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Birthday: 25th December

Relationship Status: Single pringle

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Siblings: One younger sister (but I like to call her devil child)

Pets: Three cats, sister’s gerbils and a pond of fish (if that counts)

Wake up times: School day or when I’m working, between 7:00 and 7:30. Weekend and holidays after 8:00 normally 9:00

Love or Lust: I don’t know. Love I guess cause I’ve never been in love

Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade

Cats or Dogs: Cats all the way. Some dogs are cute but always cats, I mean I do have three

Day or Night: Night

Text or Call: I literally never call people so text

Met a celebrity: I’ve met a few youtubers like, Kickthepj, Niki and Sammy a few years ago. But literally a few weeks ago I met Chris Stark from Radio 1 ( he’s such a nice human)

Smile or Eyes: Erm both. A smile isn’t a proper smile without the eyes smiling

Light or Dark Hair: I’ve never thought about that but I guess dark hair

Short or Tall: I don’t mind I’m a midget but if someone really tall I look like a child 😂

Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick

City or Country: Both I love the city but the country is nice and calm

Last song you listened to: Brand New Moves by Hey Violet. (It’s fucking brilliant)

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When you brought a ninety pounds asthmatic onto my army base, I let it slide. I thought, what the hell? Maybe he’ll be useful to you, like a gerbil. I never thought you’d pick him. Stick a needle in that kids arm and it’s gonna go right through him. Look at that? He’s making me cry.

This particular example was designed for gerbils, but could potentially be a great, cost effective way to extend the size of a smaller cage for any rodent. Be sure to secure the upper part to the tub lid carefully, as well as add ventilation holes to your plastic tub!

The source link gives some great thoughts behind the idea.

edit: if you’re planning to do this for your ratties, give this idea a look too, please! It’s a way to better the ventilation as well as climbing aspects of a tub.

So my friend was telling me...

When I was at camp my friend was telling me about this thing called Gerbiling. And apparently it’s this thing some gay friends of hers do to get an orgasam. And basically what they do is get a gerbil, and put it up their butts and let it wiggle around and have a seizure until it dies and then they go to the doctor to have it surgically removed and I’m just like in awe of what why how the hell

1d as things my 9-year-old sister has done:
  • Harry:Kept the light dimmer on the absolute lowest setting, but shooting it up to the highest in the middle of the night.
  • Niall:Stole all of the icing off of every cupcake so nobody else could enjoy them
  • Liam:Took the gerbil out of the cage, let it loose, and didn't tell anybody for 2 days
  • Louis:Cut a pair of my underwear as revenge for tattling

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hello, um... Why is Carefresh bad?

hi anon! i get this question every so often, i think i made a post about it a while ago?

carefresh paper bedding is extremely dusty - package says it’s 99% dust free, well, it’s very wrong. they MAY have made a new bedding series since i made the original post, but i would research anything of theirs heavily before using it.

to expand on the previous answer (like 4mos ago i think i was asked this), carefresh, because of the dust, when used in a typical aquarium set up for gerbils, can cause severe respiratory problems because of the reduced airflow (one reason why it’s important to give gerbils a topper or lots of time out if they live in such a set up).

that is not to say it’s fine if you have a wire cage! the dust is still a huge problem - carefresh is dustier than even most aspen beddings. what most gerbil experts and vets recommend is a similar bedding called kaytee clean and cozy (the unscented versions - also important).

the best best bedding mix (if your gerbils dont have any allergies to aspen) is an aspen/timothy hay/kaytee mix. (i don’t personally use the hay because the smell makes me sick - its purpose is to help tunnel integrity, which boxes and cardboard tubes also help with).

be cautious with aspen, some brands ARE very dusty. i’ve had my best luck with the foster smith stuff. if you do end up with a dusty brand, aspen is easy enough to shake the dust out if you’ve time and a sieve. (carefresh, the dust tends to stick instead of shake off)

if you live in the UK, however, there’s this amazing stuff called megazorb, which i frequently see people on the gerbil proboard mixing with hay :)

i hope that answered your question + gave you some alternates to carefresh!

so I’m a bit sensitive

it’s just a part of who I am. I cry easily. I care a lot about what people think of me. And I take criticism really hard.

