geralt hawke

Zuri’s hawk is an arcane subspecies, his primary feathers are still textured the way feathers are but they look crystalline and they’re semi-transparent. his name is Aranthe but Zuri’s nickname for him is Nugget

Irene rides an umberhorn Qiriq she calls Ani. Ani has to carry the majority of Irene and Geralt’s supplies because Geralt’s mount isn’t as hardy. Geralt rides a celestial springbok named Lenny, Geralt’s very affectionate with him and dotes on him each night when they’re done travelling for the day.

Irene has a whistle she can use to summon umbra and gale wolves to help her hunt fey, but she doesn’t have any names for them.

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Could you tell me how you felt Geralt's romance with Isabela was and how you felt about it? Did you like it? I don't mind spoilers at all!

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I find that Hawke and Isabela compliment each other really well. I believe Tanya (wardenblues) put it best when she said, “Hawke is a hurricane to Isabela.” 

Isabela is very well a seasoned sailor and she has braved treacherous waters unscathed, but Hawke is this force of nature that Isabela isn’t sure in how to navigate. But Hawke isn’t the chaotic part of the storm, it is the events in their lives that create the powerful storms that surround them. To Isabela, Hawke is the eye of the storm, the calm seas that are surrounded by chaos and the risk of capsizing.