Minimalist Stephen King book covers illustrated by Jim Tierney 😍 there’s more, but these nine were some of the first books I read when I started getting into horror years ago, and I just had to blog about their new look 💝

Couples who killed (Charlene and Gerald Gallego | Fred and Rose West | Ray and Faye Copeland | Karla Homolka, Paul Bernardo | Myra Hindley, Ian Brady | Raymond Fernandez, Martha Beck | Gwendolyn Graham, Cathy Wood | David and Catherine Birnie | Charles Starkweather, Caril Fugate)


blocage(s): S'inspirer de. Dans la librairie, à la bibliothèque. Voir les livres pour enfants de Kitty Crowther, Joanna Hellgren, Eva Lindström, Cristina Sitja Rubio, Kazue Takahashi, Gerald Rose. J'ai mal aux yeux et j'ai envie de pleurer.

déblocage(s): hier au café dépanneur, ma collègue daphné dit: “quand on veut écrire, il ne faut pas trop-trop lire”. Oublier les autres.