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How long does it take someone to go from B1 german to B2, and from B2 to C1?

i can’t give you a straight up answer to this question because it’s entirely dependent on the person in question and their situation.

there are 3 main factors that affect how long it takes someone to progress in a language:
1. how similar the language is to their native language and any other languages they already speak or have experience with
2. how much time they put into studying and using the language and how often
3. how much they push themself outside of their comfort zone (i.e. being exposed to content that is above their current level and that they don’t yet fully understand)

personally as a native english speaker it took me about 3 years to get to c1, studying for at least half an hour a day for the first 2 years and exposing myself to material designed for native speakers (music, movies, books, radio, social media, etc.) and interacting with them (skype, text messaging, face to face, email) for several hours every day, but for another native english speaker who takes german classes at school and only does the bare minimum when it comes to using the language (doing their homework and participating in a few hours of class a week) it might take them 3 years just to reach an a2 level.

After numerous discussions with friends I’ve chosen German as a second foreign language in uni. It was a tough decision because we don’t have a Korean course and the idea of learning Chinese or Japanese for the next three years doesn’t fill me with pleasure. I’ll still continue learning Korean by myself, though. After all, aiming at C1 in German and B2 in Korean by the end of my undergraduate degree. Weird combination, I know.

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Name: Steph
Age: 23
Country: Spain

Hello! <3 I just thought it could be really fun to have a penpal, so I’m giving it a try. :) I’m Chinese (or so says mi passport!), but was born and raised in Spain and I’m currently living and studying in Barcelona.

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I ramble a lot. And by a lot I truly mean “a lot”. I believe it’s better to know a person by his or her daily little things rather than an infinite list of likes and dislikes. And don’t worry, if we have nothing in common we can learn much more from each other. ;)

I’m very easy-going, so don’t be afraid and like this post! <3

Preferences: — Snail mail only.
— Opened to anybody who is interested, regardless of his/her age, gender, country…
— I speak Catalan, Spanish and English properly. I can try with German (B2 level) and French (B1), but have some patience!
— Mucho love. <3

Reach an advanced level in German by yourself

Someone on tumblr asked me if they could reach an advanced level in German by themselves. They didn’t have teachers who worked enough with them and I felt really sorry because sometimes teachers/schools just suck and you can’t reach the language level that you want to reach.

So I want to give you advice and share personal experiences. I hope it helps. I already want to apologize for mistakes in this text because I’m not a native English speaker. 

Classes: I can’t stress it enough: Language classes are so important! If you are at A1/A2/B1 level, you really really really should take classes so you can improve your German. At B2 or a higher level, it’s still good to take classes but you have already reached a good level you so don’t necessarily need a teacher. Teachers are important, they can make it or break it but especially at lower levels, you need them. I want to learn Dutch & improve my Italian with an app and a website but I am too lazy. I really need a teacher who gives me homework, explains things, hands out sheets with exercises, who makes you read stuff out loud, wants you to write grammar rules down and tests you. It is important and it’s a great motivation to do things because you really have to do them unless you want to get in trouble. Teachers are very helpful. If you can’t take German classes at school or if you don’t go to school anymore, try to find a language club or classes in your freetime. I really recommend it. Language classes are very important and helpful. I don’t say that apps and websites are useless but take classes if you can!

Books: Reading helps you when you want to reach an advanced German level. If you read books in class, try to write down and translate the words you don’t understand. Start a journal about the book, summarize the chapters, add some descriptions of the main characters and their relations… I always did this (especially when I had a (oral) test about the book) and it was very helpful! Sure, it can be hard work but it’s worth it. I recommend to read books in your freetime, that’s what helped me to reach higher levels and to get an advanced vocabulary. You can start with simplified versions of German classics or with ‘normal’ German books. On my blog, there are so many posts about books and you can always ask me if you want me to recommend you one based on your interests. You shouldn’t start with reading books written by Schiller or similar authors because their ancient German can be quite confusing (even for native speakers like me). Read the books, keep a journal, look online for opinions and discussions about it. By the way, I always read foreign language books out loud so I see which words are difficult to pronounce for me.

