i just wanted to say that tumblr has really opened my eyes and not only mine and this is very important and everyone who says that tumblr is full of stupid posts then they should see all these teenagers that have changed their opinions about several important matters and these teenagers will teach their kids all the right values and i think that thats beautiful because i really think that the world in 100, 150 or 200 years will be a better place

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1.     Favourite food?   

My favorite food is chicken, pizza, beef, lasagne… and a lot of meat stuff.. 8D My most favorite is anything with chicken.

2.    OTP of all time?

MyungJong ♥ They’re so awesomely adorable together it makes everything melt inside me.

3.    First drama ever? 

Well, if its Korean drama its some drama with Ranch in it.. Paradise ranch maybe? I van’t fully remember its title XD

4.    Favourite movie?

THE AVENGERS. Well, not really.. uhm.. It’s the Transformers ones  I loooove them so much

5.    Non-kpop bands/musicians you like?

 Oh dear.. uhm that’s so many ;_; Trapt, Yellowcard, Bentley Jones, All Time Low, Breaking Benjamin, Ellie Goulding, the Fray and many more.. xD

6.    Favourite cover?

Cover of a song? Oh dear, I don’t really listen to covers but.. Last cover I heard and that I thought was really good was “What Makes You Beautiful” by Boyce Avenue or something :D Really liked that one.

7.    Pick one ; Pizza or Spaghetti (l0l) 


8.    Favourite non-korean song?

“Dreams of an Absolution” by Bentley Jones(Lee Brotherthon was his artist name during the promotion of the song)

9.    Favourite group as of right now?

Oh god, um.. EXO-K, BTOB,B2ST,NU’EST, B.A.P, B1A4 and Infinite atm XD

10.  Pick one ; Sleep on the floor, sleep on a bed. 

Bed! I need to be comfortable to sleep xD I can’t sleep unless it’s soft where I am.


My Questions;

  1. Favorite song at the moment?
  2. Favorite movie?
  3. What group/musician do you have most songs of?
  4. Do you have a favorite place do be?
  5. Favorite drink?
  6. Play any games? If so list your 3 favorite games! If not just skip.
  7. What genre of music do you prefer (choose up to 3 if you want)? Rock, Pop, RnB, Hip-Hop, Country, Metal or Other(list the genre if you choose other).
  8. Favorite animal?
  9. Do you have any pets?
  10. Which country/countries would you like to visit?

Can you please not wear the dia de los muertos make up this halloween. Please remember that it is a mexican holiday where people pray for family and friends who have died. I know it is an amazing make up but dont do it on halloween, it is just as wrong us dressing up as other cultural groups

georginatzo asked:

8, 10, 30:)

8. Nah, I’ve never had a job, but I’m getting one this summer.

10. I missed the school bus so many times it’s not even funny. I actually missed it this morning, lol.

30. I’ve never been kissed anywhere not in the rain, not outside, inside..nowhere. Nobody loves me. D:

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let me tell you a thing i live in a racist family and my mom is against gay people because she is a big christian BUT everytime she hears on the news that gay marriage is now legal in certain states/countries she gets happy because this is human rights we are talking about and when i tell her that someone came out she doesnt change her opinion on that person even though she is against it. And that is proving that if you are against something or dont like something if it has to do with human beings and what they like if they also dont offend anyone then you being an asshole is unnecessary

girls who pretend to act stupid because they think it’s cute need to understand that they dont have to underestimate themselves on purpose so that they can appear more desirable 

seeing a message, getting excited, feeling social, opening message

“Hi Dear! I really like Your blog! And I am following You for sure :)

like no im too old for this shit