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Costa Rica has successfully ditched fossil fuels for over two months! 

The Latin American country of Costa Rica has achieved an impressive milestone in green energy production by generating 100 per cent of its energy from renewable resources, with a combination of hydropower and geothermal for 75 days in a row.

Thanks to the favorable rainy conditions in the first months of the year, four of Costa Rica’s hydropower plants — Arenal, Cachí, La Angostura and Pirrís — are generating nearly enough electricity to power the entire country. Using a mix of geothermal, solar, and wind energy sources, the nation of 5 million inhabitants hasn’t needed an ounce of coal or petroleum to keep the lights on since December of 2014.

What an extraordinary effort by a small nation! Way to go!


China is building an incredibly cool “forest city” that will combat pollution

  • China is using trees as air filters in the world’s first “forest city.”
  • The country has started construction on this endeavor — which is expected to combat air pollution, improve local biodiversity, reduce sound pollution and reduce air temperature — and it is slated to be completed by 2020.
  • Liuzhou Forest City, situated in southern China’s Guangxi Province, will be 175 hectares and situated along the Liujiang River.
  • It will consist an array of buildings from offices and schools to apartments and hotels, and will run on renewable energy sources like geothermal and solar energy.
  • The city will be home to 30,000 residents, who will be able to access the main Liuzhou city through a fast rail line. Read more (6/28/17)

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All I’m saying is between the dam, the solar panels, the wind farm, all the nuclear near-catastrophes, and now the wave power generator, Happy and alternative energy don’t really seem to mix


Some of the lesser known volcanoes in California are at the southern tip of the Salton Sea. The volcanoes exist here because the land is being pulled apart as part of the San Andreas Fault system, allowing intrusion of magma at depth. Some of that energy drives geothermal energy plants in the area, and there are other volcanoes called the Salton Buttes that crop out in the sea itself.

My family and I built this cabin in the woods to be completely carbon neutral – it runs off a mix of geothermal and solar energy.  

The World(s) of Entropic Horizons - Nations


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A rocky earth-like Planet, Ferelden  is at the outer habitable edge of the Thedas System and has a moderate to cold weather overall, with both poles capped with ice. Ferelden cities often make use of geothermal energy and hot springs are popular with travellers and locals alike. Ruled by King Alistair and Queen Rythlen, Ferelden exports natural resources such as steel, fresh water, and lyrium that is mined by Orzammar transplants.

Noteworthy Locations

  • Haven - A station dedicated to serving and hosting pilgrims to the Temple of Sacred ashes that was on Frostback, Ferelden’s lone moon. Both are now destroyed, and debris periodically falls into Ferelden’s atmosphere causing blazes of light as they burn up. These are now called ‘Andraste Tears’ and are rumoured to be signs of the dead passing into the Maker’s arms.
  • Denerim - The Nation’s capital and seat of power. Home to the Royal Couple, both veterans of the Fifth Blight.
  • Redcliffe - Ferelden’s primary mining city, near to Kinloch hold, a former circle.
  • The Blight Lands - (including Lothering and Ostagar) Lands ravaged and poisoned by the Fifth Blight

Noteworthy Fereldens

  • Rythlen Theirin - Queen of Ferelden and Hero of the Fifth Blight, Rythlen’s become somewhat of a celebrity in Thedas as footage of the heroic (and beautiful) woman saving her planet spread to Orlais and beyond. Now married to fellow Grey Warden and Blight Veteran, Alistair Theirin, Rythlen is back in the fray, working with the Inquisition to make her planet safe once more.
  • Haylan - A former Templar Hound, Haylan was born in Ferelden but was transferred to a Starkhaven Circle when her magic appeared. She now works with the Inquisition as their main doctor and healer.
  • Leliana Nightingale - Spymaster of the Inquisition, veteran of the Fifth Blight
  • Garrett Hawke - Former Champion of Kirkwall and instigator of the Great Mage Rebellion
  • Carver Hawke - Grey Warden and reluctant brother of Garrett


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Ferelden’s nearest neighbouring planet, Orlais is closer to the Sun, and is significantly larger and richer. Formerly spanning both planets, the Orlesian Empire contained to it’s titular planet and it’s two moons. Officially ruled by Empress Celene, Orlais has been embroiled in a brutal Civil war as General or the Orlesian army Gaspard attempts to take the throne.

