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I love the gifset you reblogged with Pete and Gwen! I was just wondering what was wrong(?) with the Homecoming review you mentioned in your tags? What are your thoughts on Homecoming? :) Anyways love your blog and your writing! Have a great day!

Thank you! So I have somewhat unsuccessfully attempted not to be Really Negative about Homecoming, except on twitter where I’ve clearly given up altogether, but heads up: I’m about to be pretty negative because I care way too much about Peter Parker. My opinions are my own, etc. Right off the bat: I actually do think Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to be a fun summer movie. It’s probably well-written and engaging! It looks like a good movie about a teenage superhero coming into his own and I’m excited about the diverse cast. 

It also, in my own opinion, looks like a terrible movie about Peter Parker.

There was nothing wrong with the review (it was in USA Today) so much as that literally everything it described made me, a person who loves Peter Parker, cringe. Full disclaimer that I haven’t seen Homecoming yet and it’s plausible I might like it in the end! I won’t, but it’s plausible! So everything I’m talking about is based on interviews with the cast and creators/trailers and released scenes/etc. 

But I’ve got so much beef with this movie I practically own a cattle ranch. 

I’m just going to try to hit my main complaints: Ned Leeds, or, This Should Have Been a Miles Morales Movie, Peter as a New Yorker, Peter Parker vs Spider-Man: A Fake Argument, and Why We Actually Do Need To Know How Ben Died, Thanks. “Traincat, how much have you thought about this?” I don’t want to talk about it! Except I do, under the cut:

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I’m not paying money to see her boogers!

I went to the doctor today because of a cold which I was convinced had turned into a sinus infection that was eating into my brain. (Seriously, people, the bone separating your nasal cavity from your brain is a thin one. This aspect of human development was clearly not well thought out. The bone separating your brain from your snot should be a thick one! I’m just sayin’.)

Anyhoo, my new doctor starts stressing the importance of clearing out your nasal passages by putting water up your nose. I told her that we have a name for this - f*cking drowning

She goes on to tell me that it’s perfectly safe and makes you feel so much better. She then grabs a sinus rinse squeeze bottle and does a treatment on herself to demonstrate how safe it is.


Boogers, debris, and I think a small German made automobile came flying out of her nose. When I paid for the visit, I made sure that I was not charged a service fee to see that mess come out of her nose. 

I think this whole “try to drown yourself via a sinus rinse” and “oh look what just came out of my nose” thing is an acquired taste.

Tom Wlaschiha for the ADAC motorworld magazine, (the magazine for ADAC- the General German Automobile Club) there is an interview with Tom Wlaschiha…

With many thanks to Carol Bullock for the translation of the interview and the info :)
And thanks to Sabine Zimmermann for the scan magazine :)

-In the film Rush you play a racing driver, is driving also a passion for you?

I like cars alot, the fast variety but what is more important is a car with style. That is more important than the registration plate.

-What cars do you think have style ?

Mine ! I drive a 20 year old Alfa GTV. I love it, the design is great and not superfluous. It still has an orginal driving feel. For me, a car is a design object, to make life more beautiful. It should not be ostentatious which maybe why I like older models.

-What is the best soundtrack for a car journey?

A listening book or german radio, that way I can relax

-Have you ever had to be towed ?

Since I drive a fairly old car. I have had to be rescued. For me the ADAC, Is one of the more practical inventions.

-Your favourite dream road ?
The San Bernardino Pass. That is a great stretch.

-Your first memory of a road trip?

I learnt to drive in the USA. My first trip was in an old audi to Niagara Falls.

-You lived for two years in London where they drive on the left?

In London it is quite bad traffic for a car. The fastest form of transport is a bike. At first it was difficult adapting but eventually I adapted relatively well.

-You play in the successful series, Game of Thrones, the role of Jaqen H'ghar who can wear different faces, which superpower would you like to have?

To be invisible from time to time,


One could live in peace and quiet and could observe things which one would not otherwise learn.

-In July starts the 7th season of the Fantasy series in the fictional medieval world with kings, intrigue and mystery. Tell us how it goes on, naturally it will stay with us as a secret !

The story goes on everything else I can not say (laughs)
Translation by Carol Bullock