Movies: Movies are perfect to improve your German skills. Watch them in German with subtitles in your language. Then start to watch movies with German subtitles. If you find a German movie without subtitles, try to watch it. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand everything they say! Actors tend to mumble so not even native speakers understand 100% of what they say! Watch as many movies as possible, check out the pages on my blog, ask me if you want me to recommend one! If there’s a film you really loved, try to find informations about it on the Internet or write a review in German. Movies are great to learn more about slang. You could also watch kid’s movies or shows because they speak slowly. German YT Channels are also a great possibility.

Writing: If you want to reach advanced writing skills, try to find a penpal. You can do this on my blog. Write them text messages, mails or letters on a regular basis. Ask them if you have a question about grammar, slang or the country. Tell them to correct your mistakes. Maybe you can visit them one day, it’s really so much fun! I highly recommend it! Try to write texts in German; poems, short stories, thoughts, diary stuff… None has to read it if you’re not comfortable but please write and look up the words you don’t know. If you have to write something for class, make an effort and try to write a very good text! Correct your mistakes afterwards and try to remember what exactly you did wrong so you won’t do it again. Join an internet forum and talk about your interests.

Grammar: Pay attention when your teacher talks about grammar stuff. Write the important things down, buy a grammar book if you don’t have one (you can also buy a more advanced one if yours from your class is too easy). Work with it on your own, try to understand the rules and ask your teacher if he/she could explain you what you don’t understand. Ask him if he/she could give you extra exercises or grammar stuff (that’s what my teacher did because she knew I had a higher level than others). Do as many exercises as possible. There are B2/C1/C2 level books with speaking, writing, listening and reading exercises, I highly recommend them.

Music: Listen to German songs. You find tons of examples on my blog. Listen to German radio, look at songs lyrics, try to translate them or look up translations. Try to sing along, try to understand the meaning behind the songs. 

Visit German-speaking countries: If you can, visit German, Austria or Switzerland! It’s great to be surrounded by native speakers. Try to order your food in German. Don’t be shy, people won’t laugh at you unless they’re verdammte Scheissidioten, die in der Hölle verrecken werden (sorry not sorry). If you speak to natives and they laugh about something you said because it sounds funny to them, don’t be sulky. Ask them what you said and how you should say it and let them explain why it was funny so you get a chance to laugh too.

Talking: Talking is very important and to reach a higher level, you really should take classes because that’s where you can talk and learn how to pronounce the words correctly. If you don’t/ can’t take classes, try to talk to yourself in German or to friends or sing or read out loud in German. Try to speak in German when you visit a German-speaking country.

If you want to reach an advanced level by yourself, you have to work hard even though you might not always be very motivated. Just remember that you’ll be very happy in the end! It’s worth it! Message me if you need help or if you have any questions!!!


Holy shit, i just got the news and am out of myself from excitement!!!

I got 25 points in the writing part, holy shit. One of the exam holders said she thinks it’s the highest anyone has ever gotten in the writing part. Oh my god!!!

I am shaking a little bit!!!

I put so much work, effort and money into educating and training myself for this exam. It’s a very hard one, and German IS a pretty hard language to learn. Especially the grammar and writing part. I am officially a certified Intermediate level German Speaker. I can’t wait to get my Certificate!!!

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which of your languages do you consider yourself to be C1-C2 in? how long did it take you to get there, and would you do anything differently if you wanted to learn another language to the same level in the future? you're an amazing source of knowledge and inspiration so i would love to hear about your language learning experiences!!

Hmm I think I used to be a C1 in French but idk now cos I haven’t been using it too much lately. I think I am at the C level in Italian and English (obviously) haha. I need to get to a C level in German (I have a B2 now) so what I’m going to do is just use the Goethe Institut – really the easiest way to improve your language skills is just to use classes. 

It took me four years to reach C1 in french (i.e. high school), and idk for italian and englsih cos I didn’t really learn either. I brushed up my italian grammar in about a month haha German took me about two years to get to B2. 

