I thought that this number of followers was a good reason to celebrate, so I’m doing this thing! ugh I hate long speeches Thank you all for making my tumblr days brighter, you are wonderful people!

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it might not be that big of a deal to all u tumblr famous people out there, but I decided to make a follow forever to celebrate hitting 10k!! which is a lot for me considering my blog sucks tbh ((if youre not on here i still love u))


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(thanks to mcrdeviantclub for this awesome banner omfg!)

hi guys this is my follow forever!

ok so when i hit 500 followers i promised everyone a follow forever and now i’m at over 1500 i’m finally doing it. better late than never i guess? 

sorry if you weren’t included, i might at some point just do a list of everyone i follow because i honestly love u all and it was hard to condense it all down, and i’m sorry if i forget anyone.

italics are mutuals so therefore ur awesome, bolded means ur one of my absolute faves 




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f - i

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also shout out to hannah solidusly who i have friends with for years but we’re in completely different fandoms, if u like gaming (especially metal gear solid) go follow her for sure! 

so yeah if u aren’t following these awesome people already then go and follow them right now! 

I hit 666 last week, and decided to do a follow forever! Most of the blogs I like are mutuals, so I’m not going to do anything to specify them. Friends and/or favorite people are bolded.


aa-ptv-sws // accidental-cetacean // actiongerard // asirrisa // aro-ace-wonderwoman // bloodinfecticns // brenodnurie // bugcrunch // boycottlove // bj-wednesday // cat-booty // cemetery-driven // chemdivision // clgdoublelifts // cock-zero // cellabrationiero // criminaltongues // dangergays // deadfrnk // devaofdestruction // dickenchanted // desolationrowmcr // eat-sleep-breathe-drum // everysnowfranksdifferent


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I just wanna thank everybody so much. Y’all being here makes my life so much more enjoyable. Thank you so much. 

((((good vibes)))))

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GO FOLLOW THESE AMAZING MCR BLOGS! Special thanks to gerudeway for this beautiful banner for me! 

frank did it on purpose bc hes more comfortable that way and he wants to stay in new jersey and everything but i still think he should get more attention bc his stuff is so fricking good ya know

So I got tagged by mystomachaches and waysicle to do the 8 things challenge

Insecurities - my hair and nose

Fears - the dark and failing my exams

Turn ons - tattoos and piercings, owning many cats

Life goals - be in a band idk

Things I like - patches, pins, reading

Weaknesses - being super nice to me, buying me things

Things I love - music and frank iero probably

Tag 8 people - here we goo frnk-n-styn, dallonweekcs, gerardxwy, taste-of-llama, itsachemicalchristmas, coffinsareforloversthekidsofwarandpeace, muinz

gerardxwy  asked:

Panic! At the disco n_n

Favorite Album: Pretty odd 
Favorite Song: Nine in the afternoon 
Favorite Member: Dallon 
Seen Them Live:No :c (But might be in may!)
Favorite Song Live: I write sins not tragedies 
Have Any Merch: Posters and a Cd
Overall Blog Rate:10/10
Comments: I secretly stalk you, shh it’s a secret 

Thank you! c: