hey! i just got +1k followers so here’s my first and kinda small follow forever!! (please appreciate the banner what)

i don’t know how to do these properly but:

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fakeiero ☆ fakeyourdick ☆ fatherway ☆ fetusgerard ☆ g-e-r-a-r-d-w-a-y ☆ gerardgayofficial ☆ gerardmotherfuckingway ☆ gerardwaysgay ☆ gerardxwy ☆ ickyiero ☆ iieros ☆ ieroxway ☆ maygerardneverstopyou ☆ nopemikey ☆ notrevenge ☆ rcvenge

specials ヽ(^。^)ノ

5thperiodmassacres ♡ actiongerard ♡ afrotoro ♡ blackhairedgerard ♡ blackpxrade ♡ chubbyiero ♡ farnouslastwords ♡ ieroshock ♡ ierwho ♡ ierwoah ♡ kobra-kld ♡ lindseywxy ♡ official-gerardway ♡ partypoisoned ♡ xogrrd

all of these blogs are like 100/100 

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 so you should totally follow ALL of them!!

i hope i didn’t miss anyone :-/

♡                            I FINALLY CHANGED MY URL                            ♡

                        my–chemical-romance → theqhostofyou

♡                                            I HIT 5K                                             ♡

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GO FOLLOW THESE AMAZING MCR BLOGS! Special thanks to gerudeway for this beautiful banner for me! 

 This is my first follow forever and I was really excited to do this. So here are my favorite blogs and you should follow them all ^-^ ♥♥


cassadeepopes chemdivision chubby-gerarddxmolitionlovers falloffboys fathergerard ♥ forgerard frankierosdickfrankierosgay frankink frankyourdeath frickgerardfuckiero g-e-r-a-r-d-w-a-ygerard-hey gerardgayofficial gerardgayvevo gerardwaysbuttblog gerardwvy gerardxwygerward getmcrback


homoierotic i–t–t–dieroholic ♥ ierosfritter ieroshock ierosy ierotica ierwho iieros inkiero killgerard mcr-faked-their-deathmcrhater mcrmyfrank mychemicalslut


nopemcr notgerard paromance partypoisoned phrankoreo pourlevenin puppyiero ♥ senpaiway sleeplessblue stumpholic stumpic theghostofmikeyway this-tragic-affairthrilliero wheresmcr xogrrd xoxoway


So those are my favorite blogs and I love all of them ♥♥

Hiya! This is my first time doing a follow forever, so that’s cool! I suck at photoshop forgive me

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I haven’t done one in a while so here you go :)


20d0llarn0sebleed 20dollarfalloutboy action-iero actiongerard afrotoro ailtimelow alexgkarth alltimeloe amikeywayaddict bat–prince betterlivingindustries blood-infecti0ns bloodinfecticns bottomfrankiero bottomgee boysdivison brenboyd bulletproof—girl bulletsfrnk bycottlove calmbeforethestorm cellabrationiero chubby-gerard coalpunk concernedmikey crankiero cutiepieiero daethvalley dammitmcr damnthemfalloutboys dapper-punk deadvalley deathsmellz dickenchanted doctor-hannibalism drugstorcperfume


emoscum fallouchboy fclloutboyofficial fedorafrnk flannelfrank flowerstump fob-ulous folieabae folieasnow folieznavidad for–centuries forcenturies frankfuhk frankierno frankierosghost frankierospanties frankyourdeath frerad frerard-has-babies frerardsucks frickgerard frnksway frostyfrnk fuckieros fuckingfrank fuckityfrank fullsatanist funsghoul gaerard gerardgayofficial gerardwaysgay gerardwayyy gerardwhore gerardwoah gerardxwy gerudeway gerward ghoulfrnk guiltxtripping gunsforcenturies gxrardweigh


hesitantailens hesitantalieh hesitantalien hesitantayylien hurleyvxv hurleywhore icyiero idrxs ieroclique ieroscum ieroshock ierosmcr ierotoro ieroweens iersicle ierwho iithemighty im-a-disasterology jagkx knvcklefvck lmaofags lthrmouth lukeriver may-gerard-never-stop-you maygerardneverstopyou mcrsfuneral mcrsluts mistledun my–chemical-romance my-chemical-heroes my-chemical-hormones


