Introducing the Ray Toro network! Love Ray Toro? Want him to shove his guitar up your ass? Well then this is the network for you ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

To Apply:

  • reblog this post
  • fill out this typeform
  • Must follow both Lauren gerardxwy and Drew ierothusiast
  • Must get 100 notes or this will never happen and ray wont smile ever again
  • We will be picking around 5-8 editors for the blog and around 20 rebloggers. (make sure to specify which you would like to apply for in the typeform)
  • follow the network blog
  • Entrance ends January 3rd

Once youre in:

  • follow everyone in the net back
  • join the blog (drew will invite you via email)
  • track the tag raytoro-net
  • and of course hail our king ray toro
  • dont forget to submit a picture and description to drew for your member slot
  • this is optional but if you can provide skype/kik/snapchat info to drew once youve been accepted that’d be great!

Have a great week and praise ray!

hey! i just got +1k followers so here’s my first and kinda small follow forever!! (please appreciate the banner what)

i don’t know how to do these properly but:

a-z (*´▽`*)

fakeiero ☆ fakeyourdick ☆ fatherway ☆ fetusgerard ☆ g-e-r-a-r-d-w-a-y ☆ gerardgayofficial ☆ gerardmotherfuckingway ☆ gerardwaysgay ☆ gerardxwy ☆ ickyiero ☆ iieros ☆ ieroxway ☆ maygerardneverstopyou ☆ nopemikey ☆ notrevenge ☆ rcvenge

specials ヽ(^。^)ノ

5thperiodmassacres ♡ actiongerard ♡ afrotoro ♡ blackhairedgerard ♡ blackpxrade ♡ chubbyiero ♡ farnouslastwords ♡ ieroshock ♡ ierwho ♡ ierwoah ♡ kobra-kld ♡ lindseywxy ♡ official-gerardway ♡ partypoisoned ♡ xogrrd

all of these blogs are like 100/100 

External image
 so you should totally follow ALL of them!!

i hope i didn’t miss anyone :-/

♡                            I FINALLY CHANGED MY URL                            ♡

                        my–chemical-romance → theqhostofyou

♡                                            I HIT 5K                                             ♡

                                click above to see a lil thank you

♡                                  MY FOLLOW FOREVER                               

bvlletsmikey ♡ kisstherinq ♡ tragicianfrnk ♡ waysbunny ♡ icyiero ♡ jinglealltheray ♡ afrotoro ♡ gerardwaye ♡ gerudeway ♡ frankfuhk ♡ ieroshock ♡ gerardxwy ♡ gerardgayofficial ♡ cuteiero ♡ corrodelikeabeast ♡ sweetrevcnge ♡ mikeywoah ♡ mychemicalactioncat ♡ frxnkly ♡ frnkincense​ ♡ hesitentaliens​ ♡ went-z​ ♡ rcvenge​ ♡ ierosmcr​ ♡ actiongerard​ ♡ santafrank​ ♡ frankyourdeath​ ♡ jinglegerardsbells​ ♡ kingfrnk​ ♡ notgerard​ ♡ notrevenge​ ♡ mcrmyfrank ​ ♡ mcrphan​ ♡ mychemicalkid

GO FOLLOW THESE AMAZING MCR BLOGS! Special thanks to gerudeway for this beautiful banner for me! 

actually it’s not  6,666 anymore (i hit 6.8k yesterday woah) but who cares, right? i want to thank you all who entered this promo and everyone who’s following me i mean you have no mcr idea how much you’ve changed my life in the best way. okay it’s time to tell you i actually lied and there are only 10 winners i know i’m a terrible person but it was much harder for me to pick only 10 blogs from 300 who entered :c i love you and i’m not joking okay so

best mutuals:  ierwhoa  kingfrnk  kisstherinq  emotown  gerardxwy

best non-mutuals: frankierwhoa  polaroidkilljoy  gay-punk  pastelstump  mikeywhore

make shure to follow these awesome blogs and have a good day! xo

Omg thanks everyone who entered, you guys are awesome! I love you and I wish I could promo you all. And make you my botms. Woah 219 botms - how cool is that! Ok so here are the best blogs:

mutuals »

saintstump   frankierosghost   gerardxwy   superpvnk   falloffboys   kingfrnk   fullsatanist   forcenturies   hesitantalien   ierothusiast

non-mutuals »

undeadiero   tragicianfrnk   official-mcr   kingwntz   skeletude   centucries   cardiganpatrick   2005iero   hesitantalieh   lyndseyway

january botm »

gerudeway you’re my favorite wife

Congrats everyone! I already said it but nothing can stop me to repeat it - I love you! Please make sure you’re following all these blogs and my previous botm franktops who is also very cool. xoxo

frank did it on purpose bc hes more comfortable that way and he wants to stay in new jersey and everything but i still think he should get more attention bc his stuff is so fricking good ya know