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Walpurgisnacht outdoor party in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Southwestern Germany. In parts of Germanic Europe, Walpurgisnacht is celebrated each year around April 30 - right around the time of Beltane. The festival is named for Walpurga, a Christian saint, who spent a number of years as a missionary in the Frankish empire. Over time, the celebration blended with Viking celebrations of spring, and Walpurgisnacht was born. In Norse traditions, this night is the time when the boundary between our world and that of the spirits is a bit shaky. Much like Samhain, 6 months later, it’s a time to communicate with the spirits and the fae. Bonfires are lit to keep away evil spirits. In some areas of Europe, this night is known as a night of witches and sorcerers gatherings to do magic, a concept influenced by 16th and 17th century German writings. Today, people in Central and Northern Europe still celebrate Walpurgisnacht as a precursor to Beltane. Although it is named for a martyred saint, many Germanic Pagans try to honor the celebrations of their ancestors by observing this holiday. It’s typically observed much like May Day celebrations - with lots of dancing, singing, music, and ritual around the bonfires.

May 2017

My birthday present finally arrived! A new bed. It’s been a very long time since I had one of those. There’s a nice solid headboard and footboard so no dead writhing hands can creep up and grab me in the night.

It’s bigger, too, so maybe we’ll all fit now.

judylaverna  asked:

Do the people in the snk world celebrate the german festival :Oktoberfest?Because they kinda wear those clothes(Sasha for example in the OVA, I mean her dress)It would be funny because in Germany the people get drunk as hell (drinking beer ) and eat bread called "Brezel". Would be cool to imagine the veterans get drunk and wear those special clothes (except Levi, he doesnt get drunk )

Well, considering that Dirndl and Lederhosen are traditional clothing of Bavaria and Austria they don’t have to celebrate Oktoberfest to wear it. But it would be fun anyway. Especially for the veterans. They’d have a challenge who can carry the most Maßkrüge.

  • German Fact #113 - German Calendar
  • December 24th: Heiligabend (literally "Holy Eve") - Germans celebrate Christmas
  • December 25th: 1. Weihnachtsfeiertag (1st Christmas Day) - Germans celebrate Christmas again...with ... other people... probably
  • December 26th: 2. Weihnachtsfeiertag (2nd Christmas Day) - Germans have a second Christmas Day, used for...digesting... or celebrating some more

Mother’s Night (Beginning of Yuletide)

Yule log burning in a massive pyre,
Wild Hunt howling through the night
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir,
with pitch and timbre not quite right

Every heathen knows to put his shoes out on the sill,
wait for Odin to come by
Tiny tots, from the first Winter’s chill,
have waited for the Mother’s Night.

They know Yule is on the way,
There’s only twelve more nights of this year left to play
And every heathen can feel the walls thin
Between them and their ancestral kin

As Thor wards Midgard from the jotunar,
we’ll relax and have a brew
And we’ll keep the frith when they close down the bar,
Merry Yuletide to you.


Painting: “The Snow Queen" by Emily Balivet, 2012. via

Poem by: Karl Donaldsson

  • Me: There's no reason to be proud of whiteness itself bc it's a concept invented purely to class some people as superior to others. You should absolutely feel free to celebrate your Germanic or Dutch or Welsh roots, but there's no such thing as white culture & white pride is a literal slogan for neo-Nazis.
  • White people, taking a shit on my porch: Are you saying...I can't be proud of my heritage? Are you saying my great great grandmother who worked in the mines is ugly? Are you saying my grandpappy who built a farm with his own two hands is a cracker hick? Are you saying whites are inherently evil & we try to oppress everyone we see? I've never personally oppressed a colored so why are you reverse oppressing me? you hate white people...please I'm crying right now...