niceiero nooshows notpetewentz notrevenge nverendrs official-mcr ooh-iero ornawentz paintparamore panic-at-my-chemical-fall-out panic-at-the-pizza paramoreclique patrick-dun patricks-booty paxambabes paxamdays paxamgays perfectiero pet-wentz petwent piercetheemo pinkstationzeroes planetaryyno poisenedyouth poisoningparties prinnadonut punkbats punkqhost puppygerard ray-tororo rcvenge revenge-with-a-smile revengebats rudolphiero rudolphwentz rxvengee ryenross


santa-way santafrank sasstrick sexual-mikeyway shh-imcoming4u sixpenceee skeleton-gerard skeletonsclique sleepyiero sometimelow sparklestump stagegayromance stargerard stomachcakess stopemo stumpiest stumpity stumprodigy stumptrck sweetrevcnge takethistyourgrave tardis-to-the-shire thegreenestdays thepunkparade thepunkyear thnksfrthevenom tricky-stump troh-ho-ho ultimateiero veqasliqhts veqxslights vintagewentz waysicle wayslut weightcd weightd weiirdkids welcome-to-the-crying-parade youcanpetemywentz youngvolcaynerds

I was gonna go through and put little hearts in between all the names but after tagging everyone im like nahhhhh but yeah ily and if you aren’t you should be follow each and everyone of these babes xoxo
"Welcome To The Black Parade" - MCR ASL Cover
It's the song everyone knows and can't help but love, except in sign language!

“When I was a young boy…”

I finally covered this song!

@thatdeafblackguy @deaflepuff @deafdestroya @deaf-studies @mychemicalromancedotco @mychemicalromancefanfiction-com @mychemicalromance-forever @mychemicalromancedotlondon @mychemicalromancedotorg @mcr @mcr-tweets @gerardxwy @frankierospanties @gerardwaydotco @frankierosghost

yo so I actually have a lot of graphics to do what with the edit requests and all so I decided to waste my time even further by telling y'all how much I love you so yeah??? happy new year?? whatever? I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.jpg

people I love very fucking much (hover for messages (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ )

ally cara claire frankie jodie lauren lucy nicole sepideh shah

bold - favourite // italics - friends

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20dollarfalloutboy actiongerard afrotoro antimcrreposts assholefrnk atticemos bandparade blowiero bycottlove corrodelikeabeast cuteiero dailyfrankiero dickenchanted drugstoreprfume dunsexual

E - J

earlysunsetsovermikeyway falloffboys fathergerard fatherway forcenturies frankfuhk frankierohero frankierosghost frankierospanties frickgerard frnkierosuniverse fuckityfrank fullsatanist gerardwaye gerardxwy gerudeway ghoulfun hayleywiliamsdaily homoierotic iamrockqueen iero-sexual ierosaint ieroscum ierothusiast ierotica ierwho inkbats jjoyriding 

K - N

killingjars kingfrnk kisstherinq lesbianforgerard marchingclocks maydeathneverstopyou maygerardneverstopyou mcrdeviantclub mikeywoah mildworryatthedisco mrmikeyway mylittleriot nervouswrekc notrevenge nverendrs

O - S

ohdisenchanted ohmyhayleywilliams only-parawhores paintparamore panicpilots parachemical paramorgasm paramorre paxamgays pencyprep petewentzsnipples punkghostfrank puppygerard

T - Z

rcvenge releasethedoves screamforever semiautmatic sittinginsilence sugarvane tayleyshipper taylorisapuppy taylorsyorks thelizzyend theofficialmcr theparamores theqhostofyou thnksfrmcr5 thnksfrthrevenge tragicianfrnk tragicianz undeadiero vacationadventuresociety vintagewentz wackoid wayscum weightcd werardway xogrrd zoneruners


