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BTS' Awards;

I made a quick compilation of the awards that BTS has achieved so far from debut year to this year!


New Artist of the Year { MelOn Music Awards }

Rookie of the Year { PCKI Awards }

Rookie of the Year { Soompi Awards }

Breakout Artist { Soompi Awards }

Best Rookie Group { SBS PopAsia Awards }

Best Debut Male { European So-Loved Awards }

Best Single Album Release { European So-Loved Awards }

Best New Artist { German Korean Entertainment Awards }

Best Breakthrough (Debut) - Male Group { Hello Asia! K-Pop Awards }


Newcomer Award { Golden Disk Awards }

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Ernst Junger, 

He was the youngest ever recipient of the Pour le Mérite, awarded to him as a Lieutenant at the age of 23. 

Awards in WWI

1916 Iron Cross (1914 ) II and I. Class

1917 Prussian House Order of Hohenzollern Knight’s Cross with Swords

1918 Wound Badge (1918 ) in Gold

1918 Pour le Mérite ( military class)

The German comedy Toni Erdmann, written and directed by Maren Ade, centers on a father who invades his business consultant daughter’s life. It’s short-listed in the foreign film category for the coming Academy Awards. Fresh Air film critic David Edelstein says

“If you wandered into a theater showing Toni Erdmann knowing nothing about it, you might think you were watching a high-toned German drama by Michael Haneke or some other arthouse cold fish. The tone is poker-faced, even severe. You might be thrown, though, by the fact that the audience is laughing—in some cases screaming with a mixture of embarrassment and joy.”

Portrait of SS-Rottenführer Werner Kindler of the Leibstandarte Division taken in 1943. He survived at least 84 days of close quarters combat and was awarded on 1 April 1945 the Close Combat Clasp in Gold, being one of the 631 men awarded this decoration. He was also awarded the German Cross in Gold, the Iron Cross First and Second Class, the East Medal and the Gold Wound Badge, having been wounded six times in action. Kindler served in Soviet Union, Italy, Normandy, in the retreat across France and Belgium, in the Ardennes campaign, in Hungary and finally in Austria, where he sank his half-track in the River Enns and surrendered to American forces on 10 May 1945, with the Soviets in hot pursuit. He wrote his his memoirs after the war, Mit Goldener Nahkampfspange – Werner Kindler, Ein Panzergrenadier der Leibstandarte (in English as Obedient Unto Death: A Panzer Grenadier of the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler Reports).

Gerardus Mooyman with two members of the Jeugdstorm

The Dutch volunteer Gerardus Mooyman, of SS-Panzerjäger-Abteilung 23 “Nederland”, was awarded the Knight’s Cross for destroying 13 Soviet tanks on one day during a battle south of Ladoga Lake in Northern Russia on February 13, 1943. He was the first non-German to be awarded this prestigious honour and was feted throughout the Netherlands and Germany and held up as an example to the youth of his native country.


Chris Pratt speaks German in Interview Oscar 2015

Fake Ryan Gosling Pranks German Awards Show: How Two Comedians Pulled It Off
Ludwig Lehner, a 27-year-old cook from Munich, pretended to be the ‘La La Land’ star in the live broadcast of the Goldene Kamera awards in Germany

By Scott Roxborough, The Hollywood Reporter

In the latest award season mishap for La La Land, a German awards show, on live TV, gave a trophy to a Ryan Gosling impersonator.

The Goldene Kamera awards, one of Germany’s most prestigious award galas, thought they had the Oscar-nominated star on hand to accept the prize for best international film on behalf of La La Land.

Instead, they gave the prize to Ludwig Lehner, a Ryan Gosling double.

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The mixup was all an elaborate prank orchestrated by German comedians Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who fooled the Goldene Kamera organizers into inviting the fake Gosling.

Lehner, who works as a cook in Munich, bares a passing resemblance to Gosling — albeit a chunkier, Germanic version — but as soon as he opened his mouth, the jig was up.

“Good evening, I am Ryan Gosling,” said Lehner in a heavy German accent, before adding “I dedicate this prize to Joko and Klaas.”

Watch Ludwig Lehner pretend to be Ryan Gosling at German awards show:

The comedic duo set up the prank for their own television show, the popular weekly comedy and variety series Circus Halligalli, and on Tuesday night laid out in detail how they pulled it off.

In early January, the pair set up a fake booking agency — Conrad, Hertz & Gravemann — and contacted the award show organizers, Funke Mediengruppe, telling them Gosling would be in Hamburg on a shoot and would love to attend their event.

“We were sure it would never work,” Heufer-Umlauf told Meedia, a German media industry paper, about the prank, which the local industry here has already branded #GoslingGate.

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But Goldene Kamera was apparently so eager to get Gosling on their show, they agreed to a series of demands — that Gosling would not walk the red carpet or meet with the show’s host before hand, that he would be surrounded by private security at all times, and that the show would not announce his participation before the live broadcast.

Immediately after his acceptance speech — watched with a mix of confusion and mild amusement by the celebrities in the crowd including Jane Fonda, Nicole Kidman, and Colin Farrell — the two comedians posted a video of their rehearsals with Lehner, where he runs through his speech.

Then, in a scene strangely reminiscent of Oscar night, the host of the German awards show told the audience, “Sorry, there’s been a mistake.”

Watch the real Ryan Gosling, with Emma Stone, talk about getting into song-and-dance shape for ‘La La Land’:

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