So there’s this guy, and he’s a singer, with hair that changes colour a lot. He makes out with his straight guitarist onstage, because they are best friends and subversive like that. His productions are theatrical, and his makeup gets pretty crazy (as well as the costumes). He’s done drag, but doesn’t identify as a woman in particular – just thought it was fun.

And this can describe either Adam Lambert or Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance), both of whom I’d love to meet. (I actually mean meet each other, though I wouldn’t say no to meeting either of them.)

So I kind of maybe made them one person.

this is for mascsara because she wrote me a beautiful geradam last week and she is amazing and you should all love her and follow her and have her babies. k? k. anyway this is part of my favorite scene from the fic.

What are you even doing?” Adam laughed, stepping over to the counter.

Gerard was coated in flour and sticky dough, whining and pouting and shifting from one foot to the other. “I was trying to make you a cake, but… I don’t know what happened.”

He’d ruined it. The thought brought a single tear sliding along his face.

Hey, hey,” The other man slipped around the counter, looping his arms around Gerard and holding him to his chest, “Don’t cry. You tried, baby, and that’s what counts. You want me to help?”

The smaller shook his head. “It was supposed to be a surprise.” He leaned into Adam, closing his eyes with a little sniff. “I ruined it.”

Adam cooed softly, “Hey. No you didn’t.” He placed a finger under Gerard’s chin, tipping it back so their eyes met. “Look. Look how surprised I am.”

He made a face, which in turn made Gerard giggle and wrap his dough covered arms around Adam’s waist.

Good,” The smaller man whispered, “As long as you’re surprised.”