gerbil babies


The baby gerbils have their eyes open and are learning about exploration and digging. They are very expressive little ladies. And they keep making these wonderful peeking windows for me. #gerbil #babies #secretlife #windows

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I don’t even think I’ve mentioned I now have 6 baby gerbils on here… Well here they are! Super cute goblins loving life. I love these babys!! Mommy gerb is the black gerbil before the last picture. Having allot of trouble deciding if I should keep them all😭
I have four almost identical spotted Burmese
One spotted black
And one spotted grey agouti
They’re two days short of 6weeks! I’m not sure of the genders yet, for sure the grey agouti is a boy though! He had a growth spurt and now he’s bigger than everyone else lol


Now, my Valentine’s day present to you is this video of baby gerbil, Juliet, nomming on a pumpkin seed. Actually she mostly seems confused by the pumpkin seed, but she’s super cute anyway!

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So I’ve already told you that I was on a waiting list for gerbil babies.
The breeder offered me three males, very tame and sweet. Five months old.

Hmm… 😊