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Gerald Maxwell Riveraknown as Maxwell is an American singer-songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist. His music spans R&B,funk and soul, but he is best known as one of the exemplars of the subgenre neo-soul movement of the latter 1990s. After a successful debut albumMaxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, he released EmbryaNow and a live album MTV Unplugged. After an eight-year hiatus, he returned with the platinum-selling BLACKsummers'night, the first of a trilogy. He has received 12 Grammy nominations with two wins.

“Maxwell was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of a Haitian mother and a Puerto Rican father. His mother grew up in a devout Baptist household in Haiti. Maxwell’s father died in a plane crash when Maxwell was three years old. The experience made him a deeply religious child, and he began singing in his Baptist church; however, he did not really get serious about music until age 17.”


1) Kingdom Come Superman by Alex Ross

2) Batman by Lee Bermejo (pencils), Mick Gray (inks) & Patricia Mulvihill (colors)

3) Daredevil by Mike Deodato Jr. on Tumblr

4) Ronin by Frank Miller & Lynn Varley

5) Miracle Man by Gerald Parel

6) Magneto by Paolo Rivera

7) Wilson Fisk/Kingpin by Esad Ribic

8) Loki by Gabriele Dell'Otto

9) Doctor Doom by Adi Granov on Tumblr

10) Joker by Lee Bermejo (pencils), Mick Gray (inks) & Patricia Mulvihill (colors)

Charles Manson interview with Gerald Rivera

How to you feel about the fact that you´re gonna spend the rest of your life here? 

My life where? 

Right here.

You guys live in a thousand illusions man! Rest of your life where?

In prison.

What prison? You got a prison in your mind? You see what I´m saying? You´re in prison, son. You´re the one thats in jail because you think there is such a thing as prison!