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I got tagged! Thank you @zwiterelle! (Actually this was tagged years ago but hey, I just checked my tags and I thought of answering this one.)

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  1. @gelltan
  2. @lovely-flakes
  3. @conquerheinne
  4. @leanne-flores
  5. @margauxgoes
  6. @kabelgera
  7. @piahautea
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  11. @gerimagsakay
  12. @tindelossantos
  13. @constant-delight
  14. @abckrmnd
  15. @chasingroanne

The 7 things:

  1. I love thrifting.
  2. I used to hate Math when I was in high school but I’m taking up Civil Engineering now.
  3. My height is 4′10 and I’m an XS.
  4. I have a fast metabolism.
  5. I love collecting cute notebooks.
  6. My favorite colors are Salmon Pink, Black, and White.
  7. I’m a very thrifty person.
50 not-so-random-and-very-long FACTS ABOUT ME

Hi! Welcome to my new and clean blog, but still the old me. Thank you for taking your time following me and reading my post, I am forever grateful that you’re here. 

Before everything else, I feel like everyone who read and who will read this blog should know these things about me.

1. Geri is just my nickname. And I have a second name that starts with letter S.

 2. I just turned 18 years old last May 27 2013

3. Believe it or not I am very very Petite. I have a height and a body of a 13 year old. My height doesn’t even reach 5 foot (but I’m not ashamed of it)

 4. I used to study at Mapua Institute of Technology (Intramuros) but I transferred to Philippine Women’s University after 3 terms. I am currently an irregular 2nd year student when supposedly I should have been in my third year

5. I take up Interior Design. I wanted to pursue Interior Design since I was in Grade School. You can even read it both in my Grade School and High School yearbook

6. I am picky with foods. I don’t eat pork/beef but I am not a vegetarian either… but I eat of selection of meat like corned beef, bacon, maling, hotdog, barbeque, sausage… don’t know why. I mostly eat Chicken & Seafood (not including squid, mostly shrimps and crabs)

7. I don’t apply make up on a daily basis (like twice a year, not kidding) Not even the Foundation/Concealer whatever that is. I only use tint on some days (I LOOK SO PALE WITHOUT IT) and lipsticks/eyeliner on blogging days. All of my posts on my older tumblr are 95% make up free. My bare naked face. 

Here is a gif to show you how I look errday

8. I am more fond of 2nd hand and vintage things, not just clothes. I don’t know why, maybe It’s already in my blood. Baby I was born this waaay

9. My favorite line is “it’s not worth it” cause I am cheapskate / kuripot.. or should I say Practical. Whenever I see things that are unbelievably expensive, I say that line. (ask my mom, she knows this) I only splurge on things that are literally worth every cent.


  • I only buy shoes/clothes at malls for less than 250 pesos, other than that, NO THANK YOU. 
  • I have this 250 price limit in thrifting too. I don’t buy anything beyond that price (unless I really need to) and … that 250 price only for bags and shoes. I don’t buy any kind of clothing that’s more than 50 pesos. No kidding. Not even if it’s Forever21 or what. I am THAT cheap.

10. Obviously, I like thrifting (serial thrifter, duh!).. more than going to malls. I hate malls. I despise ‘em. 

11. You might perceive me as Chinese / Japanese / Korean (because I get that MORE than A LOT) I WISH I WAS but I am not. 100% Filipina. But I am a Japanese at heart. In the future I want to live and work in Japan.

12. The countries I’ve traveled to are Beijing, China (1 time) and Tokyo, Japan (5 times) because that is where my mom (JPN) and dad (BEIJ) works. P.S. They only go home once a year every summer for 1 month. P.S.S. And I traveled ALONE once to Tokyo and almost ALONE to Beijing as a MINOR #braggingrights

13. I am the youngest in our family. Eldest is my sister Ginee/Sam, and second is my brother Micah… and if you’ve noticed our nicknames are not suited for our gender. Sam & Geri are boys name and Micah is a girls name.

