1. Geraldo Rivera: That cop was ‘boiling mad’… so it’s not murder.

Well, now we know why cops shoot unarmed people with alarming frequency. Geraldo Rivera has explained it. It’s because the cops are really really mad. Boiling mad. Friday morning, Fox News’ Rivera was feeling very relieved because the release of the new dashcam footage of the initial traffic stop that ended in the shooting death of Walter Scott had been released. The footage made Rivera feel so much better because it showed that Officer Slager had made a “righteous” traffic stop. That’s right. Righteous.

2. Bobby Jindal: Hollywood and corporations in cahoots against Christians.

Take your pick, Bobby Jindal or Ted Cruz. Both presidential aspirants, one officially declared. Both smart-ish. Both bat-sh*t crazy, as in no compunction about saying demonstrably deluded, hypocritical, logically inconsistent things. Let’s take Jindal, since Cruz has been getting all the attention lately. First, we’ll pause to remember Jindal’s impassioned call to Republicans about not being the “stupid” party, a few years back when Obama won re-election.

3. Bill O’Reilly cites thoroughly debunked statistics to show that there’s no such thing as police racism.

Bill O’Reilly’s reality does not allow for the possibility of any racial disparity in policing—especially a disparity which is anti-black. It does not seem to matter how much information, data and evidence there is to the contrary. O’Reilly is impervious to it. He often gets the opportunity to display his refusal to acknowledge this reality, and he did again this week with the horrific videotaped shooting death of Walter Scott in South Carolina.

4. Donald Trump feels he could have negotiated a better deal with Iran, because he wrote a best-seller.

Wait, that’s not quite right. Donald Trump knows he could have gotten a better deal. Why? Because he is the world’s foremost expert on deals. We know this because he wrote, or his ghostwriter wrote, a bestselling book that has the word “deal” in its title. It’s called The Art of the Deal. According to RightWingWatch, Trump told Iowa radio host Simon Conway last week that of course, NBC is desperate to have him return for more seasons of “The Apprentice,” because, who wouldn’t be? The trouble is that the Donald may have even more important things to do. He must save the country from its “incompetent president.”

5. Fox Newsian sees everything on Walter Scott tape, except race? How do you even do that?

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld saw the tape—saw the horror of the tape like any human being, but unlike most (all) human beings, he did not see race. He saw a man shoot another man, all right, but the co-host of Fox’s “The Five” refused to acknowledge that they were men of different races. “This is the great thing about that horrible, horrible tape, and why it’s necessary that cameras are everywhere,” Gutfeld said. “I didn’t see a black man killed by a white cop; I saw a man shoot another man in the back. I saw an actual act. You can’t theorize. You can’t come up with hypotheticals. You actually see that.”

6. Rudy Giuliani said something stupid and outrageous probably in private.

You know who has been curiously silent this week about Walter Scott’s killing by a white police officer? Rudy Giuliani. Weird right? Normally doesn’t miss a chance to bring up his favorite diversionary topic: black on black crime. Or the fact that Obama is to blame for this, probably by stressing cops out so much by being a black president that they have to shoot people to alleviate the stress. Rudy must be off his game. He’ll be back.

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se você vier pro que der e vier comigo, eu lhe prometo o sol, se hoje o sol sair, ou a chuva, se a chuva cair. se você vier até onde a gente chegar, numa praça na beira do mar, um pedaço de qualquer lugar. e neste dia branco, se branco ele for, esse tanto, esse canto de amor. se você quiser e vier pro que der e vier comigo.

Geraldo Rivera Defends Cop Who Shot Walter Scott: His ‘Blood Was Boiling’ From Taser Struggle (VIDEO)

Geraldo Rivera Defends Cop Who Shot Walter Scott: His ‘Blood Was Boiling’ From Taser Struggle (VIDEO)

On Friday morning, ex-attorney Geraldo Rivera went on Fox & Friends to share his thoughts on the fate of Officer Michael Slager, the North Charleston, South Carolina cop who was recently charged with murder for shooting unarmed Walter Scott in the back.

On the show, Rivera stated that he’d seen the dashcam footage from Slager’s patrol car, and that the video revealed enough to free the officer…

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Satanic Panic
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What are we to make of alleged ritual satanic abuse and the moral panic that spread in the 1980s and 90s? Christian Sager joins Robert for an exploration of religion, fear and demons of the mind.

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InStyle Releases New Cuts Of Lee Jong Suk And Park Shin Hye In London

By Elsa B. | April 15, 2015 08:37 AM EDT

InStyle has released more photos of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye In London. The stylish twosome andPinocchio costars appeared in the April issue of the magazine. In the unforgettable pictorial, they modeled apparel and accessories by Veri Vero, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, to name a few brands.

