Exo reaction #79 - When their girlfriend is Victoria’s Secret model

Baekhyun: Kkaebsong.

Chanyeol: Victorias secret … That underwear brand what every women wears?

Chen:  So you’re walking on catwalk wearing only underwear and bra …. nice work girl…

D.o: Ummm…. okaaay… that’s nice…. i guess…

Kai: Girl… you’re definitely not gonna do that for the rest of your life…!


Lay: You’re what!? My innocent baby…

Luhan: Really…. umm… well it’s nice that you finally decided to tell me,but you should have told me this earlier…

Sehun: I’m not gonna talk to you… you should have asked my opinion before doing the whole thing.

Suho: I’m happy that you finally decided to tell me, but if you want us to be together i want you to stop doing that. 

Tao: I know that this was hard for you to tell me, but i’m happy that you told me this. 

Xiumin: Well… umm… i don’t know what to say.

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