Fleece Inn by Tony
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A National Trust Public house


Airbnb tells users to go “off the grid … Sioux style” in California, which is not Sioux land

  • Airbnb has deleted two social media posts urging users to “go off the grid … in true Sioux style” by booking a tipi in the California desert.
  • The Instagram version of the post was geotagged to Joshua Tree National Park. The Sioux tribes are native to the American Midwest — namely Minnesota, the Dakotas and Nebraska — as well as Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada. Not Southern California.
  • Social media users lambasted what they saw as the company’s attempt to profit off a dubiously “true” Native American experience — while simultaneously ignoring the most basic facts about that experience. Read more (5/30/17)

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Bridge the Continents by Tony
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The 15 July Martyrs Bridge also called the First Bridge, is one of the three suspension bridges spanning the Bosphorus strait (Turkish: Boğaziçi) in Istanbul, Turkey, thus connecting Europe and Asia. It is a gravity-anchored suspension bridge with steel towers and inclined hangers.[1] The aerodynamic deck hangs on zigzag steel cables. It is 1,560 m (5,118 ft)[1] long with a deck width of 33.40 m (110 ft).[1] The distance between the towers (main span) is 1,074 m (3,524 ft) and the total height of the towers is 165 m (541 ft). The clearance of the bridge from sea level is 64 m (210 ft).

So Cisco OBVIOUSLY has a social media set up for heroes to share posts with each other I mean: 

  • It starts out with just the Star Labs group but honestly they all work together and that’s no fun so he adds the Arrow crew on.
    • Then they get to the Legends and then Cisco figures out how to make the program accessible to other Earths, so Kara and Co have accounts set up as well. 
      • Barry oddly is in a group chat with himself and two other Barrys????? 
    • See if they have Len and Mick in there now, they have to have Lisa in on the network as well. 
      • “Cisco, you let Golden Glider add us?” “She was very…persuasive!” (She sent him a kissy emoji.) 
  • And then, if you have three Rogues on there, you have to have all the Rogues on the network. 
    • Hartley is a little offended that he wasn’t on there already (it’s because when he’s not sharing current events news stories with the caption “makes me wish I was a villain again” he’s posting 3-year-old memes). 
    • Livewire hacks in and probably inserts herself into every account for a day before Winn and Cisco kick her off. 
    • So now they have a bunch of criminals on their superhero version of Facebook and somehow no one cares. 
  • Thea has somehow linked up with Lisa Snart and now the two PM each other talking about how annoying the heroes can be and they’re thinking of video chatting each other?? bc why not. 
  • Kara keeps geotagging her location and everyone else screams because KARA NO STOP DOING THAT
    • Her entire account is selfies with little kids dressed as Supergirl though and no one can bear to attack in her location. 
      • She’ll also find kids dressed up as villains and tag the respective criminal in the post (Cold was surprised there were kids dressed up as him but also very pleased). 
  • Shawna probably posts pictures of herself with whatever she’s stolen for the day. 
    • She posts a picture with 5 things from the Central City Museum and captions it as “@flash what’s good bitch” 
  • The Legends team is the biggest group of losers and they’ll be the ones sending push notifications to everyone else for random games 24/7. 
    • Amaya connects with Mari online and lemme tell you, getting lives from your dead grandmother on Candy Crush is the weirdest experience Mari has ever had. 
    • Since they totally have phones that work all throughout time and space the team also has a bunch of games downloaded from like, 2060 so their push notifications just glitch up the whole system.
  • Honestly most of the Rogues probably do this??? Lisa posts a picture of herself with a bracelet and tags the entire Flash team and makes her status “really love my bracelet. The price was a STEAL!” 
    • Barry: “It’s a nice bracelet Lisa!” 
    • Barry: “Wait. Lisa what do you mean by STEAL????” 
    • Lisa: ;) 
    • Barry: “LISA “ 
  • Pictures are a mess. They’re supposed to have their costumes on but no one ever pays attention to that rule. 
    • Jax definitely has a selfie of the team grinning in front of a captured Legion of Doom. He tags everyone in it. Including the aforementioned villains. 
    • Ray posts his 5 billion selfies of himself on the moon. 
      • Barry: Wait is that Thawne in the background. 
      • Ray: Barry I’m on the moon can you focus on the important part here? 
      • Oliver: Should you really be posting your face, Ray? 
      • Ray: I’m legally dead, Oliver. 

