gerards letter

When I first listened to My Chemical Romance(God,that was ages ago) I had found them through a band rec list.I listened to Im not Okay I believe.I thought they were weird and wrote them.Never finished the ,music video.This was before the break up.
Later I came back and found them in my search history.I had just finished a fight with my mom and the music it called out to me.It soothed all the hurt I had felt from all my mom had said to me.I was hooked.
Shortly after I found a fanfic, in which a girl finds out Gerard is her dad.I loved it.The I was hooked on fanfic but that’s another story.
Anyway at the time I didn’t know they had broken up just a ,month or two before.I learned quickly when I go ogled them to learn who each member was(I was lost about all the members when I read the fanfic)
I was devastated.I had recently opened a tumblr.I entered MCR breakup.I found posts from heartbroken fans.Each one had their on side to the story.All Frank’s and Gerard’s fault ect.
I didn’t know what to believe and then I found a link to gerard’s letter on twit longer.I had just had my head filled with all that I had heard on tumblr and like on the first music video of theirs I quit.I never finished the letter.I read what other people thought but not what gerard thought.
I have hoped long and hard ever since I first discovered they had broken up that they would come back.Then today I read Gerard’s letter again
And I accept it.They broke up.
But when Gerard said MCR can never die he ment it.When a band breaks up their story ends.A few fans cling to hope others morph into fans of other bands.But MCR was never the same.And never will be.But there are some things that MCR has like other bands and that’s haters.Every piece of art has them and MCR is art.
They also have people demanding for the return of MCR.And I kinda l label these as haters too.That’s not what the band wants right now.
But to all of you please.Read Gerards letter Please.Maybe you have and need to read it again.I did.

And on MCR getting back together.Everyone hopes they will.Killjoys look forward to 2018. And while I would love for MCR to get back together I don’t quite think they will.
MCR is done.That’s not saying the boys wouldn’t ever get back together but I don’t think they’ll come back as MCR
That chapters done. I look forward to the next

My letter to gerard (type 0s galore)


            Dear Gerard,

I’m gonna try to keep this short but I don’t know how successful I’ll be. It’s taken me a while to sit down and write this letter, because writing to you now, after the split it just really hurt.  I don’t know when I’ll get to send this letter or when it’ll get to your PO box or when you’ll read it, but I think its time I tell you everything . My name is Sivan (pronounced: See-von), I turned seventeen seven days ago and I love you and all of MCR. I’m not gonna sit here and write about how you should get back together because I know split has been hard on all of you too but it just had to happen. I understand that you did this for us. I’m writing to you to tell you about the impact MCR had on my life and to thank you for it. I only got to start listening to you guys in 2011 or 10, I don’t remember. I started listening after my friend Jessica had recommended you guys. Jessica was always recommending bands to me and most of them were pretty good, but there was something special about you guys that I picked up on the first time I heard you. Something about you guys just spoke to me, I immediately downloaded your entire discography. I fell in love with four album and four people that just spoke words I could never say. This time was also a dark time in my life. At this point I wasn’t suicidal, but I was definitely depressed headed towards that direction. And you guys stopped me from ever getting there. Even though I don’t have am inspiring story about how I was about to kill myself and then I heard a lyric or a quote and decided not to do it, you guys still saved my life. You saved it from needing saving. For that I want to say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Since then, you have been and will continue to be such an inspiration and huge part of my life. This band is part of how I define my self, when people asked me to generally describe myself, the first thing I’d say if “My favorite band is My Chemical Romance.” Now as this letter comes to close, I want you to know (hell, I want you and Frank and Mikey and Ray to know) that I love you all. We, MCRmy, love you so much and we continue to listen and to love and to be inspired and to saved by you. We want you to know, that you are a hero, not just a boy who sang a song.

Thank you for being there when no else was.

            With all the love I can give,


P.S. In this envelope there are a few things aside from this letter. 1) There is a picture of me so you know who wrote this to you. 2) There is a blank sheet of paper. 3) There is a stamped envelope with my address on it. I am in know way shape or form asking you to write me back because I know you’re a busy man with a lot of fan mail to read. All I’m asking is that when you get the chance, sign the paper, or draw a smiley face, or something. Just so that I know you read this, just so I know you know how I feel (not to mention if you merely made a smiley face I think that would make me so happy I would cry for like four years, [especially considering I never even got to see you live]). I’m aware that you have shit to do so if it takes you an incredibly love time to get to it, I understand. I just hope you get to it at some point.

P.S.S One last time, I love you. And thank you.

murderscne  asked:

tbh i've always kind of thought that gerard had more of a hand in the breakup whereas it seems like frank was more shocked by the band ending, like maybe he didn't think that it would actually happen. i remember reading that he didn't see the breakup coming, although that could've just been a rumor. but fuk like mcr was his favorite band when he was in pencey prep and??? ugh thinking abt the breakup and frank makes me weirdly emotional lmao

yeah! like if you read frank vs gerards breakup letters, like gerard’s is so self centered… hes all like guys, i haven’t been right for a while, its time, i just knew we had to end…. im sorry, its for the best… but its ok, ill be happy soon… and franks is kinda hurt, but grateful. he really just appreciates everything they were and what they achieved… and i definitely agree it was a surprise to him i think if they had had a band meeting and voted whether to break up the band, frank would have said no. that band was nearly half of his life, and all of his adult life. so yeah i think he has every right to be salty bc i think in the end a lot of the bands break up was gerards fault- not in a bad way necessarily its just the way it was