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- Homestuck
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- Marble Hornets
- EverymanHYBRID

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Due to OSHA regulations, we are required by law to inform you of any danger you may face during these tests.

Take this test for an example; this test might kill you. But you probably knew that from all the lasers being pointed in your general direction. 

It struck me the other day that it was almost exactly a year between me getting into 2 Huge Valve properties (Portal 2 in summer 2013 and TF2 in summer 2014), and I am so glad the TF2 comics are as wonderful as they are, because it really influenced my art style a lot. I am extremely grateful for that. So have some asshole robot-humans that I’ve been hoarding for months.


I MADE GEMS? ARE THESE CALLED GEMSONAS?? yells i’m still adding more details but !!!