german battle flag


-> Northern United States wants to abolish owning black people.

-> Southern territories want to own black people, become the confederate states and start a war.

-> Confederate flag created as a battle flag (not a national flag, a battle flag, they had a separate national flag) for the white people fighting to keep black people enslaved.

-> Battle flag continues to be used as battle flag by racist political organizations  and violent terrorist groups throughout the next century.

-> Still the case today.

This flag literally carries no other macro social context with it. It is not the flag of a land or state or country that was re-purposed by slave owners to fight anti slave law or by hate groups from an innocent source. It has always meant these racist things whether the people flying them where aware of it or not. Being ignorant of your history does not erase that history and there are still millions of people who are living through the very real and very devastating consequences of this ignorance every day.

And not to get too off point, but while we’re here, this is not only a flag that represents the battle to oppress black people, but a strong, anti-american symbol. It was a battle flag flown in a war to succeed from the USA. It is in the most literal sense, an anti-american flag. Are you ‘murican or not?

If they where Germans flying nazi battle flags, the “I’m just proud of where I’m from” followed by whatever whitewashed, revisionist history bullshit they where lead to believe wouldn’t fly. Why should it here?