Gdy ostatni raz powiedziałaś Żegnaj
umarłem trochę w środku
I leżałem we łzach w łóżku całą noc
Sam bez ciebie obok
—  Kodaline - All I Want

powiedz mi prosto w oczy, ze te wszystkie gesty nic nie znaczyły. wyśmiej mnie. wykrzycz mi prosto w twarz, ze jestem cholernie naiwna
  • parents:remember, it's important to major in something you love than to waste your money on something you don't care about.
  • me:okay i want to be an archaeologist
  • parents:an archaeologist? what, do you think you're indiana jones or something? what are you going to do with that degree you're so stupid you'll never make money off that!
  • me:oh, okay.
  • me:well, i'm really interested in astronomy and space
  • parents:oooh you're going to be an astronaut? what are you going to do? sit outside for your entire life and look through a telescope?? what you think this is like star wars or something? god that's such a waste why would you even think of majoring in that? it must be your adhd talking
  • me:um...well... i guess i'm pretty good at math? i mean, that was going to be part of my "study the universe" thing i was just getting at?
  • parents:math? you can be an accountant!
  • me:i guess... i mean i'd rather--
  • parents:people always need an accountant! that's a great choice good decision we'll look up accounting schools right away

"The fans that I have met so far have been nothing but supportive and extremely passionate about the books. I feel so honored to meet all these people. Something like this, which I think is bigger than anyone in the film, it’s pretty crazy."