gerbil babies

An adult gerbil spends up to 30% of its “active time” doing stereotypic digging in the corner of its cage. That would never happen in nature, and many researchers have hypothesized that the reason captive gerbils develop stereotypic digging is that they have a biological need to dig that they can’t express inside a cage.

On the other hand, in nature gerbils don’t dig just to be digging. They dig to create underground tunnels and nests. Once they’ve hollowed out their underground home, they stop digging. Maybe what the gerbil needs is the result of the digging, not the behavior itself. A Swiss psychologist named Christoph Wiedenmayer set up an experiment to find out. He put one set of baby gerbils in a cage with dry sand they could dig in, and another set in a cage with a predug burrow system but nothing soft to dig in. The gerbils in the sand filled box developed digging stereotypies right away, whereas none of the gerbils in the cage with burrows did.


Temple Grandin & Catherine Johnson, “Animals Make Us Human: Creating The Best Life For Animals”

Something interesting I thought gerbil and similar animal owners might want to read! Definitely a thing to consider.


Gerbil baby.  She just opened her eyes yesterday, and keeps crawling into my hand every time I put it in the cage with her and her siblings and mother.  Sporting a mohawk, because she’s badass like that.  PS-  she loves getting mohawks, it’s like being groomed to her.  


The baby gerbils have their eyes open and are learning about exploration and digging. They are very expressive little ladies. And they keep making these wonderful peeking windows for me. #gerbil #babies #secretlife #windows

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So, did we mention we have some really adorable baby gerbils that will be up for adoption in about 5 weeks? Because we totally have 7 baby gerbils that need forever homes.

They say they would prefer homes that will get them their own ponies though. Plz and thank youz? #gerbil #baby #mylittlepony #mlp

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there’s no gerbil stuff on the #smallpetrespect tumblr tag so i’m gonna add some stuff

- gerbils and hamsters have different care requirements even though people often assume they are the same!

gerbils need substrate to burrow in - tank style enclosures are better than hamster cages

- gerbils are social animals and are better off living in pairs though it is not impossible to care for a lone gerbil if they are bereaved or can’t be socialised they are happier with a companion to play with and groom.  however,,

- unfamiliar gerbils should be kept separate. the taxonomic name for the mongolian gerbil is “Meriones unguiculatus” - which loosely translates to “clawed warrior” due to their tendency to fight with gerbils outside their own clan or pair.

- if you want to introduce two gerbils, look up the “split cage” method. this is the only way to safely introduce two gerbils. babies are the easier to split-cage than adults, and males are generally easier to split-cage than females.

gerbils need less fat in their diets than hamsters which is why if you buy a combined hamster/gerbil food it’s best to pick a few of the sunflower seeds out

- just like any pet, don’t get gerbils on a whim (especially not for your kid) unless you’re confident you/they won’t get bored with them after two weeks. i can’t emphasise this enough. one of my gerbils is a rescue because my mum’s friend bought two gerbils on a whim for her 6-year-old daughter after the kid threw a tantrum when i wouldn’t give her one of my litter. i don’t know the details but after three weeks the kid wanted a puppy and the gerbils were neglected. her sister did not survive.

gerbils have very different personalities! you’d be surprised - some are shy and skittish. some are very tenacious and smart and love attention. others are dopey and cuddly. you’ll get to know your gerbs pretty soon after bringing them home. i’ve kept gerbils since 2011 and i haven’t had two identical personalities.

Mouse dream...

I saw a terrible dream last night.

In the dream I received a box packed full of mice in the mail. It was from some breeder and there was a letter saying “pick the ones you like and send the rest back”. So I’m horrified at this point ‘cause the box is full of mice and obviously that is not how you should house them even temporarily. But the box is also full of holes and though the mice have somehow stayed in the whole way to my home, now they start trying to escape. My mom is there to help me and she notices a huge tumor on one of the mice. I start looking at possible good mice to get for myself and I notice that very many of them have smaller tumors. And I lift up a small nest in the box and there’s a litter of baby gerbils in there too!! And the rest of the dream I am furiously trying to multitask keeping the animals in the box and writing a complaint email to the breeder.

So it was basically the ultimate mouse nightmare. xD The only theme missing was male mice mixed in with the females, which I’ve seen dreams about many times before.


I don’t even think I’ve mentioned I now have 6 baby gerbils on here… Well here they are! Super cute goblins loving life. I love these babys!! Mommy gerb is the black gerbil before the last picture. Having allot of trouble deciding if I should keep them all😭
I have four almost identical spotted Burmese
One spotted black
And one spotted grey agouti
They’re two days short of 6weeks! I’m not sure of the genders yet, for sure the grey agouti is a boy though! He had a growth spurt and now he’s bigger than everyone else lol


So I’ve already told you that I was on a waiting list for gerbil babies.
The breeder offered me three males, very tame and sweet. Five months old.

Hmm… 😊