gerard way 2012

I live in constant fear that one day I’ll wake up from a coma or something and I’ll look at the people surrounding me that are supposed to be my real family but I wont remember them because the people I dreamt about in the coma are the ones I remember growing up with and im terrified my favourite bands and singers and shows and idols etc are all part of my imagination. Like you wake up and youtube isn’t a thing you made it up. What if that happened.

My Chemical Romance's Big Day Out Tour Diary [1/15]

Dear friends, what follows is a few weeks of our lives in digital form. These photos were taken between the days of January 17th 2012 and February 6th 2012, as we toured the great lands of New Zealand and Australia respectively. As brothers we roamed these grand terrains. Friends were made, enemies slain, pie faces devoured with a quickness and fury. We are better men because of these (mis)adventures, but i must warn you… some of these images cannot nor will not be unseen. 
enjoi at your own risk.
no worries. xofrnk