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- sinning

- he would of course be on bottom

- I am uncomfortable with sex so idk what to add

- you both would be sinning

- Him moaning

- fucking rough af

- after care  cuddles

-praying before during and after

- no one is safe

-Jesus is watching


- birds and the bees

- uhh idk

- just seeing him nude

- being nude

- the word nude

- nude

- prayer

- more sinning

okay A Splitting of the Mind needs to be made into a movie and for like.. the .. **spoiler alert** the part where Gerard dies it’s like.. him laying on a hospital bed while doctors/nurses are frantically trying to save his life and he’s smiling and there’s a narrating voice saying “I smile to myself as I think of Frank. I think about him as that bungee cord finally snaps and I fall. This time I know I’m not going to jerk back up. My brain has given up. This time They have me. I know They have me. I know I’m not going to wake back up. Not this time. Not ever. I know it.” (this is how i imagined him dying ok)  and then the screen goes black for like 3 seconds then there’s Frank is looking both ways for the cars and you guys know from here.. but idk i was just thinking about this and yeah.