german b2


Holy shit, i just got the news and am out of myself from excitement!!!

I got 25 points in the writing part, holy shit. One of the exam holders said she thinks it’s the highest anyone has ever gotten in the writing part. Oh my god!!!

I am shaking a little bit!!!

I put so much work, effort and money into educating and training myself for this exam. It’s a very hard one, and German IS a pretty hard language to learn. Especially the grammar and writing part. I am officially a certified Intermediate level German Speaker. I can’t wait to get my Certificate!!!

Language Goals 2017

German: maintain B2 level

Norwegian: maintain B1 level

Zulu: reach A1 level

Italian: reach B1 level (I know this is a huge feat because I’m only starting Italian this year, but in all honesty I know that I’m going to be so dedicated that it’s a possibility. I will hopefully be going to Italy for a month this year and I’m so incredibly determined to absolutely thrive in this language. Italian will undoubtedly be the language that I put most of my focus into this year, second-to-that being Russian.)

Russian: reach A2 level

anonymous asked:

So now you have a B2 in German and in Enhglish or is your english better ?

Only in German. But yeah my English is way better. I am constantly speaking and writing English whereas German only rarely.