websites with German dub. I really want to just immerse myself but I know the German channels won't be enough for that. Thank you in advance

I don’t know enough songs in German yet but @languageoclock has this amazing list with songs so try it out and see if you like anything from it. ^^

For movies, i’ll give you all the sites with German movies/series that i know. 


Reach an advanced level in German by yourself

Someone on tumblr asked me if they could reach an advanced level in German by themselves. They didn’t have teachers who worked enough with them and I felt really sorry because sometimes teachers/schools just suck and you can’t reach the language level that you want to reach.

So I want to give you advice and share personal experiences. I hope it helps. I already want to apologize for mistakes in this text because I’m not a native English speaker. 

Classes: I can’t stress it enough: Language classes are so important! If you are at A1/A2/B1 level, you really really really should take classes so you can improve your German. At B2 or a higher level, it’s still good to take classes but you have already reached a good level you so don’t necessarily need a teacher. Teachers are important, they can make it or break it but especially at lower levels, you need them. I want to learn Dutch & improve my Italian with an app and a website but I am too lazy. I really need a teacher who gives me homework, explains things, hands out sheets with exercises, who makes you read stuff out loud, wants you to write grammar rules down and tests you. It is important and it’s a great motivation to do things because you really have to do them unless you want to get in trouble. Teachers are very helpful. If you can’t take German classes at school or if you don’t go to school anymore, try to find a language club or classes in your freetime. I really recommend it. Language classes are very important and helpful. I don’t say that apps and websites are useless but take classes if you can!

Books: Reading helps you when you want to reach an advanced German level. If you read books in class, try to write down and translate the words you don’t understand. Start a journal about the book, summarize the chapters, add some descriptions of the main characters and their relations… I always did this (especially when I had a (oral) test about the book) and it was very helpful! Sure, it can be hard work but it’s worth it. I recommend to read books in your freetime, that’s what helped me to reach higher levels and to get an advanced vocabulary. You can start with simplified versions of German classics or with ‘normal’ German books. On my blog, there are so many posts about books and you can always ask me if you want me to recommend you one based on your interests. You shouldn’t start with reading books written by Schiller or similar authors because their ancient German can be quite confusing (even for native speakers like me). Read the books, keep a journal, look online for opinions and discussions about it. By the way, I always read foreign language books out loud so I see which words are difficult to pronounce for me.

Movies: Movies are perfect to improve your German skills. Watch them in German with subtitles in your language. Then start to watch movies with German subtitles. If you find a German movie without subtitles, try to watch it. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand everything they say! Actors tend to mumble so not even native speakers understand 100% of what they say! Watch as many movies as possible, check out the pages on my blog, ask me if you want me to recommend one! If there’s a film you really loved, try to find informations about it on the Internet or write a review in German. Movies are great to learn more about slang. You could also watch kid’s movies or shows because they speak slowly. German YT Channels are also a great possibility.

Writing: If you want to reach advanced writing skills, try to find a penpal. You can do this on my blog. Write them text messages, mails or letters on a regular basis. Ask them if you have a question about grammar, slang or the country. Tell them to correct your mistakes. Maybe you can visit them one day, it’s really so much fun! I highly recommend it! Try to write texts in German; poems, short stories, thoughts, diary stuff… None has to read it if you’re not comfortable but please write and look up the words you don’t know. If you have to write something for class, make an effort and try to write a very good text! Correct your mistakes afterwards and try to remember what exactly you did wrong so you won’t do it again. Join an internet forum and talk about your interests.

Grammar: Pay attention when your teacher talks about grammar stuff. Write the important things down, buy a grammar book if you don’t have one (you can also buy a more advanced one if yours from your class is too easy). Work with it on your own, try to understand the rules and ask your teacher if he/she could explain you what you don’t understand. Ask him if he/she could give you extra exercises or grammar stuff (that’s what my teacher did because she knew I had a higher level than others). Do as many exercises as possible. There are B2/C1/C2 level books with speaking, writing, listening and reading exercises, I highly recommend them.

