german cars


1939 Horch 853A Special Roadster by Erdmann & Rossi

In 1939, Horch was one of the four rings under what is now the Audi company, both founded by the same man, August Horch. Horch specialized in making extremely luxurious automobiles. Only eight were built and Horch was extremely selective in choosing its’ clients. A prospective owner’s background and place in society were reviewed along with not just the funds to buy the car, but the owner was required to have at least $700,000 in today’s money in their bank account. Each of the second series’ is unique and has variations such as the color, fenders, louvers, and interior. 

As a car designed in response to Mercedes 540k Special Roadster, Horch succeeded in creating a more exclusive and luxurious automobile.

German Is Weird

In German we have two words for owner: “Besitzer”, which is used for inanimate objects and “Halter” (which literally translates to “holder”), which is used for livestock and pets.

But sometimes we also call car owners “Fahrzeughalter” (literally translated: vehicle holder) and this means that, to Germans, cars are alive, similar to pets and livestock and I think that’s beautiful.