I don’t think I would really do anything differently with my languages. I’m pretty happy with where I am with them and how I got there. Maybe I should have been a little bit more proactive about getting those Goethe Institut courses in but oh well :) 

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um, hey, I'm looking for some advice, sooooo I'm like B1-B2 in German, and have no idea how to take it further. I mean, I'm stuck with sources that are either 'ugh so basic' or things I don't understand a word about. How can I overcome this?

Hi! Find studying materials aimed at your level (B2, C1). If you haven’t yet, find native speakers to speak with. Watch German TV-shows, movies, youtubers; listen to German music, radio, podcasts and audiobooks; read German newspapers, books, blogs, etc. Learn about German speaking countries and their cultures. Challenge yourself, don’t back off when you come across things you “don’t understand a word about” but take out your dictionary and start translating. That’s how you improve and advance to the next level. Viel Erfolg!

Language Goals 2017

German: maintain B2 level

Norwegian: maintain B1 level

Zulu: reach A1 level

Italian: reach B1 level (I know this is a huge feat because I’m only starting Italian this year, but in all honesty I know that I’m going to be so dedicated that it’s a possibility. I will hopefully be going to Italy for a month this year and I’m so incredibly determined to absolutely thrive in this language. Italian will undoubtedly be the language that I put most of my focus into this year, second-to-that being Russian.)

Russian: reach A2 level


  • If you can’t find a partner please contact me! I don’t want to disappoint people. I’ll try to match you up :)
  • Message each other! 
  • If you have any questions/remarks, send me a message! x
  • And lastly, have fun writing :)


I am 17, a beginner and I speak fluent English also as that’s my native language. I love learning languages and I’m from England!


I’m a 17 year old girl from Germany, which means my native language is German, but I also speak the Lower Bavarian dialect.
I am fluent in English and speak B1/2 French. My target language is Danish (sadly only a beginner), so I’d love to talk to some Danish people! But I’m also interested in Scandinavia itself, so people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, just hit me up!

My hobbies include playing the organ and singing, as well as reading and writing (ever heard of poetry slam?). Another big part of my personality is fandoms – I am just a giant nerd. From Star Trek to Supernatural to Game of Thrones, I dig it all.
I am also currently trying to become an au pair in a Scandinavian country (preferably Denmark of course), which is my main motivation to learn a new language!
I hope that I get to meet lots of new interesting people through this project, and I’m really looking forward to making some friends!


My name is Mira, I’m almost 21, and I’m from the Pacific Northwest of the US! My native language is English, and I’m a beginner in French and Japanese, but picking up fast! I love video games, dancing, food/cooking/wine, history and folklore, and reading!
(I decided to drop Greek; I was doing too much.) I also draw and paint!


Alex/ English & Spanish / I like to read a lot about everything, to listen music (rock, alternative, R&B,etc) and to watch series. I love movies. Most of my time, if I’m not studying, I am in Tumblr reading fanfics or I am in Facebook role playing (I’m potterhead). Also I watch a lot of youtubers.  

I like to write stories, but for now I’m just doing it in spanish c:




English (native)
Irish (not my first language but I’m pretty fluent)
French (did it for 10+ years, A1 but haven’t used it in years so very rusty)
German (6 years, A1, but again haven’t spoken it since finishing school)
Portuguese (say beginner because my grammar is awful altogether 😂)

I’m a 21 year old woman (she/her) from Ireland. I’m studying medicine, love Doctor Who (Matt Smith is bae), Merlin, Sherlock, and the 100. No spoilers please! 😂 And happy to talk about anything and everything 😄


this is my only tumblr url; my native language is english, and my target is russian (a2-ish), i also used to study spanish and hit a solid b2 almost b1, but i haven’t touched it in forever. i can still communicate in it somewhat if need be though ✌️ as for me: im a college student in the us studying language and playing hockey, which is my favorite 💕 im also on the exec boards for my schools gender studies club and foreign language honors society (alpha mu gamma), which i was inducted into in russian last spring 👌 im queer & nonbinary, using they/them in english and она in russian. as a general thing, id also prefer to do the exchange over social media or email since my access to stamps and a post office is limited at school



Im native in english, intermediate in french and spanish, and target in romanian

My name’s Noelle. I’m nonbinary but still use she/her pronouns sometimes. I’m from California. My hobbies are drawing, painting, and dancing. In my free time I read and hang out with stray cats.



