kieran: we’re like brothers, you know.
eamon: brothers?
kieran: yeah. we live in the same house, we play together… your mothers drive both of us insane. isn’t that what it’s like to be brothers?
eamon: well, i guess…
kieran: let’s go to the park next door to play. we won’t be gone for long, and no ones even home anyways. they’re all at the hospital for the new baby. i’m your real sibling — the only one who cares, anyways.
eamon: well… okay, yeah. let’s go.
kieran: excellent.


god mom, why can’t you just give me a break? i. have. a job. i'm working. why isn’t that enough for you?”

“i didn’t want your life to be difficult like this. i thought we taught you better than to make these kinds of mistakes.”

“they aren't mistakes….”

“oh please, grace. you barely even take care of them. your father has been teaching all of them how to walk and talk.”

that’s because i’m trying to work!”