Calling All Artists!

Hello lovely artists!
I’m interested in commissioning someone who’s good with reptiles to draw my iguana/amargasaurus character, Gerine! Refs:

She is only a little bit anthro-ized, as you can see, mostly in her torso and expressions. She is mostly iguana, but I always loved the (now rejected :c) concept of skin sails on the amargasaurus, so I just sorta tacked them on P: She has some traits that are more prevalent in male iguanas, such as the bigger jowls, “brain bumps”, and more pronounced nuchal crest (See: ). She loves dinosaur toys, fruit, playing in the dirt, tropical climates, and pretty sundresses.

Styles that would portray accurate anatomy rather than toony liberties would be preferred! And a WIP to review would be great. Hopeful for a turn-around of 1-2 months at most, but would be happy with it taking much longer as long as you would keep me updated every few weeks or so. I’ve waited up to 2 years on commissions in the past lol so I’m pretty patient when I have to be. :3

I may only be able to afford one or two, so don’t be offended please if you don’t get an email within 24 hours of this post! Please message me with your prices as well as examples of your reptile art! I’m excited ^.^