Noteworthy Locations

  • Val Royaux - The Capital of Orlais and seat of the Divine, Val Royaux is a picturesque city. Everything about it is manicured and ornate. The slums are kept in an undercity, kept out of view. Elves are rarely seen above ground.
  • Halamshiral - The true heart of Orlais. Halamshiral was built on the blood of elves, and had one of the worst alienages among the outer Thedan planets. Unlike Val Royaux, Halamshiral’s slums are still above ground, although Celene had the Alienage purged shortly before the War of the Lions broke out. Construction to tear down the Alienage and build a gentrified neighbourhood has ceased in the meantime.
  • The (Hissing) Waste - The larger of Orlais’s two moons, whatever greenery and life once covered this moon, now there is only poisoned sand and ruins from the Second Blight. It was renamed after the Blight.
  • Approach - The smaller of Orlais’s moons, Approach is similarly tainted by the Second Blight and little survives on the arid surface. However, there is an oasis on the far side of Approach where something has kept the Blight’s Poison at bay.
  • Adamant Fortress - A station built above The Waste by the Grey Warden Corps ages ago, Adamant was one of many staging grounds the Wardens used to fight back and defeat the Second Blight.
  • L'Emprise du Lion - A province-continent towards the northern Orlesian pole, L'Emprise is temperate, and was formerly known as a resort getaway for Orlesian Nobility and the nouveau Riche.

Noteworthy Orlesians

  • Milliara Lavellan - Unwilling Herald and reluctant Inquisitor, Milliara is a former 'pet’ bard (a bard sponsored by a singular patron and looked down upon by others in the profession). She grew up in Halamshiral’s Alienage before meeting her Patron and eventual lover, Frederic. When their son, Nils, exhibited magic, she abducted him and fled to reconnect with her father’s Dalish clan. Bargaining for them to instruct Nils in magic and take them both in, Milliara offered her services as spy to the clan, and wound up at the Conclave. Brusque, short tempered and bitter, Milliara has a soft spot for family and a habit of throwing herself headlong into danger.
  • Nils DuLion - The son of Milliara and Frederic, Nils is sweethearted and kind. Like all Half-elves he exhibits no elven traits aside from slightly more pigmented irises and a predisposition to magic which he revealed at a young age. He’s currently being tutored in magic by Peanut Adaar, Dorian Pavus and Solas.
    • DuLion is a common name given to bastard children of nobles.
  • Frederic Rousseau - A Captain of the Chevalier Legion and Baron in his own right, Frederic is loyal to Gaspard, and even considers him a close friend. However, Frederic’s love for his son drove him to renounce his ties to the Orlesian Empire and join the Inquisition so he could spend time with Nils. He holds Milliara accountable for stealing away their son, but old feelings resurface the longer he’s around her.
  • Empress Celene - The Empress of Orlais (contested).
  • Grand Duc Gaspard - The General of the Orlesian Army and head of the Special forces the Chevaliers Legion.
  • Galaren DuMarc - a bastard son of the nouveau riche family the DuMarcs, Galaren was sent away to live with a great aunt rather than bring shame to his family. He’s been rather forcibly recruited into the Inquisition.


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Stronghold of the Inquisition, Skyhold is a large and ancient fortress found in the asteroid belt beyond Ferelden. Built before Tevinter influence, it runs on spells and mechanisms that have been lost to time but maintain a planet like atmosphere and barrier to help protect those that live inside. Now it’s home to the remnants of the Lavellan clan, and other wayward souls that have joined forces with the Inquisition.

Noteworthy Skyhold Residents

(Who are not otherwise listed as part of another nation)

  • Clan Skyhold - What’s left of Clan Lavellan
    • Fiowyn Lavellan - 'Auntie Fi’ to Nils and often the volun-told babysitter, Fiowyn is actually Milliara’s cousin, not her sister. Sweet, awkward, and with a love of books and pretty people, Fiowyn’s happy to stay in Skyhold caring for the residents. After all, there’s bears out on Orlais and Feredlen
    • Aldes Lavellan - A hunter and consummate flirt, Aldes and his sisters survived the purge of Lavellan’s clan by being out on a salvage mission when the Marcher nobleman’s forces attacked.
    • Karya Lavellan - The youngest of the lavellans, Karya is shy around strangers. Quiet and thoughtful, she’s still reeling from losing her family, although being at Skyhold helps. Especially around so much knowledge and this sweet android who she keeps seeing around.
    • Kalieth Suryana - A warden mage, half sister to Aldes and Karya, veteran of the Fifth Blight. 


