@shark-club said: (based off a ghost adventures scene) - gerard, frank, mikey, ray and bob are shitty ghost hunters ! :0 frank is always the one fucking shit up and making the spirits angry, gerard is the only one taking this seriously, bob and ray are the tech guys and ray always gets freaked out, saying they shouldn’t be messing with crap, while bob always backs frank up with his stupid shit or will attempt to carry him out of trouble. mikey is the sound guy that tries to keep everyone in check, but really does enjoy the show and loves discovering the spirits and demons. they also keep a possession count. frank and gerard have the most points.

K: you are my actual fucking favorite and this AU is a god damn treasure

My Chemical Romance: Three Cheers For Three Years

March 22 2013, the most dangerous, beautiful, toxic band in the world left us to fend for ourselves: My Chemical Romance. Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, and (formerly) Bob.

The boys all taught me different things and they have helped me out a lot. Bob taught me to never take any shit from anyone no matter who they are or if they are bigger than you. Ray taught me that, even though you may not be as popular as everyone else, you are way more important than you think. Mikey taught me that even though you may be quiet and nerdy at first, you are most likely to grow and become something better. Frank taught me that even though you might be small and fragile looking, you are amongst the strongest and most loved people in the world. And last but not least, Gerard. Gerard taught me the most, he taught me that even though you’re depressed, and you may think your useless and you think that you’re not worth anything, you can always over come it. He told me that if I ever felt like I was worthless, a waste of space, or a burden to others that it was far from true. He told me to stay because someone out there loves me.

They taught me that in order to make something beautiful you have to destroy something perfect. My Chemical Romance may be done, but will never die. My Chemical Romance saved my life, and I am extremely grateful. Though they’re dead an gone believe me, their memory will carry on.


On March 22 2013 My Chemical Romance broke up. The band had gained themselves a large following over the 12 years they were together. The members suffered through good and bad with challenges such as addiction and member changes. So thank you Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob, Matt, and James for all of your hard work. You changed my life. lyrics from skylines and turnstiles 


Loads of people messaged me asking for clearer pictures of Gerard’s interview in Kerrang (specifically the conspiracy of one and famous last words pages) so here we go! Unfortunately I have a damaged copy so the first page has writing missing but there’s not much I can do about that. Sorry if these photos still aren’t clear enough. Enjoy!

The Ghost Of You significance

can i just say that i love the historical significance of ‘the ghost of you’ video?  

so if you don’t know it is based off world war two. the turning point of the war was called operation overlord, or d-day. the united states, canada, and england teamed up to take pressure off of the soviet union because they were fighting nonstop to stop germany from taking the country. so they thought if they opened another battlefront, which was on the coast of france, germany would send their soldiers there. so there were five forces, but the one in the video was the omaha force. this force landed on the coast of france and fought with the most bloodshed. on the beach, they had these metal things called czech hedgehogs, which were present in the video. here’s a picture:

and the video:

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also notice how the uniforms are pretty much accurate as well…

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and all the little details, like the guy who threw up on the ship; it was said that many soldiers got seasick from the rough english channel waters. so yeah, thanks gerard, frank, mikey, ray, and bob for staying accurate to u.s. history!

tbh i think the main reason im so upset is because a tiny little part of me was thinking that it was just going to play a new song that doesnt even reference the fact that they broke up and then a recording of gerard, frank, mikey, ray and bob all like ‘hey guys we’re sorry about that, but now everythings okay!! buy our new album mcr5 next week, and look on our site for the dates for our upcoming tour!’ and then it wasnt