german bow


German hunting crossbow

Manufactured in Central Europe c.18th century.
Fires bolts/quarrels at stuff you want to lethally injure. Engraved steel fittings and bow, with decorative pompons and cloth bands, ivory-inlaid stock.

A very fancy missile weapon, unlike many stonebows and slurbows of the same era this one appears to have been made to hunt larger animals, something rare in the age of gunpowder.

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Devil May Cry
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Star Trek
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Die Känguru Chroniken
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

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Dan and Phil
Zarcort y Kronno

anonymous asked:

have you ever tried playing the violin with 2 bows because i once did and it did not go very well

i have. in various different contexts

  • i grabbed my stand partner’s and my bows from off the music stand and just started playing with them during break in orchestra (this happened both in youth orchestra, back when i played violin, and in string orchestra)
  • i did the left hand and had two other violinists do the bows and tried to play double stops like this
  • i was warming up by doing shifting exercises on the a string during orchestra and the violinist behind me came over started bowing on my g string
  • i’ve tried playing violin with a german bass bow AND a violin bow on the same string
  • i’ve played downbow on one string while someone else played upbow on the same string. it was interesting

One of the many curiosities among the bloodbath that was The First World War: HMS Zubian (top), a Tribal-class destroyer build with the middle and rear sections of the HMS Nubia (middle), a destroyer of the same class torpedoed by a german submarine, and the bow section of the HMS Zulu (bottom), another ship from the same class that fell into a minefield where only her forward section remained afloat.

As you can tell, her name is an amalgam of the ones from both original ships, she was sadly scrapped after the end of the war.


Luthés for @lipsiesteatime 

Finally I’m doing RPG characters again! Its been a while (things have been so busy and have finally calmed down)!  I had started drawing Luthés a while ago but have only just gotten around to finishing her.  

So this is an Elven Ranger who’s been busy travelling around their world and becoming embroiled in some world saving activities.  The world is one that has a Germanic feel to it so I tried to incorporate some germanic feeling patterns into her clothing and accoutrements (like the smocking on her shirt and the pattern on her quiver).  I’m really pleased with how the details turned out in this one so included a bit of a close up.  

Anyway she was a real pleasure to design and draw and now that I have a bit of time up my sleeve I’m keen to get back into it.  So MORE CHARACTERS PLEASE!