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could this day get anymore weird??????

Volkswagen Bus to be revived as an electric vehicle - cancelled in 2013, the classic Volkswagen Camper may find a new lease on life as an eco-friendly EV. The iconic “hippie wagon” may soon see a very apropos resurrection from the dead. Speaking at the New York Auto Show, Volkswagen board member Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser announced that the German auto company was working on a brand new camper concept - one that would run on batteries, rather than petrol, powering an electric motor driving the front wheels. Dr Neusser said that the new car would maintain 3 iconic design principles of the original Type 2 microbus, first introduced in Germany in 1950. “First the wide, solid, D-Pillar, second the boxy design of the center section; and, third, the front end must have a very short overhang.” In 2011, the company took a stab at an electric concept it called the Bulli, clearly inspired by the Type 2, but closer to a small van, with 4 hinged doors and 1 bench seat in the front and another in the rear that could be folded flat to make a sort of bed. The Camper, in comparison, contains a small mobile home with optional kitchen equipment and detachable canvas tents and awnings; seats that could be folded out into beds; a folding table, and a small refrigeration unit. Production on all VW Type 2 units, incl. the Camper, ceased in 2013. Production had been outsourced to Brazil after safety regulations introduced in the 70s in Germany meant that it could no longer be made there. In 2012, Brazil introduced legislation that went into effect on Jan 1, 2014, dictating that all cars made in the country must have ABS and airbags on both driver and passenger sides. VW decided that, rather than make a completely new vehicle, it was more cost effective to simply say goodbye to the Type 2 after 63 years of production. However, Dr Neusser now said that if the cost of production on the new electric Camper was feasible, the car could make it to market. The VW team continues to work on the concept.

Zuckerrohr Feld in Queensland
Fotografiert aus dem Greyhound Bus auf dem Weg von Cairns nach Townsville.

Field of sugar cane in Queensland
Photographed from the Greyhound bus on the way from Cairns to Townsville.

by aurinkato © 2008, All Rights Reserved
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這次的專訪請到 Beauty and Sorrow @oldhouseintaiwan 來與我們談談拍攝老房子的二三事。


• 成立 Beauty and Sorrow 部落格的機緣是什麼?

一直都喜歡老房子,在 Beauty and Sorrow 之前就只是隨意的拍下來留著給自己看而已。一年多前接觸了 Tumblr,發現這兒有許多特定主題的部落格,便開一個專門收集我喜愛的老房子。也是從那時候開始才轉變為有意識的拍攝。

• 您從事的工作或是來歷背景,與老房子有關係嗎?


• 偏愛老房子的原因?


• 如何尋找老房子、拍攝景點,是有計畫地進行還是隨走隨拍?


• 對於都市更新的看法?老房子只有被拆這條路嗎?


• 請將欣賞的台灣部落格與大夥兒分享?

Tumblr 上面真的有許多有趣的主題部落格!也隱藏了許多厲害的人物。藝術家陳以軒會在他的部落格這這分享攝影作品。Zero Focus 這個部落格有很多台灣的老照片還有台灣藝術家的作品。 另外有一些特定主題的部落格像是 Electric in Taiwan 收集台灣的電線桿(!),German Bus Stops 專門收集公車站。這些慧眼獨具的部落客透過他們獨到的觀察力,蒐集那些看似日常而又特別的人事物非常有趣,也帶給我不少啟發。


感謝格主的分享,現在再看  Beauty and Sorrow,感受到的就不僅僅是老房子的生命力,裡面更有著格主 Iris 將之所愛轉為藝術的這股熱情及迷人之處,休閒時光漫遊在城市,探訪老房子的身影存在,真是一種現代浪漫,讓人嚮往,累積的照片安排妥當在部落格上架,行動組織力著實讓人欽佩,立正看齊!

圖片來源: Beauty and Sorrow

Words of Wisdom from a Fellow Traveller.

- Life is short. Keep in touch with your parents (he was in the UK to visit his mother in the hospice).

- Don’t leave money in the bank, invest it in property.

- Be prepared for an economic crash. It’s coming sooner than you think (2 years, he reckons)

- Never lose sight of reality. People are too absorbed in the virtual world and forget what’s happening around them (he caught me tumbling/tumblring on the bus).

- Having kids is a reality check, you have to be ready for them (I told him I got married last month and am looking forward to starting a new life with my husband).

- Don’t have kids till you are absolutely sure about your marriage. It’s the least you can do for your future children (he has 8-year-old twins and said he couldn’t imagine doing it without his wife).

- No one can escape the hardships of life. Just because things are going well for you now doesn’t make you invincible. You have a better chance of dealing with troubles if you are mentally prepared for them. It helps to be aware of things around you (again, don’t have your nose in your phone).

- Don’t take sleeping pills. You most probably have a zinc or magnesium deficiency so look to supplement them in your diet. Consult a doctor first.

- Get good food and get proper sleep, go for a run when you can.

- Don’t get addicted to coffee. It’s not good for the heart. You don’t need more than a certain amount of coffee to get through your day - always remember that.

I don’t usually pay attention to the words of middle-aged strangers on the bus/train/flight. People love to give me advice for some reason. But there was a tone of sincerity in his voice and I was grateful for his time. Hope this gets you thinking as well. - Zeba

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