Music: Listen to German songs. You find tons of examples on my blog. Listen to German radio, look at songs lyrics, try to translate them or look up translations. Try to sing along, try to understand the meaning behind the songs. 

Visit German-speaking countries: If you can, visit German, Austria or Switzerland! It’s great to be surrounded by native speakers. Try to order your food in German. Don’t be shy, people won’t laugh at you unless they’re verdammte Scheissidioten, die in der Hölle verrecken werden (sorry not sorry). If you speak to natives and they laugh about something you said because it sounds funny to them, don’t be sulky. Ask them what you said and how you should say it and let them explain why it was funny so you get a chance to laugh too.

Talking: Talking is very important and to reach a higher level, you really should take classes because that’s where you can talk and learn how to pronounce the words correctly. If you don’t/ can’t take classes, try to talk to yourself in German or to friends or sing or read out loud in German. Try to speak in German when you visit a German-speaking country.

If you want to reach an advanced level by yourself, you have to work hard even though you might not always be very motivated. Just remember that you’ll be very happy in the end! It’s worth it! Message me if you need help or if you have any questions!!!

I just thought I would share what I’m watching on YouTube now. DC Super Hero Girls has a YouTube channel for at least six different languages. Here is the link for the German channel. They are, of course, for children, so the characters do not speak too fast or use difficult vocabulary. Any fan of DC comics and languages would love watching these cartoons!

Hello all german/swedish speaking people!

I need your help. In half a year i’ll be taking my matriculation examination in german and swedish (they’re like these big school leaving exams we have) and I realized that I can’t really speak those languages, like at all.

So I was wondering if you could suggest me german/swedish youtube channels, podcasts, music, some good literature… Anything will do. I’ve been also wondering if there’s any place where I could watch tv channels in those languages online (abroad).

Also if you’re learning those languages, could you tell some tips? It might be also cool to chat with someone in those languages (like a pen pal type of thing).

Danke schön, tack so mycket in advance!

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German channels have shown interest in the SKAM concept, and if they buy it I'd be way more excited than for the american one, since it's in europe as well (aka same age actors, same "vibe", more realistic?) What do you think?


I love German movies and what little ove seen of tv series. Can you imagine if germany makes a skam too? Schande? or just Scham haha. What if more poeple buy it? that would be soooo amazing 

Things I strongly consider German culture™:

  • Using TV channels to describe the quality of a show (“This probably runs on RTL“, “This is such a RTL2 show“)
  • Breaking the rule of the “How are you“ “Fine how are you“ greeting by actually saying how you are
  • Looking at people preaching fascism or communism and laughing loudly
  • Arguing over which article is associated with “Nutella“, as in grammatical gender

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Hi, I really like your blog and wish you the best of luck with your exams. And I also have a question that has nothing to do with being aro/ace but I just noticed that you speak German and as I'm learning the language I'm curious if you have some German youtube channels or blogs that you enjoy and could recommend?

Thank you! I could use a bit of luck and I’m really glad you like my blog; that’s always nice to hear! Well, since German is my native language I don’t know any blogs for learning German, but I do follow a few German blogs on Tumblr. The most popular ones (which I absolutely love) are the so-called “Official-Blogs”. Each one has a specific topic and they masterfully combine it with high-quality German shitposting. The ones I can think of at the top of my head are: (I hope it’s ok to tag them) 


There are quite a few more, but if you check out those blogs, you’ll find the others eventually!

@thatswhywelovegermany is also a great blog! They post quotes, pictures and short informative texts about Germany.

There’s also a German ace blog, in case you’re interested; it’s called @official-german-aces

I don’t know any German YouTube channels, unfortunately, because I don’t know any YouTube channels at all. The only German things I watch on YouTube are “Extra3″ and “heute show”- two news/political comedy shows (similar to Last Week Tonight, the Daily Show etc).

I hope that gives you some inspiration for where to start!