I speak Croatian, Italian, English and I’d like to write to someone in Russian if it’s possible :3


I’m a native speaker of American English, am minoring in German language at university and am taking upper-division classes in it. (I don’t know the level of skill, though. I can understand it very well when reading but don’t have a lot of practice with production.) I am conversational at a very basic level in Russian (I took two semesters of it this past year).

I am a university senior from central Texas (majoring in Linguistics), love drawing and learning languages, as well as creating languages. I enjoy camping and watching movies.


I am a native English speaker, and I know a a beginner’s French, advanced beginner’s Irish, and some Old Norse.



I’m fluent in both French and English and I’ll be starting Mandarin and German classes next year.  I’m a pre-IB student with a passion for science (chem, physics) and I love to travel! I hope to work in Europe someday.


Oh Yeah my name is Aoibh and I’m from Dublin, Ireland :) My languages are as follows: English -native French-b1 German b2  I love watching movies from different countries and I read a lot of scifi and urbn fantasy fiction, I also love Marvel and stationery :p


I’m a Australian-English speaker, and am learning/beginner at Japanese
I really love Japan’s culture. Manga, anime, fashion, music, everything. Hence why I want to learn Japanese - so I can understand some of the things I love. However, I’ve come to learn I’m not very good at the language. Remembering the Kanji isn’t too huge of a problem, but remembering various words, Sentances structures, not to mention trying to actually speak it without tripping over my tongue.
I would love to learn more about Japan from other’s perspectives, and any possible assistance with the language would be great.



English - native
Spanish, Italian, and French - studied in a classroom setting and self study, probably intermediate-ish?
Korean - self study, beginner

My preferred mode of communication with a pen pal would be through snail mail.

About me:

-19 years old
-sophomore in college
-currently undeclared
-studying abroad in Italy spring of 2017
-huge kpop fan
-dyeing my hair
-visiting NYC
-trying new food
-going to sports events at college



Native English and Arabic
Fluent Farsi
I can communicate in french
I want to improve my French and learn Spanish

About me: I’m a soon to be med student in the UK. I love art, reading and being creative.
I have an interest in humanities and fighting for human and animal rights but I love learning about anything and everything. I’m very ambitious but not psychotically competitive.


I’m Sarah, 37, UK. I am long term ill/disabled and spend way too much time learning languages and acting half my age. I also write and am a shameless fangirl in more fandoms than I care to admit. Studied Russian at university and still a Slavic language fangirl, too ☺️

Native English, reasonably advanced Russian and French. Hebrew and Slavic languages in general are my focus, I’m pretty much game to talk in Russian with anyone, and if you can put up with a real beginner, also Hebrew. I have a little Ukrainian, Croatian, Polish, and a very little Czech. Would be up for learning anything in any Slavic language…


So hi there! :) I am Meilina and I am coordinating this project. It is literally insane to see how many people signed up for this exchange! It’s really cool ahh…

I am a Dutch girl who is literally in love with languages (especially French. I really love French literature/culture/language ahhh) , cats, dogs and bands. I also love watching tv series and movies. Dutch is my native language, I can speak English at an advanced level, upper intermediate in French (but my pronunciation is horrible tho), intermediate at German and a complete beginner in Spanish.

I am looking for someone (or multiple people, it does not matter for me :) ) with who I can practice my English, French, German, or Spanish.

I am taking advanced French classes at school and I really enjoy it (even though we are in a class of 2 people haha)



So I’m 15 and I live in America. I’m really into most school subjects and a lot of extracurriculars, but I still manage to be on tumblr pretty frequently. I like most genres of music so I have at least that in common with most people! I’m none for being really funny, but also knowing when to be serious. I’m pretty good at knowing different grammar rules and spelling for English so I can help with that! I dont really know any conversational Spanish and my Korean is more basic as I know more vocabulary than grammar.



