Witchy Vocabulary

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Buch (nt) – book
Besen (m) – broom
Flasche (f) – bottle
Fluch (m) – hex, curse
Herd (m) – stove
Heilkräfte (npl) – healing powers
Hexe (f) – witch
Kristall (m) – crystal
Kraut (nt) – herb
großer Kessel – cauldron
Mond (m) – moon
Omen (nt) - omen
Ritual (nt) – ritual
Topf (m) – pot
Wachs (nt) – wax

aufbrühen – to brew (tea)
brauen – to brew (beer)
fliegen – to fly
jdn/etw verhexen – to put a hex on sb/sth
kommen und gehen – to wax and wane
verfluchen – to curse
vorhersagen – to predict
zunehmen – to wane (moon)

alt – old
fremd, seltsam – strange
heilend – healing
herbal – kräuter
geistig - spiritual
kraftvoll – powerful
magisch – magical
moderne – modern
persönlich – personal
sanft – gentle
schädlich – harmful


Walther Gewehr 43 sniper rifle

Manufactured by Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik c.1943-45 - serial number 2753k.
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Following in the steps of its American and Soviet predecessors, the G43 cements the look for future post-war battle rifles. Initially a much more complex design, the G41(W), it was simplified when Walther Waffenfabrik analyzed a captured Tokarev SVT-40 and decided to get rid of the silly gas-operated-phobic requirements of the German army.

serial number 5349f


day 59 of 100 days of productivity
it’s been a long day & i’m so tired but i still have so much to do !!! (this photo is from yesterday) & i have a test everyday this week (end me) also (big surprise all round) i got a top grade a in my english language & a b in english lit (peak)
however i did get promoted at ccf ahhh i’m so happy & then my crush was like ahh yee congrats mate and i was gloWIng

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice? im trying to self-learn german but im having a hard time organising it, is there a sort of checklist or something i can follow? (i need detailed plans to be able to work on stuff) thanks!


If you want more guidance, I’d recommend sticking to a textbook. Schritte+ is a popular one, as far as I know. They’ll introduce you to any new concepts in a sensible way, and you can be sure that the basics come first. I can recommend hueber, they also have special courses for German depending on what your native language is. Other possible publishers are Cornelsen, Langenscheidt, and Pons. Key words to look for are “Deutsch als Fremdsprache/DaF” (German as a Foreign Language) and you’ll likely find good results! 

While I can very much relate to wanting a detailed plan for stuff (I do too), I don’t know if a “checklist” for any language exists tbh - maybe for Latin, but that’s about it. The problem is that while I could easily write down a list of German grammar that you need to know, that doesn’t mean that if you follow that list you’re automatically fluent. 

problem 1: a big part of language learning is speaking/writing/actually using the language. I know a fair share of French grammar but that doesn’t help me if I lack vocabulary etc. 

problem 2: I don’t think there is a way to learn a language just one topic after another. For every single sentence, you’ll need verbs and nouns, later adjectives and adverbs etc. I could tell you to just start with verbs, learn the tenses etc, but even if you did, you still couldn’t form a single sentence if you don’t know any nouns. That’s why I’d recommend following a textbook - they introduce you little by little to new concepts, but also show you how to use them simultaneously.

If you want more motivation and some prompts to fulfil, you could partake in @notglot ’s Summer Language Challenge. That way you’ll have small goals to achieve every week so you can hold yourself accountable!

Idk if this is what you were looking for, but I still hope it helped a little! If you need any help with German, feel free to ask. :)

ID #91128

Name: Stephannie
Age: 19
Country: El Salvador

Hi, i am a chemical engineering student at university. I want to learn French, German and Korean. I am fluent in Spanish and a little bit English. I am shy and an introvert.
I am a little nerdy. Love to watch series, hope we have some in common. Love to watch movies, my favorite director is Christopher Nolan , and i love Star wars,Marvel,DC and Disney.
I love Alan Walker, Halsey,Melanie Martinez, Hayley Kiyoto, and much more.

I want to find someone to penpal, we can email or chat or whatever.
Just trying to find a friend to have fun with and learn about other cultures. We can share music,movies, series , book , memes or anything you like. I really want to find someone to talk to.
We can share thoughts, debate about something.

Preferences: Around my age but i have an open mind. Any gender.
Please don’t want someone racist, homophobic or that supports any kind of discrimination.

chaoslaborantin  asked:

Random linguistics: I write, "I arrange my shirt and hotpants". But as a German, I'm inclined to write " my shirt and my hotpants" because in German, I'd have to use different possessive pronouns ("mein Shirt und meine Hotpants"). The same happens when enumerated nouns have different genders in German even though it's all the same in English >.< It's hard to suppress.

Ah, yes! I gotta be honest, the more languages I learn, the more thankful I am that we no longer use grammatical gender like many other languages do. It can definitely be a weakness at times (and I find there is something quite lovely about grammatical gender), but I do kind of like not having to memorize different possessives and adjectival endings and so forth for lots of genders and cases!


I’ve decided to collect some names of German comedians and comedy shows, you should be able to find a lot of videos on youtube. I´ll rate them with * for not necessarily my favourite and *** for definitely one of my favourites. But that's just my personal opinion, comedy is something very individual, so just try to find your own taste :)


Kaya Yanar **

Bülent Ceylan **

Cindy aus Marzan *

Mario Barth *

Stefan Raab ***


Chris Tall **

Enissa Amani **

Luke Mockridge ***

Faisal Kawusi **

Tahnee ***

Maxi Gstettenbauer *

Ingmar Stadelmann *


NightWash **

TV Total (late night show by Stefan Raab) ***** (I adore this show)

Knallerfrauen (sketches)*

Knallermänner (sketches) *

Der Quatsch Comedy Club *

Switch reloaded (sketches) *

heute-show (political satire) **

Sketch History **

Luke, die Woche und Ich (show by Luke Mockridge) **

Luke, die Schule und Ich (also by Luke Mockridge) ***

Circus Halligalli (late night show by Joko & Klaas) ****

Das Duell um die Welt (Joko & Klaas) ***

Das Duell um die Geld  (Joko & Klaas) **

Die Beste Show der Welt  (Joko & Klaas) **

feel free to add your own suggestions ^^ 


I’m never going to be one of those (admirable) studyblr’s, my notes will always be messy. although maybe one day I will find the patience to try.

Anyway I decided to go back to learning German. I haven’t practiced in a while. I’ve been using a combo of the Duolingo app and Babbel. I’m still a beginner and can’t hold a sentence, but all in due time!

These are my notes from the ‘Sind Sie aus Berlin? Review’

ID #94793

Name: Grace
Age: 17
Country: United States

Hi! I’m Grace from the United States. I’m 17 years old. I’d love to talk! I currently take German in highschool so it be cool to practice that, (I wanna be fluent one day… I’m pretty far off from it haha). I play the flute and love music in general. I think it would be really cool to get to know someone! Sorry this isn’t the most intriguing intro, but if we do talk, I promise, I’m a little more interesting. I think…

Preferences: Ages 25 and under, would like if they speak German