Okay but seriously Lance got so mad at Shiro not listening to him and I don’t fucking blame him.

Lance needs to call Shiro out on shit and admit Keith is the better leader:

Lance crosses his arms and sends a pointed look towerd the older man.

“No offense, Shiro, but you’re not a good leader. You keep putting the team in gepardy,” he turns to look at Keith with a small smile on his face.

“Keith more than deserves to be the leader. He’s the one who should piolet the Black Lion,”

Shiro opens his mouth and closes it, flabbergasted.

His brows pinch together in a stern look.
“Well, you’ve clearly thought this through,” he turns to the others, “What do all of you think?”

Hunk crosses his arms, “Yeah, I’m with Lance on this one. Keith listens to us, at least. You just get all bossy and dismiss us.”

Allura nods in turn.

Pidge pipes up, pushing her glasses up her face.

“You’ve been acting distant and cold ever since you’ve came back. You’re leadership is causing us all more harm than good,”

Shiro sighs. “Well then. I guess that settles it. Keith’s in charge again,”

And he walks away, not daring to look back.

Last night I caught Gepardi and Adolf spooning in bed..

Suddenly they startle awake and hear something!

Oh shit it’s Leijona, Gepardi’s bf till now

“Guys what’s going on???”

Such embarrassment they ensued..

…that Gepardi decided to ditch the scene.

“Bye bitches I have the cutest butt in town I don’t need you”

Adolf cried… :’(

and finally judged everybody.