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May I share a headcanon? So you know how Neil knows so many languages? I had this vision of him being somewhere public like, idk, on the bus. And his phone rings and it's Andrew, so he answers and speaks Russian. Then Kevin calls and he speaks French. Then Nicky calls and he speaks Spanish (hc Nicky totally speaks Spanish). Then Aaron calls and he speaks German and the bus people are like "WTF HOW MANY LANGUAGES DOES THIS KID SPEAK?!" And Neil doesn't even notice he's not speaking English.


imagine ppl side eyeing him on the bus; for a kid who doesn’t want to attract attention, that sure got it
nicky speaking spanish?? SIGN ME UP

concept: neil forgetting a word in english when speaking to the others so he says it in another language instead- he’ll do the same with the upperclassman too but in russian bc andrew’s nearby to translate and neil goes “oohh that’s the word”
Dortmund attack: man arrested on suspicion of share-dealing plot
Police believe 28-year-old German-Russian national attacked bus in hope of profiting from consequent fall in club’s stock
By Philip Oltermann

In short: Last Tuesday three bombs exploded next to the team bus of German football club Borussia Dortmund, when they were on their way to a Champions League game. A player and a police officer got severly injured. The police found a letter that said that ISIS was responsible, but they doubted the origin of it from the beginning. They said so openly as did the German media. (The English-language ones and social media were keen to say it was ISIS and disregarded the suspicion of the German police.) Turns out it was a German-Russian national, who was speculating that by killing players the market value of Borussia Dortmund at the stock exchange would fall and he could make some money.

I don’t have words for this. It is more disgusting than anything I thought. For this guy human lives are just things that matter in his stock value plot. He dehumanised the players, he then blamed it on a terror group, which leads to marginalised groups like refugees and muslims getting attacked in hate crimes. This asshole is the lowest of low, because he obviously lacks every bit of humanity but selfishness and greed. 

Please, spread the word that the attack in Dortmund wasn’t ISIS. As vile and disgusting they are, they are used as a device to attack muslims and refugees and spread hate and nationalism. This hate is a bigger threat to Europe than ISIS.

Volkswagen Bus to be revived as an electric vehicle - cancelled in 2013, the classic Volkswagen Camper may find a new lease on life as an eco-friendly EV. The iconic “hippie wagon” may soon see a very apropos resurrection from the dead. Speaking at the New York Auto Show, Volkswagen board member Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser announced that the German auto company was working on a brand new camper concept - one that would run on batteries, rather than petrol, powering an electric motor driving the front wheels. Dr Neusser said that the new car would maintain 3 iconic design principles of the original Type 2 microbus, first introduced in Germany in 1950. “First the wide, solid, D-Pillar, second the boxy design of the center section; and, third, the front end must have a very short overhang.” In 2011, the company took a stab at an electric concept it called the Bulli, clearly inspired by the Type 2, but closer to a small van, with 4 hinged doors and 1 bench seat in the front and another in the rear that could be folded flat to make a sort of bed. The Camper, in comparison, contains a small mobile home with optional kitchen equipment and detachable canvas tents and awnings; seats that could be folded out into beds; a folding table, and a small refrigeration unit. Production on all VW Type 2 units, incl. the Camper, ceased in 2013. Production had been outsourced to Brazil after safety regulations introduced in the 70s in Germany meant that it could no longer be made there. In 2012, Brazil introduced legislation that went into effect on Jan 1, 2014, dictating that all cars made in the country must have ABS and airbags on both driver and passenger sides. VW decided that, rather than make a completely new vehicle, it was more cost effective to simply say goodbye to the Type 2 after 63 years of production. However, Dr Neusser now said that if the cost of production on the new electric Camper was feasible, the car could make it to market. The VW team continues to work on the concept.


Tourist bus by Tony
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The church of St. Castor was built between 817 and 836 by Hetto, the Archbishop of Trier. The reconstruction of the church to its present shape and size began about 1160 under Provost Buvo. He demolished the crypt, the choir rotunda, the apse and the burial vault and built the present east wing as a square, vaulted choir space with flanking towers, a semi-circular apse, a treasury and a sanctuary. After 1200, the two western towers were each increased by one story, to make the current seven story towers.