Welp. Geraldo Rivera just proved he has no morals, ethics, or shame. We may have known it in our hearts, but now we have hard proof.

Sex misconduct from yrs ago was gross but Speaker Hastert is now a victim who should be given pass in exchange for testimony vs blackmailer.

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) May 29, 2015

You see, Geraldo is upset that whoever Hastert’s victim was back in the day blackmailed him. That bothers him more than the act which gave rise to the blackmail itself.

How can conservatives rally around sleazy, secret keeping, serial molester Josh Duggar and leave blackmailed Speaker Hastert out to dry?

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) May 29, 2015

Never mind that this was not exactly consensual sexual activity here. No, forget about that.

What a damn ghoul.

Update: And then there’s this factoid that hadn’t occurred to me:

All three Republican Speakers of the House who oversaw the impeachment of Bill Clinton have a history of sexual misconduct.

Yo Geraldo Rivera got me fucking heated right now bruh. This nigga said Baltimore is our version of the Civil Rights movement and it’s because of black on black crime. Nigga said Baltimore is standing for Black Lives Matter but only when it’s a white cop involved. Myyyyyy nigga, where they get this fake spy mustache wearing ass nigga from bruh.

anonymous asked:

Is it just me or is Josh's private life the biggest PR conspiracy in the history of the world? It's bigger than the grassy knoll. So many people (and countries!) involved in this grand scheme! We need to get Geraldo on this!

Have you ever seen National Treasure: Book of Secrets?  It really does exist.  Three-quarters of the book is centered around Josh’s private life.  And you all thought it was about Area 51, ha!

And who needs Geraldo when we have such a crack investigative unit here in the fandom!  If he had just gone to them first, he would have saved himself the embarrassment of not finding Al Capone’s body.

“ ‘Experts’ who should have known better seemed to have largely ignored the patently unbelievable claims that were often made about Satanic ritual abuse, and with talk show hosts like Oprah and Geraldo Rivera hosting episodes about Satanic crime, too many people just assumed it was a legitimate problem, despite the fact that no evidence ever supported that idea. In many cases, the same people writing books making ridiculous claims about Satanic ritual abuse were also seen as experts, and then enjoyed lucrative careers educating law enforcement agencies and speaking at churches. Some police agencies created occult crime divisions, and would investigate any minor evidence of occult activity as if it was the potential scene of a human sacrifice, and not a handful of local teenagers rebelling by spray painting a pentagram on a wall somewhere. The panic gained momentum and continued to ruin the lives of those falsely accused for over a decade.”