Raccoon by Michael Hicks
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Raccoon at Percy Warner Park


Bear up a Tree by Tony

there’s a barbecue

in the de la iglesias’ backyard

  • the facebook event page for it was called ‘fourth of july barbeCUTE (ily guanghong)’
  • it’s potluck and BYOP (bring your own pets) 
  • (no seriously please bring your pets everyone. abuela bought 4 kodaks specifically for pictures with pets)
  • the attendees are a good mix of family, friends, skaters, and famous youtubers 
  • phichit got a snapchat geotag filter set up just for the event 
  • JJ and isabella arrive early and help set up thank u jj and isabella  
  • yurio is not allowed near the grills 
  • yuuri, ur drunk, ur also not allowed near the grills
  • chris, that’s… a lot of meat on one plate 
  • 8 of leo’s little cousins keep following seunggil and his dog around and seunggil can’t decide if he’s mad about it or just immensely proud of how popular his doggo is
  • georgi has somehow become automatic best friends with all of leo’s tías
  • uhh this is not a drill thomas sanders and victor are having a karaoke-off in the corner and thomas is obviously winning but victor is??? putting in??? way too much effort into this 
  • emil, the bounce house is for the children
  • michele, the bounce house is for the children
  • there is a hotdog-eating contest. yuuri wins 

Pirates by Tony

bmc characters snapchat hcs

these might give you diseases i’m sorry

-sends pictures of his lamp because he’s too scared to take one of his face
-hasn’t grasped the concept of streaks
-story is just vids of him and michael hanging out
-o-bombs everyone except michael
-also rewatches michael’s story bc lil jeremy has a crush
-screenshots people’s selfies and doesnt realize they’re aware

-uses faceswap with random pics from his camera roll
-has streaks with chloe, jake, jenna, and christine (and accidentally jeremy but that’s because they snap every day
-doesnt save convos
-uses that ‘how fast ur going’ filter
-uses the flower crown filter a lot
-sends selfies to jeremy because he knows jeremy will screenshot them and he finds it adorable
-subscribes to political stories

-uses the weird filters that cover your whole face
-takes vids of him screaming with the voice changing filters
-loses streaks constantly so his are only like 6 days old usually
-sends pics of his shoes
-hates bitmoji
-“jake i swear to god if u send me another bitmoji sticker-”

-uses the altitude filter
-also the geotags
-sends random stickers to everyone with no context
-has two very long streaks with rich and chloe and less long with the others
-secretly is subscribed to food network
-his bitmoji has a tuxedo
-emojis: 👌🏼💯💀🍆😉
-posts jawline selfies on story

-motherfucking owns streaks, has like 70
-snap score is like 100,000
-dog filter selfies to everyone
-posts makeup pics on story
-sc best friends with brooke, jake, michael, and jenna
-saves convos
-screenshots when necessary
-bitmoji is fabulous
-highest streak is over a year old
-subscribes to like every story
-‘hmu for a tbh’

-'pulled clutch’
-'froyo with her’
- the time filter thing
-dog!!! selfies!!
-doesn’t send selfies that often tho
-motivational lgbt pride posts
-also uses the time filter

-never snapchats
-jenna hacks her phone to save her streaks
-score is like 3
-singing vids with voice change
-vendetta against stickers
-likes sunset pictures

-voice calls
-eggplant emoji
-story is all screenshotted texts
-uses the bitmoji stickers
-saves all the messages
-has like 80 billion sources cough i mean friends but only talks to approximately five


Silverton Church, Colorado by Ken Hircock


Mainly red by Tony


Durdle Door by Tony


Dark Skies. by Gordie Broon.
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Ominous clouds heading up Loch Ness.