In the new photos, the two stars rocked more street fashion chic pieces in individual shots and even cozied up against a black gate.

One of Lee’s affordable accessories was a black pair of Dr. Martens sandals known as the Geraldo sandal. According to the brand, “The Ankle Strap Sandal, in the same rich black Brando leather, is a bold look, with a fascinating mix of gladiatorial and bondage aesthetics…Very modern, very catwalk, very Dr. Martens.” The shoes can be yours for $140 at the brand’s official online store. They can be seen below in greater detail

(Photo : Dr. Martens)

To find out more about Park’s orchid embroidered dress, which has also been worn by BoA and actress Lee Ha Nui, click here!

Recently, Lee Jong Suk took to the streets of Los Angeles for the March issue of Marie Claire. He also posed forOakley’s 2015 Spring/Summer lookbook of trendy sunglasses. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye visited sunny Thailand for the March issue of Ceci. Her latest lookbook appearance was for apparel brand Mind Bridge.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of She’s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

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I rather enjoy that SBTB managed to often show differing points of view from each character. This way, it’s Lisa thinking it’s romantic, and Jessie thinking it’s sexist, rather than just one female character representing all women. Of course, in order to do this, you need a series with a diverse cast, something SBTB did better than most shows in TV have done, EVER.

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My Conversation On Hip-Hop With Geraldo Rivera


Las nite I wuz joinet by Geralto Rivera, one o’t’ mos recognizabull an’ respectid figgers n’ investigatif’ journalism. He has resantlee foun hissef n’ sum hot wat'r, howev'r, aft'r makin sum controvershul remarks about t'impact at Hip-Hop has had un mineritee communitees. N’ a resent…

Hack with Joe Cabello

WORD WITH FRAMILY!! This week, Julian invited Joe “I just steal trash” Cabello to the pod to talk about HACK. They also discuss our secret audience,  bang bus, defunct internet browers, animating sad clapping, and almost anything and everything else.

Joe Cabello is a comedian, writer, actor, director, performer, artist, and victim. You can catch him hosting the Joe and Jeramy Show every 2nd and 4th Saturday and peforming with his all latin improv group, Geraldo at UCB. Visit Joe’s website

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Blogueiro antipeti$ta do Alckmin também recebeu do Aécio para atacar Dilma

Appendix trabalhou para Aécio
Agência que recebia verba do governo de São Paulo é de blogueiro que produz conteúdo anti-PT

Citada como cliente da Appendix, agência do blogueiro e advogado Fernando Gouveia, que recebeu recursos do governo de São Paulo e mantinha site antipetista, a Brasil Comunicação, de Belo Horizonte, trabalhou para campanhas tucanas. Dono da empresa mineira, o publicitário Zuza Nacif, em conversa telefônica com a reportagem do jornal O Tempo de Minas Gerais, anteontem, confirmou a relação com a agência paulista e explicou que a Appendix foi acionada por ele para prestar serviços na campanha do senador Aécio Neves (PSDB) à Presidência da República.
Procurado, o PSDB mineiro confirmou que houve um contrato com a Brasil Comunicação em 2014
Depois que a reportagem fez contato com o PSDB, Zuza Nacif mudou a versão inicial apresentada. Ele informou que a participação da empresa de Fernando Gouveia foi em outro trabalho, feito em 2013, sem ligação com a campanha eleitoral. Para o trabalho, a Appendix teria recebido R$ 30 mil.

 A relação da Brasil Comunicação com os tucanos não é nova. Em maio de 2013, Zuza e a agência foram citados em uma matéria feita pelo site da revista “Veja”. Eles foram apontados como administradores de perfis falsos na internet, para postagens em defesa de Aécio. .
A empresa. O publicitário informou que a Brasil Comunicação tem trabalho voltado para criação de sites e planejamento de marketing para redes sociais. O site da empresa, no entanto, é bastante simples, possuindo apenas uma página em branco com o nome da agência, o endereço e o telefone para contato.
Embora tenha sido questionado a respeito de outros clientes, Nacif não quis dar mais nomes, apenas mencionou que também prestou serviços para um banco, cujo nome não foi revelado por “motivos comerciais”. 
Ativista. Neste ano, Zuza Nacif foi citado pelo jornal “Folha de S.Paulo” como uma das pessoas que distribuíram pelo WhatsApp vídeos chamando para o protesto realizado no último 15 de março. O material usava imagens da campanha de Aécio Neves. O publicitário alegou não ter estrutura para produzir vídeos, mesmo sendo dono de agência de publicidade, e afirmou que, como cidadão, tem direito de se manifestar e convocar a população a participar dos protestos pelo país.
- Jornal O Tempo