Gerard Stricher was born in 1948 to a family of artists in Sarrebourg, France. As a child he was already dreaming of becoming a painter and drew prodigiously. Self-taught, he immersed in the café society of painters, attended gallery openings , and was encouraged by sales but ultimately decided to enter industry. He became a highly regarded international manager whose carcer and travels led him become a “World Citizen ”. Widening his horizon, observing new people, different landscapes, and other realities, which gradually became stratified in his unconscious to reappear later in his painting. He acquired and old mill in the French Vexin, established his studio where he worked feverishly.

Gerard Stricher solo show in Houston, TX | Laura Rathe Gallery starting the 20th October untill the 20th November

  1. La Chambre des songes” (Mixed medias on paper /61x46 cm / 2012)
  2. My Garden” (Mixed ledias on paper / 39x30 cm / 2012)
  3. Le Mauvais Génie” (Mixed medias on paper / 64x46 cm / 2012)
  4. Ô Méditerrannée” (Mixed medias on paper / 61x46 cm / 2012)
  5. Neptune on his Way…” (Mixed medias on paper / 46x61 cm / 2012)

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” - Leonardo da Vinci 

Thank you very much Stricher Gerard!