georgous men

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Ok, think about it, makki has a lot of insecurities, and, idk but they end up having sex, but makki is a virgin and he freak out beczuse what the hell is he supposed to do when 3 georgous mens zre all around him. So his first time is awful as fuck.

And so he just start to be affraid of being alone with the others three bcause, well they are grown up, and sometimes horny, and he hate sex, he find it akward, but he want to be perfect boyfriend so he force himself to do it ?

Omg, so this is what I think would happen;

He keeps quiet about it, and never initiates sex. The others have no problems with initiating It themselves, and Makki is always the perfect candidate because he never tops. So, they would continue on as normal and Makki would force himself to do whatever, because he wants to pleasure them and be a good boyfriend! Even if he hates it.

But, then, he starts to distance himself a bit. He can tell when one of them is in That kind of Mood, so he’s quick to escape. The others don’t realize it for a long time. It’s Oikawa who starts to worry, and who corners him and drags him to the living room.

The others are all worried, and they beg him to tell them what’s wrong. It’s when Iwaizumi voices that they think they’ve done something wrong that he finally confesses. He tells them, through his tears, about how he’s uncomfortable and how he hates sex. He can’t handle it. He doesn’t like it, and he doesn’t enjoy it. They all freak out because “why didn’t you tell us?!”

Matsukawa is the one to pull out his phone, explaining about his friend Kenma who is demisexual, and how Kenma told him about asexuality. Matsukawa looks up the definition. Hanamaki takes the phone, and he reads and goes very quiet. They all start to worry when he begins to sob, and Oikawa is quick to pull him into a hug.

With their help, Makki slowly explores the internet and begins to fully find himself. He finds out that he is asexual. Iwaizumi is also very stern with scolding Makki lightly and telling him to inform them when he’s uncomfortable.

It all ends well, and they’re very respectful with his boundaries.