The gerbils are little hams. They’re doing well despite their efforts to make their water bottle unreachable by digging out beneath it. Luckily gerbil moms breastfeed for a long time. #gerbils #busygerbs

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Okay, so for any artists out there who can’t think of something to draw, I’ve found that the Bean exercise is a great way to warm up your arting muscles and really get into the groove. Now for those who don’t know the bean exercise is quite simple. 

Step 1) draw two circles close to each other in any configuration. 

Step 2) Start adding humany bits. the great thing about the beans you just drew is that they become a spring board for any number of fun dynamic poses, best part being that you literally just come up with these poses as you draw, no prior thought needed for the most part! :D

Or if you’re like me and you just want to cheer yourself up, you can always use the beans to make fuzzy lil animals. >w<

Yuuri and Phichit being late night bros is my jam

Like they hang out late at night in their room and tell each other secrets and do that sleep over thing and spill their fears and dreams and crushes, and maybe how they probably miss their families

They listen to bad covers of Madonna and try to make pork cutlet bowls in their dorm kitchen at 2 in the morning.

At 3 they go online look at old social media posts and laugh until they cry because being a teen and online is ridiculous. Yuuri has Bad Doodles posted online of his OC’s and Phichit posted about how he was 14 and ‘an adult now mom’ and could have as many hamsters as he wanted (he does).

Yuuri reveals how more than anything he’s afraid of disappointing everyone and Phichit tells him all he really wants to do is make Thailand proud, like, that’s all he really wants.

And they kiss a little and hold hands under the covers, since they’re bros and bros can do whatever they want.

Late night sleep over Yuuri and Phichit.