gerald brown

The hotel room blinds open, the bright sunshine hitting your face. You groan out loud, feeling a hangover begin to creep up on you.

“Rise and shine baby girl,” Gerald says in a cheery mood. Since when has he been a morning person? You figured he was just happy because the rolls were now reversed. To your surprise, G didn’t get drunk last night. You on the other hand went a little heavy on the liquor, definitely regretting it right now.

“Babe get up,” he lays his body on top of yours, squishing you.

“Gerald, it’s only 8 in the morning, and you are already annoying me.” Your voice was monotone, no emotion behind it. You kept your eyes closed, knowing that if you opened them the bright sun rays shining through the hotel window would be the deal breaker for the major headache that you’re about to get.

You feel G’s chest rumble on your back, he was laughing at you. He’s been so used to hangovers, it’s like they were part of his everyday morning routine. It felt odd for him not wake up with a headache.

“We need to be on the road in half an hour babe,” G kisses your temple a few times.

 "5 more minutes.“

"You wanna date a superstar baby girl, you gotta get used to the superstar life, now up,” G kisses you once more, running his thumb over your temple a few times and inhaling your scent. 

You roll around, facing him, finally opening your eyes, meeting G’s. 

“I love you, superstar.” 

G smiles, mumbling an ‘I love you’ before connecting your lips together. Even with a hangover, starting morning with Gerald were always your favorite. 

The Eye Colors of the Presidents
  • George Washington: blue-gray
  • John Adams: blue
  • Thomas Jefferson: hazel
  • James Madison: brown
  • James Monroe: blue-gray
  • John Quincy Adams: black
  • Andrew Jackson: blue
  • Martin Van Buren: blue
  • William Henry Harrison: brown
  • John Tyler: blue
  • James Polk: gray
  • Zachary Taylor: hazel
  • Millard Fillmore: blue
  • Franklin Pierce: gray
  • James Buchanan: blue
  • Abraham Lincoln: gray
  • Andrew Johnson: black
  • Ulysses S. Grant: blue
  • Rutherford B. Hayes: blue
  • James Garfield: blue
  • Chester A. Arthur: black
  • Grover Cleveland: blue
  • Benjamin Harrison: blue
  • William McKinley: blue-gray
  • Theodore Roosevelt: blue
  • William Howard Taft: blue
  • Woodrow Wilson: blue-gray
  • Warren G. Harding: gray
  • Calvin Coolidge: blue
  • Herbert Hoover: hazel
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: blue
  • Harry Truman: blue
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower: blue
  • John F. Kennedy: blue
  • Lyndon B. Johnson: brown
  • Richard Nixon: brown
  • Gerald Ford: blue
  • Jimmy Carter: hazel
  • Ronald Reagan: blue
  • George H.W. Bush: blue
  • Bill Clinton: blue grey
  • George W. Bush: blue
  • Barack Obama: dark brown

A clip of my live sculpture in the Spring of 2015. During the performance, I walked around in a circle for an hour. Approximately takes 45 steps to complete a circle and I walked about 120 times around the circle. 

Pre-performance: I wore comfortable shoes and average clothes that I would wear on any day. I also wore a sign that said “Please do not disturb. Do not talk to me, do not walk with me, i am working on a project.”

During the performance: The first twenty times around the circle, I made no eye contact and had a sad appearance. The next twenty times around, I had a very vibrant and happy persona. The next twenty times around, I had no specific emotion but i made contact with every person in that space. The next twenty times around, I continued to make eye contact but whatever emotions or vibes i felt from that individual I reflected that on my face. For the remainder of the times around I did a combination of all the phases. 

Post-performance: My body was extremely stiff and tense. My neck, my face, my back, legs. They only thing that seemed to be loose was my eyes and my feet.