Tonight in taekwondo we were doing flying side kicks across the room. This is the first time I ever tried doing this kick, and it wasn’t coming naturally for me. I was landing really hard instead of floating, and my chamber sucked, and the jerk of the kick was straining my neck.

My instructor teased me for kicking so low and poorly. He said “this kick is meant to knock someone off of a horse, not a leprechaun off a gerbil!” and everyone laughed and while it was the dumbest thing ever it made me so embarrassed. I felt my face grow red and hot but I told myself to get over it and keep trying.

But then an hour later it was Krav Maga time and we were doing some other drill and I was supposed to like bunny hop over these metal step things, but my jump wasn’t high enough and I kept catching my toes on it and stumbling. My instructor came over and kinda did an obnoxious jump thing, again teasing me. My patience was running low and so I just exclaimed “I’m trying my best, leave me alone!”

Halfway through class we took a water break and he came over to me, “can you punch or are you still weak?” He was referring to my shoulder injury but I was just SO OVER HIS COMMENTS that I just replied “I’m just gonna go.” He kinda stepped back and asked me if I was okay and tears came to my eyes and I just said “I’m going home” and he replied in his Official Master Voice “okay ma'am if that’s what you want to do–” but I just walked out. I changed into my street clothes and left. It’s custom in our dojang that you say goodbye to your master and bow but I wasn’t having any of it. I heard him over my shoulder say “goodnight Stephanie” but I just let the door slam behind me.

I know I’m overreacting and I know it was disrespectful of me to behave that way and I’m sure I’ll hear all about it tomorrow but sometimes the “love” they show through teasing and jokes are really hurtful. Like I left in tears. It’s my fault for not speaking up but part of the blame lies with him for not seeing that I was obviously upset. I know he’s my coach and he’s going to push me harder but he could be a bit kinder in his approach.

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Can you please do more HarleyxJoker headcanon? I love them.

Sure thing! Here’s one:

Sometimes Harley falls into moments of depression when she thinks of what she can never have. (ie: children)  Mister J tries to fill the void with material items, but when that didn’t work he lets her have pets. Harley has accidentally killed three hamsters, a countless number of fishes, a gerbil, and ‘misplaced’ a pair of bunnies. (In actuality the Joker got rid of them because they started multiplying like crazy.) Harley wants a cat or a dog, but they take too much time and effort that their lifestyle can’t provide. But it’s okay in the end, because Mister J purrs and growls and curls up around her like a kitty anyways.  

Male ball python still not eating

He’s an adult, about 4 feet and 2654g as of yesterday. His hot spot is 95 (upped from 86) and his ambient is 79. Tried to switch him from live to frozen about three months ago. He ate the first rat and now he doesn’t show any interest. Usually he starts breathing heavy and flicking his tongue everywhere, but now it’s like he doesn’t even notice. I read about someone rubbing the rat on a chicken and then feeding it to a snake that wasn’t eating with great results, so I grabbed one of my gerbils and rubbed a paper towel all over it and then rubbed the rat with that. He was interested in it and then lost interest again. I’m planning on leaving it with him overnight. He doesn’t seem sick to me (no visible signs or “personality” change, but a vet visit is in the works anyway)

Please please please if anyone can give me tips on what to do I’d appreciate it!

// update someone suggested trying to feed him an egg, either whole or just offering him the yolk in a syringe or in a bowl. Thoughts on that?

Rest in peace, Mokona. We didn’t have you for too long but it was always funny to watch you trying to jump up the stairs from inside your exercise ball. Doumeki and Watanuki are gonna really miss snuggling up with you.