Happy Birthday, G.W.F. Hegel

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (G.W.F. Hegel), a German philosopher born 27 August 1770, read Rousseau, Lessing, Klopstock, and Wieland in his youth. He later on authored Outlines of the Philosophy of Right, arguably one of the greatest works of moral, social, and political philosophy. The conceptual difficulty of his work stunted its popularity, and many of his contemporaries criticized both Hegel and is work. Fellow German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, for example, accused Hegel of being a paid agent of the Prussian government.

Image credit: Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

What You Can Expect in a German Hotel
  • Elevator:der Aufzug
  • Bath Towel:das Badetuch
  • Bathtub:die Badewanne
  • Blanket:die Bettdecke
  • Shower:die Dusche
  • Fax:das Fax
  • TV:der Fernseher
  • ATM:der Geldautomat
  • Porter:der Gepäckträger
  • Breakfast included:die Halbpension
  • Hand towel:das Handtuch
  • Pillow:das Kissen
  • Parking lot:der Parkplatz
  • Porters/doorkeeper:der Pförtner
  • Reception desk:die Rezeption
  • Cleaners:die Reinigung
  • Restaurant:das Restaurant
  • Escalator:die Rolltreppe
  • Key:der Schlüssel
  • Swimming pool:das Schwimmbad
  • Bathroom:die Toilette
  • All meals included:die Vollpension
  • Money exchange office:die Wechselstube
  • Maid:das Zimmermädchen

German Speaking Practice (Even though the thumbnail doesn’t work for some people, the video definitely does)

At the start of this year I began making videos in (mostly) German and (some) Norwegian to work on my speaking skills, since speaking is the one component in language-learning that I severely lack in. I would really recommend this; it helped me- and continues to help me so much. This is the first video I’ve made since 5 months ago, and I can already see the huge amount of progress I’ve made since then, which is of course incredibly motivating. As someone who already gets nervous trying to speak to people, let alone in a language I’m learning, I find this experience really confidence-building, and also very cathartic, as I’m forced to let go of the obsessions and anxieties I have about perfectionism and accept that mistakes are human.

Now usually I always welcome corrections, however in this case I can already see a lot of word order and phrasing mistakes, incorrect gender use and incorrect articles, etc. which are things I’m already aware of and working on :)

I can’t believe I put off making these videos for such a long period of time. What inspired me to get back at it was my friend swedishramblings, who today posted her own vlog in Swedish, which she’s trying to learn. You should go check it out!

P.S. Sorry for looking around so much. It’s a habit I have when I’m thinking hard - and I was also trying to think of topics I could talk about!