german architecture

29.11.16// enjoying the silence in the Philological library, early in the morning. I woke up shamefully early, couldn’t do my yoga practice on fullmoon and I just went to uni to get on with my Referat Work.


7.12.16// today a new library day. I explored the HU Zweigbibliothek Campus Nord. Tiny space but somehow cozy, and just half an hour from my place.
Today was so productive. I read about 100 pages from Hannah Arendt “Totalitarism”. IN GERMAN( yes, I’m so proud of me).
I just can’t stop myself, it’s such a good book.
And I had a very good yoga praxis in the morning.
Today was such a good day 🍀

Schloss Neuschwanstein is one of the most famous castles in the world. It was built by Bavarian King Ludwig II. Walt Disney copied it for his Disneyland amusement park and also uses it in the Disney films logo. The real castle gets 1.3 million visitors a year - high season being summer into fall with about 6,000 visitors a day. The castle features rich interiors with decor and art inspired by Wagner opera’s, fairytales, and legends with both Byzantine and the Romantic era architecture.