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The closest habitable planet to the Sun, Tevinter is only habitable in sub-polar lattitudes and above due to the proximity of the Sun’s rays. once the centre of an empire that conquered nearly the entire Thedan system, now Tevinter is a crumbling shell of the glory it once was.

Noteworthy Tevinters

  • Dorian Pavus - Pariah Altus, wonderful, sparkly, sassy man.
  • Kenslynn - a half-elf from Tevinter, she’s now joined the Inquisition. Often seen hanging out with Clan Skyhold.

The Free Marches

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Composed of different stations and colonies scattered throughout the asteroid field between Nevarra and Orlais, the Free Marches are a collection of independent nation-states that often band together to bargain with and defend against the larger planetary nations. Each colony has it’s own culture, from Kirkwall’s reputation as a Sin City (and now anarchy and terrorism) to Ostwick’s trade hub and Starkhaven’s…. accents.

Noteworthy Marchers

  • Theseus Trevelyan - formerly a Templar of Ostwick, Theseus, the 'spare’s spare’ of the Trevelyan family was attending the conclave when the Breach exploded, destroying Ferelden’s moon Frostback. He joined the Inquisition shortly after.
  • Maeve Trevelyan - A distant cousin of Theseus, Maeve is one of the two Heralds that emerge from the Breach after the Conclave is destroyed. A trained assassin, Maeve worked for a time with the Antivan Crows. In a relationship with the Commander.
  • Peanut Adaar (and brother Tanim) - A Vashoth mage, Peanut was always an apostate, but she’s as far from the snarky tourtured stereotype as you can get. She’s sweet and prefers baking to fighting. Often seen giving hugs to those who need it, like Clan Skyhold. Part of Team Nanny with Aunti Fi.

Par Vollen

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A large flotilla of stations and ships that appeared in Thedas in recent times. In an endless war with Tevinter, with the Tevene moon Seheron as the main battleground.

Home of the Qun.

The Dalish

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A nation with no homeland left to them, Dalish elves travel in clans, using special ships with solar sails called aravels. The main ship’s systems are powered by magic-infused animals called Halla, who are sacred to the Dalish.

Dalish elves are easily identifiable compared to 'city’ elves by their glowing facial tattoos called vallaslin that are made with luminescent ink that often will visually pulse in time with their heartbeat.


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A dwarf planet (hah), Orzammar is between the Astroid belt of the Free Marches and Orlais. It’s surface is barren and the residents live in vaults and cities carved out of the planet’s caverns. However the continued excavation over millennia resulted in an unstable crust, and after a massive quake, Darkspawn erupted from an undiscovered cavern, overrunning most of the Dwarven kingdoms.

Now, only a few cities remain, and the dwarven diaspora has spread across the whole Thedan system, with many dwarves creating new cities in the crust of other planets. Unfortunately, it appears darkspawn have followed.


Mud volcano field on the edge of the Salton Sea California - the heat that feeds these actually comes from steps in the San Andreas fault system.

Fucking energon, how does it work?

Today, I was thinking to myself, because I’m a huge nerd, “I wonder what the transformer process equivalent to cellular respiration is like?” And so I started thinking, but soon I ran into a wall, where I was like “but what is energon? given that transformers aren’t organic and their planet definitely isn’t, it’s probably not a hydrocarbon.” And that led to some thinking, some theorizing, and some wiki bingeing, and now I have a working theory about energon and basic transformers energy physiology!

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Lightning over the geyser field of Sonoma.

The geyser fields are the site of over 20 geothermal power plants in the Mayacamas mountains. It provides power to a large chunk of coastal California, between San Francisco and Oregon. The steam comes from a layer of greywacke (sandy mud, or muddy sand) sandwitched between two impermeable strata. The heat comes from a magma chamber 7 Km down, and 14 across, part of the subduction related magmatism that crops up along the whole American coast, from Patagonia to Alaska, and related to the ring of fire subduction of the Pacific ocean plate underneath the surrounding plates.


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A Guide to the Energy of the Earth

Energy moves in and out of Earth’s physical systems, and during any energy transfer between them, some energy is lost to the surroundings as heat, light, sound, vibration, or movement.

Our planet’s energy comes from internal and external sources. Geothermal energy from radioactive isotopes and rotational energy from the spinning of the Earth are internal sources of energy, while the Sun is the major external source, driving certain systems, like our weather and our climate.

Sunlight warms the surface and atmosphere in varying amounts, and this causes convection, producing winds and influencing ocean currents. Infrared radiation, radiating out from the warmed surface of the Earth, gets trapped by greenhouse gases and further affects the energy flow.

