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Types of MCR fans
  • Fan 2: What? MCR break up? Huh? They didnt break up. What r u talking about? *eye twitches*
  • Fan 3: Aw man I was 4 years too late. I wish I liked them when they were together. Oh well.
Shopping |1982| Narcissa&Gerard


It was nice to be back in London, sure it wasn’t as sunny as Peru or as dry as Spain but it was home. His dad was more than happy to have him back, in fact his father went for a short break away with his mother, leaving Gerard in charge of the shop. It wasn’t particularly hard work. He mainly spent his time in the workshop crafting away with the new materials he acquired from Argentina.

Gerard was currently crafting away with a new wand, Yew and Dragon Heartstring when he heard the bell of the shop ring. He placed down the wand, brushed off the sawdust and made his way to see the customer. “Good morning. How can I help?” He asked smiling.

Niche - St. Louis Restaurant Review

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There’s something to be said about having a great meal. It is a rarified thing to find a place that has all the bells and whistles of a fine dining restaurant but all the comforts of home. Restaurants like that are few and far between and even harder to find, but when you want to eat a meal out and feel like you’re home, then your best bet is to have that meal at Niche. In Soulard/Benton Park, Niche is one of those restaurants that when you walk in, you might expect to see a velvet rope and to be judged on what you’re wearing. But it’s not like that, not at all. It is true that Niche is a very chic and modern space, which may be intimidating to culinary novices, but it is also very warm and inviting. Then there’s the food. Seasonal ingredients, experimentation with the palate and awesome cocktails are the key to Niche’s success. Gerard Craft, the Executive Chef, is not inventing the wheel here, but what he has done is taken all the elements of that wheel and flipped it on its side.

With local and fresh ingredients and a menu that is constantly evolving, Niche is a little more New York or San Francisco then St. Louis. If you want a Budweiser and Toasted Ravs, then this is not the place for you. But if you want to dream about your meal the next day, dine in a very warm and welcoming environment and feign for the next time you can go there, then this exactly the right place for you.

The plates are smaller, but the tastes are bold and exciting. Tilefish, Anchovies, Purees’ and Duck Confit are staples of the menu. Even if you are not sure what Tilefish is, I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Each meal is plated with as much attention to detail as it is plated with love for the food and the service is as seamless as it is ceremonious. 

Not to be outdone are the cocktails and the wine list, which are as complimentary as they are old school. Any Cocktailian or amateur sommelier would be impressed by the extensive knowledge of the bar staff and with the diversity of the drinks offered. With many of the wines offered by the glass and drinks like the Brown Derby (bourbon, honey and grapefruit) there is something for everyone.

As far as desserts go, you can have your choice of Liquid Chocolate Cake, Sorbet or a Seasonal Cheese Plate, just to name a few. The desserts offered are the perfect ending to the entire Niche experience and none of them will disappoint.

There has been a lot written about Niche, not just in the local St. Louis press, but nationally. Craft has even been shortlisted for the James Beard Award and it is continuously recognized by Zagat, Sauce Magazine. AOL, The New York Times and The St. Louis Post Dispatch. Even though the food may seem to some like something you would only see on the television show, Iron Chef, it is still simple and rustic enough for any fine dining newbie. Niche is a place that would easily fit in the West Village or Union Square in San Francisco, but could get lost in the masses. Here in St. Louis, it stands out among the finest the city has to offer and in a town that is not necessarily known as being a culinary mecca, Niche proves that we may well be on our way to one.