german amusement park


“The Good Old Days”
{Becommissar high school AU}

The August heat was heavy in the air.

Beca Mitchell had been tasked with showing the exchange student Luisa, who was staying with her this year, a good time for the last weekend of summer. The last thing she wanted was to spend anymore time with the infuriating German girl who had invaded her home.

Luisa was a gorgeous girl who could always make Beca flustered in a way no one else could. In the way her boyfriend Jesse should. And the worst part about it was, the blonde wasn’t even trying.

Beca’s mother had wanted to do something special because it was Luisa’s first time in the United States. She’d listed off countless ideas of fun girl’s weekends for Beca and Luisa. All of which sounded like torture to Beca. Eventually, she’d settled on going to the amusement park, bought the girls their tickets, and driven them when the day arrived.

Luisa was ecstatic about it and had been texting her German friends all day, Beca noted as she glared at the tall blonde from the backseat of the car. Her mother had insisted that Luisa take the passenger seat. Just another reason for Beca to dislike the German girl.

The amusement park was two hours from where Beca lived and the two hour drive there was horrible for the little brunette. She spent those two terrible hours listening to Luisa’s angelic voice as she sang along to the pop music on the radio. Halfway through her mother turned down the radio and spoke to Beca.

“You love singing, Becs, why don’t you harmonize with Luisa or something?”

“Luisa’s already singing the harmony.”

Beca’s mother scolded her about her tone of voice and then turned the volume back up. She didn’t ask Beca anymore questions on the drive there. Even when they arrived and she dropped them off, she gave them a “have fun, girls!” before driving off.

They walked to the gates in silence and Beca presented their tickets before they walked in. Their school started later than most and it was a school day meaning that there were not many people at the park. Luisa grabbed Beca’s hand and dragged her towards one of the rides.

The brunette put up with this for half the day and eventually they stopped for lunch, funnel cake, and Coca-Colas. Luisa had insisted on the last one as it was an American staple and she wanted the full experience.

“You do not like me.” Luisa observed halfway through the meal. The brunette’s misery hadn’t escaped her notice and neither had the smaller girl checking her out.

“No. I don’t. You show up at my house, my parents love you, and now you’re ruining the last weekend of my summer. I was supposed to go to a bonfire with my best friend Chloe. Now, I’m at an amusement park with some girl I’ve known for two days.” Beca snapped, resisting the urge to also mention how absolutely beautiful Luisa was.

Luisa sighed. “I’m sorry. I just want us to be friends.”

Beca looked up at her with a mouthful of funnel cake and swallowed. “I do not want to be your friend.”

“I have noticed that. You’ve wanted to be more than my friend.” Luisa said with a coy smile before she leaned across the table and pressed her lips to Beca’s. The brunette’s eyes went wide before she relaxed into the kiss and returned it.

Luisa eventually pulled away and smiled. She had a small whipped cream mustache from the funnel cake that matched Beca’s. “I don’t think I want to be friends either.”