From the TED-Ed Lesson A guide to the energy of the Earth - Joshua M. Sneideman

Animation by Marc Christoforidis

Few people know that the area where your heels knock beneath the soft, luxurious booths is the entrance to a Gnome Garden, a secret, special Gnome Garden where the little buddies we love turn geothermal energy into…well, bacon. Yeah, we know it’s hard to hear, but gnomes make bacon. Not bacon machines from Mars like we’ve always told. Wait…did we tell you that? If we did, forget it. It’s gnomes. We promise.

Now this is interesting as hell:

Theoretical calculations suggest that an Earth-size planet’s own internal heat could keep its surface warm enough for liquid water if the surface were protected against heat loss by a thick hydrogen atmosphere. Such a hydrogen atmosphere is not possible on an Earth-size planet in our solar system, because solar heat would cause the hydrogen to escape into space fairly rapidly. But, as we will discuss further in Chapter 11, it is possible that Earth-size planets are sometimes ejected from solar systems in the process of forming, and sent into interstellar space. When an Earth-size planet is born, it might have a hydrogen atmosphere for a short time, particularly if it forms at a greater distance from its star or around a star cooler than our Sun. If such a planet is ejected into interstellar space before it loses this atmosphere, its thick hydrogen envelope might remain for many billions of years. Indeed, such “free-floating Earths” could conceivably be quite common in interstellar space, though their relatively small size and low brightness would make them extremely difficult to detect. If they exist, such planets could have surface oceans, as well as geothermal and chemical energy much like that sustaining life underground and around deep-sea vents on Earth. Although the total available energy would probably not sustain a huge amount of life, at least some might be possible.

Some fun little canon details/facts about the Undertale cast

I know that most of you probably know all of these, but I got inspired by @zarla-s post about Papyrus, so I’m gonna make my own, but with some more characters! 

This is going to be long, so read more under the cut.

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*That’s the CORE. The source of all power for the Underground.

*It converts geothermal energy into magical electricity by… 

*Uhh, anyway, that's where we’re going to go.

 *In the CORE is an elevator directly to ASGORE’s castle. And from there…

 You can go home.


“Using the blueprints”

not using my blueprints.
Let’s be clear. Alphys is brilliant, she is able to make a body for Mettaton, can change the nature of a monster Soul to make it upright like a humans and can change a human’s Soul to be upside-down like a monster’s. 

Alphys has a firm understanding about Soul Power. Perhaps Asgore wasn’t the only one to notice Alphys talents. If you talk to Alphys at the true end she will nervously admit to having known Sans, covering it up with “doesn’t everybody?”

And there is a popular theory that they are the two referenced in Dr. Gaster’s Entry 17. But that is a separate timeline, from a separate reality where Gaster still existed. (And both Sans and Papyrus suddenly came to Snowdin together, meaning Papyrus could have been the second of the two mentioned)

What if when Sans first came to the “no-Gaster timeline” he began assisting Alphys in her Soul Power research (perhaps picking up where he left off with Gaster) And he lent her the blueprints we see in his workshop,

While it’s true that the blueprints are to a “strange machine” and a “strange machine” also happens to be next to it. It doesn’t have to be the “strange machine”

Also consider that perhaps the reason why we never get to read Alphys 17th entry and that Dr. Gaster also apparently made a similar series of numbered entries is because the research both were conducting ran parallel to each other?

After all one of the Gaster Followers will wonder if Alphys will meet a same fate as the reality shattered doctor. Alphys isn’t doing any research relating to the Core, but Alphys did do experiments on Determination. Well If Sans’ blueprints are for the DT Extraction Machine what does that mean?

That means Gaster extracted Determination from a Human Soul

And what is Gaster known for building: The Core, the thing that powers the underground with geothermal energy converted into magic.

Power Room, an independent generator from the Core…

On the center of the generator is a very familiar shape and color. But this is not a human Soul, no. But what are human souls if not vessels for Determination? If Determination can “change fate” can it change other things too? Like natural energy into magic?

What if the Core is powered by human Determination?

But not just any human’s Determination
Look at those two red dots: Like eyes right?
And that curving shape under the pipe: Like a smile.
And a Red Heart icon?


Zeb pilot house

Plus House Larvik is a pilot project on a family house out of the ordinary. By optimizing architectural qualities and technological solutions, the house serves both the living and energy needs of a family house, in addition to generating enough energy surpluses to power an electric car year-round.

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