I’m native Polish speaker, know English on intermediate/advanced level. anyway, I also speak french a bit (B1? i think) and I’m self learning Japanese but it’s going veeery slowly, I only know the basics. I’m 16 and I’m an optimist, quite lazy (but trying to become more productive…). I’d love to  participate in this project, get to know people and maybe exchange some language learning experiences :) I’m a huge Green Day fan, also I love pokemon and playing guitar (or rather ‘trying to play’), sorry to make this all so long :,)


Soo, I like languages, different cultures and history a lot. I’m learning Swedish, Spanish, Italian and Russian. And will study Spanish and Italian at the university too.
Besides that, I like gaming, listening to (especially in my target language) and making music, reading and watching stupid Youtube videos.



My studyblr is Im-studying-oh and my name is Abigail. Language wise I can speak: English (native), French (C1/C2), Esperanto (B1?) German (B1/B2?) and Bulgarian (probably like A1 maybe A2). I’m studying film in school and really like creative stuff and I love music too!


My name is Sophia, I am 20 years old, from England. Lived in the same city my whole life, but have had occasional travels! I manage an independent cafe, and absolutely love my job. I’m very keen to start learning Polish, and have always enjoyed helping others learn English. Im most passionate about music and art, but unfortunately don’t get the time to produce my own anymore! Look forward to conversing with someone soon :)


hi! I’m a native Spanish and English speaker, semi-fluent in Portuguese and I’m intermediate in French and beginner in German ^^ I like reading, drawing, running, and listening to music  and i hope i could find someone that could help with my german or french 😁



My name is Rachael. Im intermediate in French and my native language is English. Im a martial artist, play video games, and plan on majoring in French at Old Dominion University.



My mother tongue is Finnish and I’m fluent in English, intermediate in Swedish, and beginner/on a weak level on German, Spanish and Hungarian.

I’m a young adult and a student. In addition to working on learning languages I like to play video games, do outdoors stuff, draw, read books and watch movies and series.



I’m, Elisa (23) from Spain. My native language is Spanish and I speak English as well. I’m learning Korean, German and Chinese (Mandarin) but I wouldn’t mind a english speaker penpal because I still need to improve it.

About me: I like music (Rock, bachata, salsa, kpop, khh, etc), baking, nature and watching too many tvshows. One of my passions in life is fashion, I’ve been sewing since I was a child and I’m really interested in learning about traditional clothing from different countries and costume design for movies.


Salut ! Ciao ! I’m Mariah (18) and I think languages are super cool! I study French and Italian at university and this year I’ll be living in a French immersion dorm on campus. Other languages I’m interested in are Modern Greek and Korean. Besides languages I like random dancing, studying (or trying to study) with friends, and playing guitar. I’d like to be an interpreter one day. Nice to meet you, let’s be pen friends !


My name is Hannah, I’m 23 years old and I’m a German native learning Swedish. I like reading, singing, and hiking, and I’m interested in linguistics. I’m a bit shy in the beginning but I love making new friends!


My name is Alex (or Sam, whichever is fine)
I’m a native English speaker and I am currently learning Norwegian, I’m still a beginner. Also thinking very hard about learning Polish.
I’m 22, I’m a gym freak, and I love Bleach and Deathnote (animes)! I also love traveling and animals and anything supernatural.


Hi! My name’s Valentina, i’m 19 years old and i’m a native Spanish speaker, I can also speak English, I’m currently learning french and just started with German. I love reading and writing, when I have free time I’m either reading or watching The walking dead and sometimes I go out to swim. Oh and I’m doing a degree in foreign languages at the university.


My languages are: English (American) native, Irish A2, and German A1. my target language currently, is Irish.
my name is Keelan, i live in Washington state and I enjoy learning languages (obviously!), playing guitar, writing music, hiking/camping and other outdoor activities.


My name is Josie, I’m 17 from Newcastle in England. I am fascinated by French and Russian culture (although of course Spanish too) and I’ve had a langblr for about a year now. I like reading, tennis, photography and dancing. Next year I’d like to work as a chalet girl in France. I like a large variety of music, and I’m always open to hearing more foreign music especially!! I also like a range of English language music, from Justin Bieber to Craig David to Michael Jackson.


