gerbil blogging

Mocha stole this bit of pasta from my plate and did not even have the decency to run away or look vaguely ashamed. After she had finished eating (I took some away so she didn’t have the whole bit), she stole Blackberry’s bit of brocolli, despite me already having given her some. She is so very cheeky. XD

Blackberry has figured out how to climb the chair at last! His confidence has grown so very much since I got him last summer. ( Don’t worry, I picked him up and took him down when he got bored of being up there. He was relaxed, steady and not in any danger, and liked it enough to do it a few times more.)

Mocha resting her paws on my arm.

Context: I was resting my arms on the rim of the bathtub to make photographing Blackberry more comfortable. I felt something on my arm, and when I looked down, I saw that Mocha had climbed Dressing Gown Mountain and onto me and was now sitting on me. She sat there calmly for a while, looking out at the world.

Sadly Mocha isn’t well right now, she has what we suspect is a urinary infection and I don’t know whether she will respond to the antibiotics or not. :( But she’s as lovely, lively, cute (and as naughty!) as ever, at least.