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A film geek's watching: Le Roi Danse/The King is Dancing (2000)

Hello my awesome people,today I am itching to know my latest craze Jean-Baptiste Lully and how he is motivated to create one of the most beautiful music in my opinion. How about some period drama to get things started. In-case you guys don’t know who is Jean-Baptiste Lully,let me enlighten you with this. (Yes I need to add some Horrible Histories,that is how I discovered him)

Lei Roi Danse-Gerard Corbiau (2000)

This is how the story goes,the struggling Italian composer Jean-Baptiste Lully (It’s a French adaption of his Italian name Giovanni Battista Lulli ) who observe Louis VIX’s rise of power as “The Sun King” while he also created the impact in France by his music.

Well the translation of that film title means “The King is Dancing”. So expect lots of Production Design awesomeness,every costume showed the opulence of pre-versallies France from the ballets to everyday life.I squeal when I saw the sun king costume-too gorgeous for words and love Baptiste’s green coat. It’s absolute perfect detail to see in such a scale. The sets are absolutely beautiful to look at. As a budding art director/Production designer,this film is added to my list of gorgeous films to watch for PD.

To complement the absolute scale of Production Design-the cinematography is absolutely wonderful. Seriously it just showcase Lully’s turbulent world in Louis XIV’s reign. You are just simply transported to his world by these performances and I especially I love how they used the feet to show Baptiste’s devotion to make the king extremely happy.  The editing is the most amazing I ever seen in a period film,it was indeed massive in a scale to show Baptiste’s rise and fall into the world of opera and film.

Of course the music is absolutely beautiful as it fits so well for each scene of the film like the glove (I particularly in love with the opening,Baptiste’s dance and of course the ballets). It was beautifully conducted,a well-deserved showcase of Lully’s music. 

However I think the script could be a little better maybe they could show Moliere’s death towards Baptiste (I can’t help but to say Stupid Deaths’s line-Moliere French Actor…) and some fleshing out of Baptiste as he could be seen as a little whiny. However I don’t mind they gloss over Lully’s bisexuality because to me what is important is to see Louis XLV’s rise to power. I am not sure if it’s historically accurate but perhaps it is a way we could be transported to Lully’s eyes.

However they make it up with great performances.My favourite performances are in particular Boris (Lully) who played such a compelling bisexual Lully who struggled to make his king happy. Magimel (Louis IXV) have such a beautiful face (He look almost androgynous here which is a nice contrast to Boris’ manly face) played a king filled with such charisma and yet cruel. I feel that Boris’s chemistry with Magimel make this film run so well. Of course Kairo (Moliere) is pretty nicely done,his acting almost remind me of F.Muarry Abraham’s role as Salleri from Amadeus (Yes it’s one of my fave films and it talked about classical music too).

So if you love everything about ballet,Lully (Like me) or perhaps a history buff of Louis XIV. Please do watch this film,an absolute underrated beauty to behold.