my ocs: Klare, Max and Gerka as I call them, even though they all have long fancy names. I am continuing my work on my world and the story. I really wanna tell u this story guys!! I did these designs so I can decide on the basic look for every main character. They are all undead, but Klare is the oldest one even though she has been just resurrected. She starts in her ball gown bc she died just on her birthday in the secret basement of her manor. She maybe the last one who remembers the king. Max was alive just after the rebellion. It wasnt the good time to live in. He is alchemist and died during his adventure into the woods to gather materials. He lived among living after this for some time and then he decided to travel and collect every piece of history he can find. He is the most knowledgeable out of them. Genrietta or Gerka or Genry was raised in the orphanage. She was one of the few kids born in the mostly peaceful times, where ppl forget the kings and endured the rebellion and everyone, well mostly everyone is happy to have Orden to rule over the country. She is newly dead. And its a big revel to her to live her new undead life. How she will manage it - nobody knows. But she sure is the strongest one of the group. She is masterful with all kinds of swords and prefers heavy armor. She is faithful to the Orden but Orden banned all undead from every city and sentenced them all to the final death by fire. Will Klare unfold her fate? Can Max atone for what he has done? Will Genry ever find the truth about the Orden? Will I ever be able to finish this project? Maybe.