gerard what are you

i’d like to bring to your attention Brian May holding Mikey’s hand as they walk off stage together

I get that every fandom dwindles eventually, especially one with no new content ahead, but man, I’d hate to see this fandom die out. I mean, I don’t think Killjoys will ever be completely forgotten–people still dedicate blogs to the Revenge era and that was 13 years ago, lol. But I really enjoy the creativity in this fandom and don’t want to see it disappear.

i love danger days so much but i can never listen to it in whole because it’s just so sad to me, so nostalgic. maybe it’s because there’s so much ending in the album; the fab four is supposed to die, it’s the last album before my chem broke up. after vampire money i just feel so wistful for times i never even knew of when they existed. even just thinking about it leaves me a little sad and achy. 

now, don’t get me wrong, i totally jam to the songs. they’re bright and fun in the moment, but once it’s all over things turn melancholic. i wonder if that might be how it was meant to be listened to, or if it’s just me.

  • what he says: im fine
  • what he means: the way gerard sings the last part of I Never Told You, "I tried... And we'll love again, and we'll laugh again..." etc. makes me very very emotional because he sounds so broken and desperate and he was just a grimy teenager fighting his hellish mental illness and it's not fair he had to suffer like that