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Between Frozen Fever/Cinderella getting released, the Making Today a Perfect Day single dropping and the announcement of Frozen 2 today really is a perfect day ~~*~~

Frozen Fever Elsa cosplay by Angi Viper, photo by Geri Kramer Photography

pittyj  asked:

Hello Ivy, really looking forward to seeing you at Wizard World Portland again this year! Hope you make it to the Hooters there this year. Any plans of going to Wizard World Sacramento? You're my favorite cosplayer, keep up the great work!

Hey there! I’m definitely looking forward to Wizard World Portland! We will see about going to Hooters out there. I try my best to go to each one located in/near any city that I travel to. I do hope to go to Wizard World Sacramento, but it really depends upon them and if they decide to have me there as a guest. If they see that there is a lot of interest there in terms of them receiving emails from fans requesting me to go to that con, then that would improve my chances of attending. Thank you as well for the compliment :D

<3 Ivy

Hooters Girl

Modeled by ivydoomkitty

Photography by Geri Kramer Photography