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Top Five Favorite "HOUSE OF CARDS" Season Two (2014) Episodes

Below is a list of my top five favorite episodes from Season Two of Netflix’s series, “HOUSE OF CARDS”, a remake of the 1990-1995 BBC miniseries trilogy that was based upon Michael Dobbs’ 1989 novel. Produced and developed by Beau Willimon, the series stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.


1. (2.13) “Chapter 26” - Facing disaster in the hands of a distrustful President Garrett Walker, Vice-President Francis Underwood plays one last hand to achieve his goals first set in the series premiere.

2. (2.09) “Chapter 22” - Freddy, the owner of Frank’s favorite BBQ joint, becomes embroiled in the war between the Vice-President and CEO Raymond Tusk, when his past and his son’s past is revealed. Meanwhile, the Underwoods are forced to deal with a brewing scandal regarding intimate photographs of Claire taken by ex-lover Adam Galloway. Directed by Jodie Foster.

3. (2.01) “Chapter 14” - In this season premiere shocker, journalist Zoe Barnes confronts Underwood about the death of the late Congressman Peter Russo. Also, Frank and Claire prepare for his swearing-in as the country’s new Vice-President. Directed by Carl Franklin.

4. (2.04) “Chapter 17” - Due to a terrorist threat, Frank is trapped inside the Congress building with a political nemesis, while Claire is forced to give a live interview that proves to be a shocker.

5. (2.10) “Chapter 23” - Despite a military stalemate abroad and a possible violent situation at home, Francis concentrates on putting an end to Tusk’s influence over President Walker for good, with lobbyist Remy Danton caught in the middle. Claire clashes with new Party Whip Jackie Sharp over an anti-rape bill.

Dumb thought # whatever I lost count cause it’s 2:30 am

I think I figured out a way to rearrange Shadow’s backstory in Sonic Boom. So instead of being created, he was just Gerald’s foster son who he was raising alongside Maria, who’s older. The two bond over “evilness”, which Gerald disapproved of. Eventually Shadow and Gerald get into a fight and him and Maria run away and become big shot supervillians, Shadow breaks of all relationships to his adopted family except Maria and their wannabe cousin Ivo. While they continue to bond during this time and create a reputation for themselves, Maria dies of old age. Shadow, having pushed away everyone aside from Maria who cared, regrets how his relationship with Gerald turned out and becomes bitter and more solitary even losing interest in evilness ( which is probably a good thing). He retires and tires to keep himself from bonding with people only to lose them. And then a blue idiot and his friends come along…