gerbil blog

I had the most brilliant realization while trying to go to bed.

We don’t have to stay locked in our homes with guns during a zombie apocalypse.. just live in those giant inflatable bubbles. Feed oxygen into them, and then roll around in them. The Zombies can’t get into them. We’ll all just live as post-apocalyptic gerbils. 

Gerbil PSA

I’d like to signal boost the blog They’re writing a gerbil care section and it’s really good!

Also I think I’ll be doing some stuff of my own, like reviewing caging that’s available here in the UK and such. I see a lot of unsuitable caging in the tags and I feel like maybe if this was talked about more on tumblr then that wouldn’t happen. It certainly would have been helpful to me in the past if info had been easier to find. It was out there, but for a long time never in the places I looked. :(

But that’s all on that for now. Cute pictures, resume!