So if you don’t have an iPhone/didn’t see my earlier post/don’t know how to use it, here’s a little bit of a guide for Geozet.  

I’m not sure why, but I had nothing to do with this video.  

I’d love some feedback on the App, so if you have an iPhone, you can get it here:


Geozet How to #1 - Make AR Business Card in Flash!

Create your own AR business card!
How about a greeting video on you card or, perhaps, your photo on the card.

With Geozet, you don’t need any programming knowledge.
Just aim at your business card with Geozet and capture the image for mix the AR content.


This video shows users how they can create their own AR combos using Geozet.  Use the 3D models to entertain your friends, or movies to send messages or leave reviews!

Why Geozet?

There’s a few players in the AR game, and all of them have some impressive videos and some interesting ways of doing it, but Geozet wants something different.

At Geozet, we’re worried about the guy with the iPhone.  (or Droid.  Or Note.  Or Galaxy S.  Or Evo.)  We want them to enjoy themselves.  So we’re not going to focus on advertisements.  We’re not going to focus on gimmicky games.  We’re going to focus on meaningful content.  

And it’s not just consumption with us.  We want YOU to create your own, and share it with your friends.  Leave your 30 second review of that terrible DVD you bought from the $5 bin at Wal-Mart on the cover of it, so that people will know in the future.  

Sending a Mother’s Day card?  Include a 30 second video on there as well, reminding her how much you love her.  

Seeing “Buy” icons while flipping through a magazine is cool once, for about ten seconds, and then annoying.  Seeing a music video by the band the article is about?  Awesome.  Seeing video from the kitchen of the restaurant review?  Awesome.  

That’s us.  Interested in what you see, not what they want to show.

Get our App here, and check out this briskly made demo video.

Pictures of People Scanning QR Codes

The thing about Geozet is that the engagement works both ways.  We want brands to have a presence, and for there to be similar digital content as there is with a QR code, but we want the users to interact as well.  No one wants to scan a QR code to be taken to a website for an event they’re already looking at the poster for.  Geozet lets people view previous content, and create their own.  It exemplifies marketing today–interaction between consumers and products–not just “telling”.

Get Geozet here.  


Geozet How-to : 증강현실(AR) 명함 만들기 (Korean ver. / 한글버전)  


Geozet How-to : Creating your own Augmented Reality (AR) Business Cards  

New Geozet is Ready!

(wrote on 20, Jan. 2012)

We’ve just uploaded the whole new Geozet to AppStore

The original plan was to use GPS based location information. Yes, we had a mobile computer vision based tracking engine, zFT. But with zFT alone, it was not enough to create a “Massive AR Content Creation & Distribution” service.

zFT, like all other competing mobile AR tracking engines (such as Qualcomm, Metaio or Total Immersion), it allows upto 10~15 AR targets. More serious problem with all existing vision based AR tracking was the fact that they don’t allow the end users to define users’ own AR target. The later problem (with some combination of the first problem) impeded wide adoption of AR especially for the regular end users.

From the second half of 2010 to the last year, 2011, Zenitum focused on two R&D topics:

1) An end user friendly AR tracking engine.
The engine must allows the ultimate end user to define her own AR target as well as pre-defined targets. (i.e. a user uses her own photos, books or t-shirts as targets)
2) Massive amount of AR target search engine
Because of its user-side AR target generation, there must be a system to store all the users’ AR target information as well as search them efficiently. 

By the end of September, we started to see the viable outcomes from the research. The corresponding results were

1) “AR Goo” - AR Tracking Engine with Instant AR Target Generation  
2) “zARTIS” - Massive AR Target Information Search Engine
                   (zARTIS is short for Zenitum AR Target Information Search)

By combining two, we’re now able to provide a mobile social AR service called Geozet. Geozet lets the end users (regular users, business owners, publishers or other content developers) to create own contents instantly, then share them by storing the contents in the server.

Once a user create an AR combo (a pair of “AR Target” and “Content”), then saved in the server, other users can instantly access the information by taking a snapshot of the target (in other word, Visual Search)

Creating, Sharing and Searching the AR Combo is EASY. However, for everyone, AR is somewhat a vague concept. I’m sure once people start to have more clear understand of the concept itself, more people will enjoy the service.

For that matter, we’ve just created a “how-to” video.
It’s a bit fast. Please let us know if you have any question.




Geozet (beta version) - 1st How to video