2004mikey - ahomeboyslife - astrojpg - ballatobaby - ballato - bandsandbooksandbacon - bottom-gerard - boyfriendmikey - brooklynhype - brutall-heartss - bulletsway - charigerard - chemomantic - chubby-gerard - cock-zero - creaturecreep - dallon-freekes - dangergaysfrank - dxmolitionlovers - dyingkennedys - emo-god - emoglitter - emolynz - emopixi - euringers - falloffboys - falloutbats - fangoriaaa - fathergerard - fifteenandgay - folieabae - frank-ierowebsite - frankensteingrrrls - frankensteingirlz - frickgerard - frnkierocellabration - gayandpunk - gaybsaporta - gerard-hey - gerardaye - gerardshands - gerardsicle - gerardwayjacketslut - gerardwaysthighs - gerardxwy - ghostbriqade - ghostump - givemedrowninglessons - gothdun - gothway - grandmas-yawning - grandprick - gwhiz138 - hail0fbullets - hallelujah-youngandloaded - havenodignity - hayleywayley - hayleywilliems - hellbats - hellynz - homoierotic - homosexualfrank - homosexualgerard - i—t—t—d - i-m-not-o-k-a-y - iero-dogs - ieroclique - ieronic - ieros-and-milk - ieroshock - ieross - ierothusiast - ierotica - iieros - inkbats - jet-black-feeling - jimmyfxckingurine - jimmyurinesux - joyridings - killingsjar - lemongerard - lipringiero - lyznway - lthrmouth - lucyintheskywithryan - lynzave - lynzhatesyou - lynzwaay - lyznway - magrrrlzine - mikeywoah - millicns - mindlessselfindulgence - morbidmayhem - morriscey - mycertainromance - mychemicalkid - neverenderrs - newger-z - notiero - nverendrs - officialmcr - official-mcr - ofscenery - operationmikey - ourladyofemos - pastellynz - penceyprepofficial - perfectiero - petalpvnk - petezawentz - pettyodd - photographsyourboyfriendtook - planetary-party - pplanetary - praisethetrees - prostitutegerard - punkcommunism - punkghostfrank - punkghostie - punksyplant - radical-as-fuhk - rcvenge - richvampires - rydengasm - revng - ryrohands - sadhours - scruffyfrank - sexual-mikeyway - sky3cifervalo - stanbrule - stopiero - taste-myvenom - the-lost-boy-621 - thejetblackfeeling - thejokerofinsanity - themurderscene - thnkfrthvnm - thnks-fr-th-bnd - tonightwillitevercome - tragiciano - trashypunkers - vampbats - veefromthesun - vmprs - waaycest - welcome-to-the-crying-parade - went-z - yelyahwilliams - yoshua-dun

so for some reason guys I have 1.5K now what omg I love you guys all so much aww here have a not so lil follow forever

shoutout to the favourite friends (psa hover for messages) : lucy jodie ally lauren shah nicole claire sepideh

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escaperooute essence-of-paramore fangoriaaa fathergerard fatherway folieasnow frankfuhk frankierosghost frankierospanties frickgerard fullsatanist futureroute gaerard gerardgayofficial gerardwaye gerardxwy gerudeway gerwardgerward hesitentaliens homoierotic iamrockqueen ieroscum ierotica ierwho imintoparamore inkbats joyridinq

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killingjars killjoy-ahigeru kingfrnk kisstherinq little-paramonster marchingclocks maygerardneverstopyou mcdougalll mcrmyfrank mikeywoah mildworryatthedisco miserydesigns mrmikeyway my–chemical-romance mychemicaldoodle mylittleriot nklebiters notgerard

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odetodun odetsleep ohdisenchanted ohmyhayleywilliams ohpmore only-parawhores onlyork oshdun paintparamore parachemical paramorgasm paxamgays pilotpanic pourlevenin punkghostfrank puppygerard releasethedoves runsandgoes santafrank screamforever stagegayromance stumprodigy sugarvane

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takethistyourgrave tayleyshipper taylorisapuppy this-tragic-affair thoughts-i-cant-decode tragicianfrnk twenyonepilots ukulelerapboy vacationadventuresociety vegaslight vintagewentz wackoid wetbrendon waysiclewayslut xogrrd yorkphobia 

(thanks to mcrdeviantclub for this awesome banner omfg!)

hi guys this is my follow forever!