14. I am not girly girly. I grew up playing boys games like PS2 Gameboy Text Basketball Billiards(mini) etc and liking boy stuffs like wrestling. I still played girls game but I was used playing with my guy cousins. I actually played as a varsity (more like bangko) player in girls basketball when I was in first year high school. And I was used to wearing boyish clothes like shirt-pants-rubbershoes combo

15. I have a sweet tooth. I could not survive a day without eating sweets/chocolates (&junk foods). I am sure of it that the cause of my death would be Diabetes (lets hope not!)

*Cue in “♫ too much sweets can kill you ♫”

16. I have a boyfriend right now who I truly deeply love and still in love with everyday. We’re almost on our fifth year this august, could you believe that? 

17. I eat a lot and never gain weight. 

18. I don’t like savory foods, I prefer fast foods than restaurant & lutong bahay

19.I eat a lot of rice rather than the ulam. Ratio is 2 rice:1/2ulam

20. I don’t like/eat ketchup mayo gravy. 

FOR  17 18 19 & 20

One time I ate at KFC, Divisoria. I had four rice with 1 piece of chicken…. to top it all I don’t even eat gravy. #braggingrights

21. I express myself through my hair. It’s like a blank canvas which you can put anything you want with it. I really like coloring my hair. It has become more of a bisyo than a hobby. Don’t really care if it’s gonna be damaged it cause it is my hair, not yours. If some people choose tattoo, I choose coloring my hair.

-I’ve done golden blonde, red, orange, pink bangs blonde hair (and the opposite), pink hair, copper hair, blonde sides, and icky orange brass blonde ( i dunno, that was my base color )

22. AND OH I DYE AND BLEACH MY OWN HAIR. At home, mostly in my room, sometimes with the help of our maid or even my lovely boyfriend. I only had it done twice at a salon, first one was my first ever hair color and second one was my birthday present for myself, which by the way, DIDN’T work. I got pissed so I never got my hair done at a salon again.

-I’ve also colored my friend’s (Ally & Aly) and boyfriend’s hair before.

23. I am a self proclaimed hipster…. I hate anything mainstream. I don’t do mainstream. Okay. Accept that. & I don’t do things just because it’s “IN”. I really don’t like following trends, and if I take inspirations from them, I make sure to add a spoonful  of “ME” in it.

24. Series that I like (that are still airing) are awkward, game of thrones & how I met your mother… and those that are done are Gossip Girl, 90210, Fringe, Boys Over Flowers, Perfect Match & Heroes. I am also updated with Adventure Time Episodes. 

25. Closed Shoes >>>> Flat Shoes

26. My room is super small and is located in the attic. (so the ceiling is uneven/slanted and 100% of people/friends who visit gets a free bukol)

*Already filming a Room Tour!

27. I’m more in the Artistic Side rather than the Business Side. I love doing creative things like sewing, crafting, painting and all that stuff. After all, I do a lot of that in my course.

28. Never ever ever ever expect me to be early. 

29. I used to be in the cream class (first section) from Grade 2 to Grade 6 and in my 4th year High School

30. Obviously one of my favorite bands is Paramore since All We Know is Falling until their self titled album. Believe it or not I listen to their songs from their different album every single day. And I absolutely love Hayley WIlliams, like I’d stalk her if I can. She is one awesome (and perfect person). I left out the part that she has 3000 photos saved on my itouch/laptop.

31. We don’t own a car and neither does my boyfriend so I commute 95% of my whole life. And 1% of that is taxi, I rarely ride them, too expensive for me. I ride the LRT/MRT, bus, jeep or tricycle most of the time (and yes! wearing the clothes that I blog, no kidding.

32. I don’t know how to cross streets. I’m scared of getting hit by cars so I wait for every single car to pass until I cross.

33. I don’t know why but people see me as very white/maputi, I don’t notice it but everybody tells me that. And they say I’m the whitest among the whole family. 

34. I like the smell of gas, elevators, hotels, newly constructed buildings (cement!!!), moist of hot water and newly xeroxed papers.

35. I like sleeping in vehicles (all kinds, private or public) especially in long trips. Plus I don’t like talking when I’m inside one, no one can ever talk to me, that’s my serene place, I don’t speak and just glance at the window THE WHOLE TIME.

