The time has come, dear friends, for me to address another font of waste potential: The Curse of Achilles. Lots of people have already talked about it before, but there are a few things I would like to add. One of the reasons that the Curse was removed was because it might make Percy too powerful, so no one else could compete with him. A fair point, but Superman continues to show up in comics because not only is he an interesting character when written correctly but just because Superman can level a building with a thought does not make Batman’s struggle against Joker any less impressive. Besides, Percy’s Curse offers tons of interesting story applications.

  1. For one thing, Percy always naps in TLO to keep him from overworking himself. It has comic potential, to be sure. Percy needs his rest, otherwise he will die of exhaustion. But just because he is sleeping does not mean the monsters are. What if Percy was dead asleep downstairs while things go to Hades upstairs? This could show the other demigods that they are strong even without Percy’s might (character development is fun).
  2. Consider the Eidolon fight scene. Only Percy, the invincible juggernaut, needs to be possessed, and it gives Jason an opportunity to show his mettle. While a good, noble Roman must always fight honorably and has no use for tricks, Jason MUST think like a Greek and emulate Heracles’ fight with the Nemean Lion. SO MUCH POTENTIAL

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