ok so when i hit 500 followers i promised everyone a follow forever and now i’m at over 1500 i’m finally doing it. better late than never i guess? 

sorry if you weren’t included, i might at some point just do a list of everyone i follow because i honestly love u all and it was hard to condense it all down, and i’m sorry if i forget anyone.

italics are mutuals so therefore ur awesome, bolded means ur one of my absolute faves 




assholefrnk | atticdemos | badreligicn betterlivingindustries bloodinfecticns | blowiero bottomgerard bring-more-bullets |cellabrationiero | chubby-gerard | concernedmikey | dangerdcys | devaofdestruction | disloyalwaterbuffaloes | drugstoreprfume | electriccenturies | emoscum | emotown

f - i

faceshredders | fakemikey | falloffboys | fangoriaaa fobaf frankfuhk frankierosghost frankierospanties franktops frankyourdeath | frankyourdick frickgerard | frnkierosuniverse | fuckityfrank | fullsatanist | funeral-day gerardaye gerardxwy | gerudeway hellbats | hesitantfuckinalien hotelbella httpbats ieroshock | ierostein ierotic | ierwho inkbats


kingwntz | kllljoys | lcathermouth | maygerardneverstopyou mcrdeviantclub migralne | mikeywaycentury mikeywoah | mrmikeyway nbalmighty notrevenge | nverendrs pencyprep |petbugs


radgerard radical-as-fuhk | raytorro rcvenge | revengebats | revengefrankiero saintjrsy shutupgerard slutmikey snuggyiero | sweetrevcnge themurderscene | theqhostofyou | tragicianfrnk undeadbats | vintagewentz | wayballs | wayscum went-z | whoaiero zoneruners 

also shout out to hannah solidusly who i have friends with for years but we’re in completely different fandoms, if u like gaming (especially metal gear solid) go follow her for sure! 

so yeah if u aren’t following these awesome people already then go and follow them right now! 


i was tagged for the 20 beautiful women challenge by parawinter thank u hun!!! i will take selfies anywhere god
taggin people!!! so many of u r a gender other than female but u r still beautiful n i wanna appreciate u guys so im makin this the beautiful ppl challenge nice
screamforever paramoreclique spcepunk gerardxwy ierwhoa punkpassion itsgway undeadiero niedeermohr pfrckstmp alltimelw preciano glowingdun its-paramoron stumphurley cuddlystump paintparamore zachrymerrick walkthcmoon and anyone else tbh!!!! dont do it if u dont want to tho

can you tell I like revenge frank and also let’s play spot the shah kingfrnk

so anyway!! I hit 5k which !!!??!? !? ?!? !? what the fuck thank you for that I mostly just whine about frank iero and memes a lot here so !!!!!! it’s great knowing that you all still want to follow me and I’m really bad with words so yeah!!! I’m gonna be talking a lot here sorry for that oops

thanks to my networks for tolerating my bullshit

frankierosdicksquad frerardnet fuckgerardwaynet canadacorecrew electriccenturynet revengefranknet paracrewnet girlsgirlsboysnetwork

thanks to the blogs I’m a part of for also tolerating my bullshit

dailygerardway dailyfrankiero hayleywiliamsdaily antiphanreposts

s/o to these losers best buds for again tolerating my bullshit (hover for cool messages)

sepideh lauren aude issabella alex lucy eva cara ally shah 

favourites // friends

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afrotoro aintitprmr arthell astropunkz betterlivingindustries blowiero blurryfqce burymeinfrank cellabrationiero chemdivision chemthusiast cutemrway cuztiel devilinfrnkiero dickenchanted

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hesitantalien hesitentaliens holyemo homoierotic hotelbella httpjalex hugstoreperfume iamrockqueen ieroscum ierotica ierwho itsgway jediero jetspackblues joshbun kingfrnk kisstherinq letskilltnight lyngunn 

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mcrdeviantclub mrmikeyway newromantis nonbinaryiero notgerard notrevenge ohdisenchanted ohmyhayleywilliams paintparamore paramoreclique paramorgasm pastrypoison pencyprep punkghostfrank punkpassion rcvenge releasethedoves

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