Hey! I’m Jules and I’m a native German, English and Spanish speaker. I once was fluent in French, but neglected it after moving away from the Francophone country I lived in. I understand and read Portuguese, being able to speak a little, too. I learned Italian and am in an advanced stage, meaning I could probably live in Italy. I am currently learning Russian in a course and at home I’m doing Polish and Ukrainian, occasionally also Romanian. I also speak a little Afrikaans.


Hi, I’m Katie and I’m 19. I do Spanish and Portuguese at university (and I’m desperately trying to improve my Italian) (fair warning I am HOPELESS at it). I like cooking, baking, cycling, watching films and reading (especially 19th century romance and those long-ass realist novels that no one has time for). I nap a lot.
Things you can talk to me about
- cats
- dogs
- cake
- pasta
- Renaissance theatre
- Brazilian pop music
- action movies
- Hugh Grant
- and literally anything else I’m not picky


My name is Ashley, N English speaker from the US. I’m a beginner in Dutch (A0); I’m focusing more on French right now on my own because it comes so much more easily to me (I’m A1/becoming more confident to almost be A2). But this would be a perfect opportunity to get matched up with someone who speaks Dutch. I can help them with their English, or study French with them if they’re looking for a newbie…



My languages:
* English - Native
* German - C1/C2
* French - B2
* Esperanto - B1
* Norwegian - B1 (but I forget nearly everything)

Hello! My name is Matt and I’ve been learning languages for as long as I can remember! Funnily enough language learning is one of my greatest hobbies, but besides that I would say writing and creating films are what take up most of my time (apart from studying). Currently I’m taking on the Add1Challenge with French (even though I’ve been learning it for quite a few months before this) and my progress is coming along quite nicely! My school was planning on taking an exchange program to Germany (one I’ve participated in in the past and LOVED, seriously it changed my life) but as of yesterday this year’s trip was cancelled. Nothing makes me happier than speaking German/French and I’d love to practice any of my target languages with new pals!


My name is Emily, and I’m 18 from the US. I am in between a beginner and intermediate I would say in German. I will be moving to college on the 25th for Environmental Science. I would prefer someone to email/message/kik or something of that nature with someone before we start snail mail.


I’m Cathryn or Cat and in a Sociology major. My native language is English and I’m currently learning Spanish. I love Harry Potter, DC Comics, One Direction, smoothies, pudding, My Little Pony, animals and my boyfriend. I enjoy going to the movies, concerts and reading a good book. I also like taking naps,  playing Pokémon Go, riding roller coasters, playing with my cat and volunteering.


My name is maha, im 16 years old and i like to laugh. i have a passion for languages and dancing. i really have no idea to what to say but i don’t bite. hehehe



Hi my name is nyla!  I’m currently studying Japanese in college.  I’ve taken two years so far and about to go into my third. I’ve taken Italian and Spanish in school as well as trying to teach myself ASL. My hobbies are reading; I read pretty much anything that is fantasy or science fiction. I also like to draw although I am still learning.



My name is Ida, I’m from Sweden so Swedish is my native language. I'm18 years old and right now I’m finishing my last year of high school at the humanities and language program. I study French (B2/C1), Italian (B1), Latin and I just started teaching myself Dutch. Languages and etymology are two big interest of mine. I also enjoy minimalism and trying to organize myself as good as possible.



My name is Jess and I’m 17 years old. I’m from Germany, but I will start university in England soon. I love travelling, tea, and science. My native language is German and I’m also fluent in English. My pronouns are they/them, but in languages without neutral personal pronouns any pronouns are fine. I study Spanish, Norwegian (both intermediate), and Japanese (late beginner/early intermediate), plus some dabbling in Dutch.


my name is noah, and my native language is english and i am currently studying spanish(intermediate) and dutch (beginner) and soon french (beginner).  i definitely want to focus on dutch though, since thats what i am having most trouble with atm. i am 16 going into my junior year in high school and i looove the sciences (mostly physics and chemistry). i also really enjoy reading and a little bit of writing. so yeah thats me! 😄


Native level: English, German
Intermediate: French
Target: Dutch, Norwegian


I’m learning German (low/mid intermediate) and Korean (very basic).
I’m 18 (about to be 19😄) a sophomore in college. I’m double majoring in Industrial Engineering and German. I teach an ESL class to internationals in my community. Fall is my favorite season. I enjoy reading and postcards. I like floriculture and flowers.


my name is Ivan (online name, not real name) and I’m German-American, 15, from Philadelphia in the US! my native language is English, but I speak German at a near-native level (besides my grammar, which I’ve been working on this summer). my target language is Italian, but I would also pen-pal with someone in French or German. (I’m learning Russian as well, but am not at a good enough level yet for a pen pal.)



