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Kraftklub (German band, if you don't know them, they are great and hilarious) talking to crowd at Berlin Festival
  • Felix:So, apparently the Berlin Festival is ill-reputed as a festival for hipsters
  • crowd:LOL
  • Felix:Who here is a hipster? Arms up!
  • crowd:*booing*
  • Felix:Ok, look around you. Who of you sees at least one hipster standing close to you, arms up!
  • crowd:*all arms up*

Well, not so much boy group, Peter, as strippers, but that’s fine. We know what you mean.  

This is the A Mighty Big If version of the origin story of The Dreamboys name which in this case has 100% less of the dying whale noises he made when he told the same story on Sunday Brunch in 2013

You’ll notice that in neither case does Peter actually say the name of the band when he’s explaining how a heady mixture of art school and old silent cinema made them think their audience would understand what they actually meant by Dreamboys, but how the audiences totally didn’t, not even before the name became almost entirely associated with hen parties. 

Also, where have I seen those hands before?

Oh, yeah, there.

You know, for years I’ve been calling them Malcolm’s Edward Scissorhands, but I probably should have been calling them his Nosferatu fingers. (Especially since Malcolm does refer to himself as Nosferatu in series 3.) 

A little off topic: German Bands

If you’re like me, you pick up other languages when you listen to accordant music.

I thought I could put up a list with some of my favourite German music artists (in no particular order), which also have German lyrics, most probably you know a few of them.

Anyway, they shouldn’t be TOO obscure, so you can just roam the internet and get yourself the stuff you like!

Wenn ihr wie ich seid, lernt ihr Sprachen besser wenn ihr entsprechende Musik hört.

Ich dachte mir, ich stelle hier mal eine Liste meiner deutschsprachigen Lieblingsbands zusammen (in keiner bestimmten Reihenfolge), höchstwahrscheinlich kennt ihr bereits ein paar davon.

Auf jeden Fall sind sie nicht ZU obskur, also könnt ihr durch das Internet streifen und euch das Zeug besorgen, das euch gefällt!

  • Rammstein (You know them right? basically German Metal with Industrial influences, VERY epic!)
  • Kraftwerk (Also very well known, robotic electronic at it’s best.)
  • Goethes Erben (If you’re into Gothic, this is for you! Dark lyrics, some are even quite disturbing, and they life up to their name!)
  • Deichkind (Started off as pretty decent rap, but became a twisted mix of experimental rap and electronic, with VERY ironical, cynical and sometimes downright nonsensical lyrics, but they’re great because of the great puns!)
  • Wolfsheim (Again, rather emotive and depressive electronic music, but very nice.)
  • And One (EBM!! How can you go wrong with that? They also have some songs in English.)
  • Max Raabe (Great bariton singer, who mainly sings German songs from the 20’s and 30’, but also covered some modern hits.)
  • ASCII.disko (Dance music with a hint of lyrical finesse.)
  • Einstürzende Neubauten (I just say: They have a song, where they used a trolley which they pushed down the stairs as background sounds.)
  • Rainald Grebe (Mainly a comedian, but with great great great songs.)
  • DAF (“Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft”, early German industrial, very simple lyrics.)
  • EAV (“Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung”, technically not German, but with German lyrics and funny as hell.)

These are some bands I like, but of course there are many others which are probably more popular. To look at a little bit more elaborate list you can go here.

Das sind ein paar Bands die ich mag, aber natürlich gibt es noch viele andere, die vielleicht auch bekannter sind. Für eine etwas ausführlichere Liste, könnt ihr hier hin gehen.

Don’t worry, the next post will be about grammar/language again.

OR, you could send me an ask, with something, that you want to know!


Jennifer Rostock- Shlaflos


“Blood Drips from My Sword” by Gothmog. Project from Germany. From the 1998 demo “Medieval Journeys”.

*Very unknown dungeon synth project. Also very Tolkien and medieval inspired. Gothmog’s songs tend to be a bit more subdued, however, this doesn’t take away from their power and command of the mood they’re trying to set. While listening to this demo, they try to instill a sense of journey and conquer, it execute it well. If one is able to get a hold of this demo, I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Do German bands think “Our music’s fucking amazing as it is. How about we fuck with our fans and make them a million times fucking more amazing by doing a symphonic album!”

Blutengel and LOTL are going to be the end of me… actually probably mostly Chris Harms.

Seriously though, LOTL music is great and i love all their songs but i’ve never listened to like Go To Hell or Afterlife and thought hell add violins and shit and this song’d be perfect. but they are! Urghhhhh!

But Blutengel! oh god! that entire album was the best thing to fucking listen to but the best had to be Soultaker. or Reich mir die hand. I love the originals to bits but the symphonic versions are a gift from fucking god.

Glasses Trebuchet’s “Song o’ the Day, 7/23/12”

“Agent Orange” by Sodom. Thrash metal from Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. From the 1989 album “Agent Orange”.

*It’s been thrash metal for basically most of the evening in my head, Sodom being one of my favourites and one of the forerunners of German branch of the genre. I still can’t believe they, along with many other innovative bands, have been around for about thirty years. Anyway, this is one of my favourite albums of theirs and one of my favourite songs. What I like most about it is the flow of the breakdowns and changing of time signatures that make up the three different segments of the song, particularly when they hit the 3:30 mark. I also like how much of Sodom’s lyrical matter revolves around the military in both negative and positive ways, in the case of this song (and perhaps album) criticising the Vietnam war and the use of Agent Orange and then, later on, extolling such branches as the American Marines for bravery and all that. I can appreciate a Devil advocate band once in a while. Enjoy!

For more listens, check out:

If you like them, check out: Kreator, Toxic Holocaust, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, and Societic Death Slaughter


Jennifer Rostock - Schlaflos (Oliver Koletzki Remix)


A Table And Some Bottles Are All This German Band Needs To Make Music

To Die in Your Dreams
  • To Die in Your Dreams
  • Depressive Silence
  • Darkened Empires

“To Die in Your Dreams” by Depressive Silence. Project from Breisach, Baden-Wuerttemburg, Germany. From the 1995 demo “Darkened Empires”.

*This track is particularly beautiful, just as much as the title is. I think dying in ones sleep, particularly during a pleasant dream or even a static one, would be ideal. While Depressive Silence is largely labeled a “dark metal” band, the way most of their songs are composed definitely begins to fall into the “dungeon synth” genre. Their percussion and the style in which the synthesisers are played definitely call to mind Mortiis influence. Whatever genre you believe, they’re an excellent ambient band regardless and deserve much more credit. Enjoy.