geralds doodle

these couple of days i’ve been sputtering, I HAVE DRAWN A SONIC FAN CHARACTER………. SO HERE HE IS

his name is Gerald– he probably has a fancy username, but for now, it’s just ‘the Ram’

he’s a warlock, thanks to a pact he made with a demon when he was a child, as he knew no better– the demon is sealed within the book he’s holding in his hands. gerald’s magic, powerful as it is, isn’t actually -his-, it’s the demon’s, and without the book, he’d be practically powerless. physically, he’s very weak. he can barely run and he can only open jars after puncturing a hole through the lid

he’s… tall. very very tall. yet he wears shoes with hEELS– he’s very careful about appearing rich and proper, even if he struggles with money quite a bit. the money he makes is from selling potions of all sorts of effects, but, well, that’s a bit of a weird business to have. he’s learnt to be very charismatic and eccentric over the years– he’s always putting a show, so to speak

even if he’s only 32, his hair is already greying due to the demon’s constant strain– ever since he got the demon’s book he’s been plagued by nightmares, and a constant voice that belittles most of his decisions–

other than the one that drove him to pick up the book and use it. that one made the demon very happy

also he’s very gay and especially gay for @cardinalmars ‘s panda Li Jun, and is the accidental mentor of @nuttyrabbit ‘s Oliver ?! i’d love to have him know more mobians, hahah… q 7 q