My native language is Arabic and I speak English too (advanced). My target language is German (beginner ).


My name is Emma, I’m 21 years old, I’m a student of German and Russian in the UK but am in the process of moving to Russia! I don’t have many hobbies because I’m studying a lot, but I love reading classic literature, watching the TV my friends recommend and also dogs. like so much. Looking for a Russian penpal ideally, can exchange for English/German :)



About me:  I’m Kiki, a curious Dutch girl with a strong love for tea, stationery, travelling, watching films and reading YA novels (especially contemporary but also sci-Fi and fantasy from time to time). I love taking photographs and developing them(mostly analogue but also digitally) and listening to records and indie  music (preferably both)

Languages I speak: Dutch (fluent/native) , English (quite fluent), German (basic grammar + vocabulary) , i’ve had 2 years of AP German in high school so I can communicate in German

I would love to improve my English by the exchange. So I consider english to be my target language:)


I am a native English speaker. I speak advanced/fluent French, and beginner/intermediate German, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. I can understand far more than I can speak in those languages. I am also around an A1-A2 level in Irish Gaelic, Danish, and Swedish.
And my name is Alexis, sorry I didn’t mention that before.


Well my name’s Cerith, and I’m a 16 year old boy from Cardiff, UK. I like reading and writing (even though I haven’t done either in a while) and I love musicals; I want to be an actor when I’m older. I’m starting sixth form college this September to do Performing Arts, English Literature and German.


I’m Nicola, 22 and from the UK. I’m currently a history masters student. The first foreign language I ever learnt was Spanish at the age of 11 (why so late UK?!) - although the last few years I’ve slacked off quite a bit. At the start of this year I started learning Hebrew, I’m still very much a beginner but that is the language I am focusing on at the moment if anyone is willing to communicate with me as I’m still getting to grips with it :)


My native language is Italian, I can communicate in English and I’m learning Swedish as a beginner.
I’m interested in languages (obviously!), psychology, philosophy, music (electronic, post-rock, instrumental, etc.), books, tv series (Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Bron, etc.). I also like animals, plants (nature in general), the sky, and pressing flowers.


My name is Chrysi im 21, i study psychology, im a native greek speaker and im interested in spanish (begginer), i know abit of german and i start learning the japanese writing system. My hobbies are karate and hip hop dance!


my languages:
Italian - pretty fluent (can comfortably communicate)
French - beginner intermediate (can understand 10x more than i can say)
Swedish - very beginner

Name: Sara
Age: 18
Country / Province / State /: USA, Michigan
Region: Midwest (???)
Studyblr URL: swedenerd
What Interests You: animals, languages, cultural differences (I love talkig about cultural differences so much), Pokemon, cats!!!, bears, nature (I love the mountains), snacks, food, lots of things.
What You Absolutely Wouldn’t Care About - I cant think of anything tbh
Would You Include a Goody Bag: probably a very small one (probably something I could stick inside an envelope)
Local or International - both!



I study french, (near fluent speaking, decent written) german (decent / decent) and arabic (beginner). I enjoy languages, random facts, politics, history…


My name is Annie, I live in Canada and I study Central European history. I specialize in contemporary Czech and Slovak history and I dream of studying in Prague. That’s why I’m learning Czech (I also plan to learn Slovak in the future). Besides history, I also love reading, traveling and learning languages.



I am 15 years old. I like to watch anime and read books and manga. I’m from Singapore and would like to meet new people while learning from them at the same time. Also, I am just a beginning at Spanish so I’m not good enough to really have a proper conversation yet but I really like to learn this language so I’d like to get as much help as I can.