36. I like collecting and wearing kids watches

37. I am super duper clumsy.

38. Beside for my MOM being my number 1 Fashion Inspiration, I also like Jenn Im (clothesencounters), Kryz Uy/Alyssa Lapid as local bloggers, Luanna P., Seto Ayumi, Miley Cyrus and the Olsen Twins as international persons (?). I also take inspirations from the Japanese Magazine called VIVI

39. I have slight OCD. I want my things in orders ALWAYS and always in place and if one, even a tiny bit of it, is lost. I GO BANANAS. 

40. But I am a messy messy worker. I mess up my work space and my room every day. And clean it up everyday.

41. I am a grumpy grumpy person. I am hot headed and hate people without common sense…. But I do sometimes talk to random people and I am very outgoing/approachable. 

42. I only use/buy Corona Notebooks. It started when I was in high school I noticed my handwriting looks great and the paper is very great too so I buy it every time the school year starts even though it’s quite expensive. A good hand writing can lead to good grades! If only I could compile all my notebooks and take a picture :-(

43. I would like to have a chow chow as a pet but it can never grow up.. it should stay as a cute puppy forever. 

44. I specifically love anything that has to do with Greek Mythology. I’ve also read all the Percy Jackson books plus other Rick Riordan books.

45. The gadgets I own and currently use are: Macbook Pro Mac Os X version 10.6.8 | iPod Touch 4th Gen (that I had for two years already) | Blackberry 8520 | Olympus EPL-1 | Instax 7 Cheki Pop Pastel | Instax Mini 8

46. I believe in God and I have a huge faith in Him. I am a Catholic but I want to be converted into a Christian. :-)

47. I am the most forgetful person I know.

48. I burp like a 40 year old man and my parents hate it (and I have heartburn, that’s one reason)

49. My favorite cereal is Cookie Crisp and I like Instant Foods (noodles, baked mac, champorado)

50. And lastly, in my honest opinion, I think I am a very boring person.

That’s it. Thanks for reading! You’ll get to know me more as time passes (and if you follow my blog/post), you can also follow my twitter and instagram

gerimagsakay  asked:

OMG OMG OMG XYLENE!!! I LOVE YOUR VLOG/VIDEO!!! AHHHHH I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF that's why I needed to message you. Grabe that Adidas Jacket tapos Ukay lang!! and that whole outfit. Sobrang ganda! Less than 400 pa!!! Where did you ukay? Ahhh I was really planning to do vlogging too before but I was shy! And now you've given me so much inspiration. Keep doing it lang and I'll be watching it everytime!! <3

THIS IS OVERWHELMING! Thank you so much!! You came across my mind actually when I thought of “what will the tumblr people say about the vlog hmm” hehe I’ve been your reader since 2014!! We can do collabs if you want!!  😀 💖

Shorts and a Lipstick

You all know that I’m so addicted to shorts and Lipstick. But I ain’t have the guts of wearing lipstick on an ordinary day, lalo na pag dark shades, idk y.. I bought this short for only 230 pesoses from Geri Magsakay ( That we all know a fashion blogger, she is so gorgeous and bait, i’m looking forward to meet her again and do some thriftings, as in bonggang ukay :) 

Ever Bilena, Matte Lipstick, Hot Summer

I got this for 155 pesoses! Very affordable, right?? Supposedly I’m planning to buy the #15 shades of Loreal, Matte Lipstick but this one interest me because it’s matte, I love the color, plus affordilicious compare to Loreal! Excited to tint this on my lips! Yayks <3


I really like to transitions and spice and make variation in my looks every time so I ventured in the Boho look… even though it’s not perfect for the weather because it rained. It’s a good thing I brought this super thick and comfortable chunky oatmeal cardigan with me. 

We went to MOA and had dinner at Congo Grille to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. I also brought Just along with me.

Chunky Oatmeal Cardigan (my fave!) - P20 | Denim Shorts (Levi’s) - P30 | Fuzzy Ankle Moccasins - P200

Aztec Top - Forever21 | Aztec Bracelet -Jellybean | Watch & Friendship Bracelet -Gift | Brown Leather Bracelet - H&M