So if you don’t have an iPhone/didn’t see my earlier post/don’t know how to use it, here’s a little bit of a guide for Geozet.  

I’m not sure why, but I had nothing to do with this video.  

I’d love some feedback on the App, so if you have an iPhone, you can get it here:


Geozet How to #1 - Make AR Business Card in Flash!

Create your own AR business card!
How about a greeting video on you card or, perhaps, your photo on the card.

With Geozet, you don’t need any programming knowledge.
Just aim at your business card with Geozet and capture the image for mix the AR content.


Geozet How-to : 증강현실(AR) 명함 만들기 (Korean ver. / 한글버전)  


Geozet (beta version) - 1st How to video


Geozet How-to : Creating your own Augmented Reality (AR) Business Cards