geothermal fields


Mud volcano field on the edge of the Salton Sea California - the heat that feeds these actually comes from steps in the San Andreas fault system.

The Reykjanes Peninsula offers an extreme variety of landscapes dotted with fissures, lava fields and geothermal activity. Just a short drive from Reykjavik it´s a perfect half day tour and you could even end at the Blue Lagoon if you like

My favorite are the high bird cliffs where you can clamber up grassy banks and peer over the indented cliffsides at crashing waves, while thousands of birds bob around in the wind currents and the view is amazing but be very careful at the cliff edges: winds can be extremely gusty, and some grass-tufted patches of earth may not support your weight.


Deildartunga: Ein Geothermalfeld im Tal von Reykholt (Reykholtsdalur) mit der heißen Quelle Deildartunguhver, die ungefähr 180 Liter/sek. 97° C heißes Wasser produziert. Das meiste heiße Wasser, was in Akranes und Borgarnes für die Zentralheizung genutzt wird, stammt aus dieser produktivsten Quelle im Westen Islands.

A geothermal field in the valley of Reykholt (Reykholtsdalur) with the hot spring Deildartunguhver which produces about 180 liters/sec. of 97° C hot water. Most of the hot water which is used for central heating in the towns Akranes and Borgarnes comes from this most productive Iceland spring in the West of Iceland.